1 Method Center – Stole $30,000 From A Patient

1 Method Center is a Los Angeles-based rehab center. They would have you believe that they are the best rehab treatment center all across the globe. However, the reality is way different. 

This place charges every patient differently, offers poor food, doesn’t care about its patients, and refuses to issue refunds. I’m not the one saying this, their customers are. 

The following 1 Method Center review will help you understand more on why you should avoid this place: 

About 1 Method Center: Address, Cost, Phone, Website, Claims, Etc.

1 Method Center is an addiction treatment center located in Los Angeles, California. Their address is 10254 Bannockburn Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90064, US. The place offers mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, dual diagnosis, and outpatient alcohol treatment among others. 

Their phone number is +1 800-270-1389 and their website is methodtreatment.com. This rehab center claims to offer individualized and holistic treatment. But their reviews suggest otherwise. 

The place offers solutions for OCD, ADHD, insomnia, stress, grief, bipolar disorder, divorce, dissociative disorders, thinking disorders, and plenty of others. Its founder is Cassidy Cousens. A 30-day stay here costs somewhere around $40,000. 

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While the reviews paint a terrible picture, the company’s social media profiles are also proof of how they use unethical practices. 

1 Method Center’s Instagram profile has 31.4k followers. But their posts barely get 10 likes. 

1 Method Center reviews

This suggests that the company has bought “fake” followers to seem like a reputed and attractive organization. 1 Method Center wants to create the illusion that it has a large following. 

Using fake followers isn’t too big of a deal. But it shows that they can stoop to any level to mislead consumers. Couple that with the various negative reviews available on these guys and you can guess how trustworthy this rehab center is. 

It is pretty common among shady healthcare institutes to use such tactics to mislead consumers. Dr. Dean Toriumi is a similar medical professional who lies about his fitness level and has a ton of negative reviews against him. Also, Dean posts fake reviews just as 1 Method Center uses fake followers to seem like a credible service provider. 

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Upselling & Overcharging Desperate Patients And Disgusting Food

1 Method Center reviews

This is quite a recent review. The person was at 1 Method Center two years ago. And it was a horrible experience. They highlight that the rehab center charged them 4 times the amount they charged another patient and 30% higher than another lady in the same program. 

The reviewer was desperate and couldn’t sleep. They point out that the rehab took advantage of their desperation and over-promised them many of the services they offer. For example, the place offered them access to an associate if they couldn’t sleep at night. However, it was only a promise. The place didn’t provide them with any help to contact. 

They also highlight that the place lies about offering tailor-made treatments. The truth is, this rehab doesn’t offer much in terms of “tailor-made treatments”. They point out that they only received one additional session with a therapist even though they were spending so much more than the other patients in the program. 

The reviewer spent a month at this place and only saw the therapist twice. One of their therapists diagnosed them with Borderline Personality Disorder when that’s not even the case. They had a psychological assessment right before joining 1 Method Center and after several long tests, the doctor found no personality disorders in them. 

The only issue they had was an anxiety disorder. Also, the reviewer points out that the food at 1 Method Center is terrible. They end their review by warning other consumers that it’d be best to avoid this place. It wouldn’t be okay to spend you money here. 

To appear like a reliable business, 1 Method Center replied to this complaint. However, they only said that the charges vary from patient to patient because of their insurance policies. 

1 Method Center reviews

But what kind of insurance policy forces a person to spend 4x more than other patients? This is just a meagre excuse to off throw the readers of this review. 

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The fact of the matter is they overcharged this person. And they didn’t offer what they promised. 

1 Method Center Provides No Refunds: Again Taking Advantage Of Patient’s Desperation

1 Method Center reviews

This was one of the most painful reviews to read. The reviewer had a disappointing experience with this place. Their son had joined this place for treatment but was disappointed to see the lack of quality food and treatment. 

He spent a week there. And the rehab didn’t offer many of the services it had promised such as a case manager or a soberlink. Then, the place alleged that the son had failed a drug test. The rehab wanted the son to get a more advanced treatment and he refused. 

He even took a lie detector test and a hair follicle test to prove his innocence. But the rehab didn’t accept the results of those tests. Because the son had left the place within a week and the reviewer had prepaid for a longer duration, they requested a refund for the unused time. 

1 Method Center blatantly refused their refund request and has forced them to seek arbitration. 

Below are some more reviews on this place: 

Customer Gives 1/5 Star To 1 Method Center: Unprofessional & Rude Staff

1 Method Center reviews

Patient’s Parents Scammed For $30,000 By 1 Method Center

1 Method Center reviews

No Nurses, And Overall A Dangerous Facility

1 Method Center reviews

Do I Recommend 1 Method Center? : Review Conclusion

All of these 1 Method Center reviews suggest that this rehab center has a ton of problems. It overcharges, overpromises, and underdelivers. The place doesn’t treat its patients with respect and care. 

Certainly, it wouldn’t be okay to spend your money at this pace. You should look somewhere else. 

Value For Money
Client Experience
Honesty & Transparency
Treatment Quality
  • Branding
  • Overpriced
  • False Marketing
  • Disrespectful & Rude Staff
  • Lacks Proper Treatment
  • Several Unresolved Complaints

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