2301 Plastic Surgery – Incompetent, Selfish & More

2301 Plastic Surgery is a clinic in Grapevine, Texas run by Dr. Michael A. Bogdan. The clinic is gaining notoriety because of its poor service and rude treatment of clients. 

It’s important to know about the red flags present in a clinic before you go there. Below are the various reviews of 2301 Plastic Surgery Dr. Bogdan doesn’t want you to find out about: 

Who is Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS From 2301 Plastic Surgery?

2301 Plastic Surgery is a clinic located in Grapevine, Texas. Their address is 2301 Westgate Plaza, Grapevine, TX 76051, US and their contact number is 817-442-1236. The opening hours of the clinic are between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays. 

Michael A. Bogdan, MD runs this clinic and offers many services such as rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation, body lift, mommy makeover, facial implants, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and more. 

Michael offers his services to people based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. He has earned his medical degree from the Stanford University School of Medicine and has several additional qualifications such as MBA. 

He might seem like a reliable and genuine surgeon but his patients tell a different story. According to the reviews of 2301 Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael A. Bogdan doesn’t respect his patients and has failed many procedures. 

Dr. Bogdan has many negative reviews on his clinic. Instead of addressing those issues and trying to fix the matter, he uses unethical business tactics to mislead consumers. More on this in the following section: 

2301 Plastic Surgery BBB Reviews: Devil’s In The Details

2301 Plastic Surgery review

BBB is a popular review platform that gives ratings to businesses depending on various factors. The BBB rating of 2301 Plastic Surgery is A+ and it has a BBB accreditation. Contrary to popular belief, getting a BBB accreditation doesn’t depend on the quality of your service or product. Instead, it depends on how big your wallet is. 

BBB accreditation is a paid membership of BBB.org. Companies pay upwards of $10,000 per annum to maintain their BBB accreditation. It’s a terrible business practice as it allows businesses to mislead consumers into thinking they are trustworthy and offer quality services. 

Businesses with a BBB accreditation tend to have A or better ratings on the platform. Moreover, they have more control over their BBB page and can remove negative reviews from the page much more easily. 

CNN Money had investigated this matter in detail. They found that scammers and illegal enterprises had A or A+ ratings on BBB because they had a BBB accreditation. 

So, you can’t trust the BBB rating of 2301 Plastic Surgery at all. 

The Staff at 2301 Plastic Surgery is Extremely Rude, Misbehaved with a Single Mom

2301 Plastic Surgery review

The reviewer had a horrible experience with Dr. Michael Bogdan and his clinic. She shares that she’s a single mom and has two jobs at the moment. Due to these reasons, she doesn’t get a lot of free time. 

She shares that she wanted to schedule an appointment at 2301 Plastic Surgery. For the surgery, she had made arrangements with both of her employers and had paid $1000 to book her procedure.

However, she suspected that she’ll have to wait for her COVID-19 test before proceeding with the surgery. So, she contacted the clinic and the staff responded very rudely and aggressively. 

The poor responses of the staff caused her to hang up the phone. She called the clinic again to talk to a different staff member. The second staff member talked properly and she paid for the procedure because of the same. However, her card declined. 

The staff member at 2301 Plastic Surgery called the reviewer and said that you have insufficient funds and you don’t have money on the card. According to the reviewer, the tone and behavior of the staff member was very rude. She had given them the details of her health savings account which had over $14,000 at the time. 

The reviewer adds