1xbit Casino – Crypto Scam Posing as a Gambling Site

1xbit Casino aka 1xBit.com is an online gambling site which has received a ton of complaints for being a scam. 

According to various 1xbit reviews online, this gambling site markets itself through misleading statements and fraudulent claims. 

There are dedicated forum discussions where people accuse 1xbit Casino to be a fraud.

One reviewer says its victims are coming out everyday, complaining about how the site didn’t give them any winnings. 

If you’re interested in finding out whether you can trust this gambling site or not, you should read the following 1xbit Casino review:

1xbit Casino Review: Scam Reported by Multiple Users!

When I looked up this gambling site, I found multiple forum discussions where its users have complained about it being a scam. 

According to these reviews, it’s obvious that you should avoid signing up on 1xbit.com. They don’t seem like a genuine platform. 

Below are some of the many reviews on them: 

“Beware of 1xbit Casino! They Pose as Friends on Telegram”

1xbit Casino review

Here, a user has posted a warning for potential victims of this alleged scam. 

According to the user, 1xbit promoters pose as friends in Telegram and other chatting apps to get you to sign up there. 

Also, the user has added a warning saying 1xbit Casino is a fraudulent gambling site which steals your deposit and uses them to pay for its ads. The user says the victims of this scam have lost a lot of money ranging from $5,000 to even $50,000. 

The user highlights that you might have received a message from a stranger about 1xbit Casino saying they can teach you a new way to make money. 

According to the user, it is a scam. Those strangers are lying about the gambling website and they themselves haven’t earned any money using it. 

Moreover, the user says they try to show you ‘withdrawals’ they have made to make you think the website is legitimate. 

However, that’s not the reality. 

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According to the user, these people find you in group chats and contact you unsolicitedly. They claim they found you in the group and thought you should benefit from this opportunity. 

Initially, they will try to pose as a friend but their sole intent is to make you sign up on 1xbit Casino. 

Moreover, you wouldn’t think this gambling site is a scam at first. If your first deposit is small, you might not even face any hiccups. 

“You lose your entire deposit at 1xbit Casino”

Various reviews indicate that 1xbit Casino doesn’t let users withdraw substantial funds. So, if your first deposit is significant, you might lose all of your funds instantly. 

Regardless, when you make your second deposit, the site will surely keep all of those funds claiming they charged you a “maintenance fee”. In some cases, they might cite another similar reason. 

Your “friend” might even suggest you invest more funds to get your initial money back. 

They would claim their friend experienced the same thing and depositing more funds fixed the problem so you would give more money to 1xbit.

However, the tactic wouldn’t work and you would lose your deposit again. 

Hence, beware. 

1xbit Casino reviews

They have shared screenshots of some people who messaged them posing as a “friend”. 

The reviewer says they have lost $2000 because of this scam. That’s why they posted this warning for others. They don’t want anyone else to fall prey to this scam. 

Furthermore, the reviewer explains there are several fake YouTube videos promoting the 1xbit scam. They say you should report those videos so YouTube will take them down. 

“They Don’t Have Withdrawal Options”

Here, the reviewer shares a unique feature of 1xbit Casino. They point out there are 45 deposit methods available on the gambling website but there are 0 withdrawal methods.

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1xbit Casino review

They shared that they had added 50 USDT to their account initially. Then, they won an additional 62 USDT. 

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However, when they went to withdraw the funds, they noticed there wasn’t any withdrawal method available on the website. 

However, they don’t blame anyone else but themselves saying they should have done more research before signing up. 

Also, the user now thinks the platform has blacklisted them as all of their maximum stakes have become 0.1 USDT while the minimum stake is 0.5 USDT. 

Other users highlight that it’s a common tactic for 1xbit Casino. They don’t like anyone winning on their platform. So, if someone makes some decent money on their platform, 1xbit simply claims they violated their terms and bans them. 

Moreover, they never allow you to withdraw your winnings. 

Casino Review Website Takes Down Their Post Recommending 1xbit Casino:

Here, I found a forum discussion where a casino review site shares that they have removed their post where they recommend 1xbit casino. 

1xbit Casino reviews

The website apologizes for recommending them. 

In response, people highlight that they should have done more research into the website. 

One user says it’s unethical for a casino review site to list a casino notorious for scamming its users. 

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Another user points out the website should have been more responsible in handling the situation. They shouldn’t have posted their review in the first place. 

1xbit casino bonus

I shared this thread because it goes to show just how notorious 1xbit Casino has become. 

They have received hundreds of complaints for stealing funds from their users. When a casino review website has to apologize publicly for promoting an online casino, you can guess the severity of the scam. 

User Can’t Login, Lost Over $6,000

1xbit Casino review

Here, the reviewer shares that they hadn’t looked up 1xbit Casino reviews and regret this decision. They had earned 2.5 times their deposit through esports betting within a single day. 

Their deposit was $2500 and by the end of the day, they had around $6000 in their account. 

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Then, things began to take a turn for the worse.

The reviewer submitted a withdrawal request and closed the website. Later, the reviewer noticed they hadn’t received their withdrawal so they visited the website again. 

However, when they tried to login, 1xbit.com said their password was inalid. They sent an email to their customer support but it was of no use. 

The reviewer says they didn’t receive any response. 

Other forum users highlight that it’s their own fault because they should have done ample research on the gambling site. 

1xbit Casino bonus

One user shares that another forum user had posted the same issue before. Also, the user adds that they don’t trust 1xbit Casino but suggest contacting their customer support. However, they also add that the user should try to move on and find another gambling site.

1xbit Casino Stole $6000 from A User

1xbit Casino reviews

Here, the reviewer says he didn’t expect something like this to happen in 2022. 

He had created an account on June 3 2022, and deposited 4000 USDT as TRC20. Then, after he saw the amount credited onto his website account, he bet on a WNBA match. 

The odds were approximately 1.65 and he had bet the entire 4000 USDT. However, the reviewer points out that the max limit was 16,000 USDT so his betting amount was significantly lower.

1xbit Casino no deposit bonus

It was a winning bet and he now had  6592 USDT in total. 

He decided to withdraw the amount but 1xbit Casino canceled the request for an unknown reason. 

When he noticed that the withdrawal had failed, he tried to log into his account. 

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But he couldn’t. The website had disabled his account and his username and password no longer worked. 

Then, the reviewer tried to reach out to the customer service who recommended him to send a message to their security department. 

There, they told him that he had violated their T&Cs so they have decided to stop any collaboration with him. 

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Although the reviewer tried to find out which terms he had violated, he couldn’t find out anything. They didn’t even tell him which provisions he had violated. 

The reviewer says they obviously stole from him. It’s a horrible practice. 

Additional Information on 1xbit Casino: Why People Sign Up

The various 1xbit Casino reviews indicate it’s a scam. Still, people are signing up for the gambling website and losing money. 

Below are some of the reasons why: 

Aggressive Marketing: 

As one reviewer pointed out, many of its affiliates are targeting forum and group members who talk about cryptocurrencies or gambling. 

These affiliates reach out to hundreds of people, trying to make their targets sign up and deposit into their 1xbit account. 

Apart from the affiliates, the gambling website spends heavily on online ads. 

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From e-wallets to casino review websites, you can see their ads everywhere. 

They have paid many review websites to write positive reviews on them as well. Such aggressive marketing tactics help them attract many consumers who think it’s a legitimate platform. 

1xbit Casino Features:

The features of 1xbit Casino make it a bit lucrative as well. Although it doesn’t offer any free spins to its customers, the sign up process is extremely simple. 

When you visit their website, you need to click the registration link, enter your name and email ID and that’s it. The registration process would be complete. 

There are a total of 63 online casino game providers on 1xbit.com. 

Some of these providers include PG Soft, Habanero, Apollo, KA Gaming, PragmaticPlay, Realistic Games, iSoftBet, EGT, Endorphina, and Rival. 

Furthermore, you can add funds to your 1xbit account through 68 different crypto exchanges. 

You can add funds to your account on this website by using cryptocurrencies. These include BitShares, Sibcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Paxos Standard, Qtum, Ethereum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Basic Attention Token, Tether, Monero and USD Coin.

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1xbit Casino No Deposit Bonus and Offers: 

One of the biggest reasons why people sign up on this gambling website is the attractive 1xbit Casino no deposit bonus. 

The 1xbit Casino no deposit bonus has multiple tiers.

  1. On your first deposit, you get a 100% match bonus or 1 BTC.
  2. Your second deposit can get you a 50% match bonus of up to 1 BTC.
  3. On your third deposit, you can get 2 BTC or 100% match bonus.
  4. Your fourth deposit gets you 3 BTC as the deposit bonus.

Certainly, the 1xbit Casino no deposit bonus is attractive. In total, you can get 7 BTC through this promotion. 

However, you need to redeem these bonuses by wagering 40 times the deposit amount within 30 days. 

Also, you need to deposit at least 5 mBTC to qualify for these 1xbit Casino promotions. 


While the deposit bonus looks attractive, it’s certainly a bait. 

The various reviews indicate 1xbit is nothing more than a scam. They entice people to deposit large sums into their trading account and freeze their account by claiming they violated a term. 

However, plenty of crypto scams have popped up in the industry recently. Another notorious crypto scam is Crypto Millions Lotto by Sulim Malook. It’s a lottery website which is notorious for stealing from its customers.

After seeing the numerous reviews, I don’t recommended 1xbit Casino.

You should avoid them at all costs.

1.9 Total Score
A Crypto Scam

1xbit Casino is a notorious scam which uses aggressive marketing tactics to get victims. According to its reviews, the platform doesn’t let you withdraw your funds, particularly when you deposit a significant amount. Beware.

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    Customer Support

    I lost $500 with 1xbit Casino.

    They don’t let me withdraw my winnings.

    When I complained, they said I owed them some fees and they charged me so now my account doesn’t have any money left.

    I think they are one of the most unprofessional gambling platforms out there. NOT RECOMMENDED.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Thieves Stole $500 Fraud
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    Customer Support

    It is a scam and everyone knows this. They have been blocking their clients accounts after they get any serious winnings.

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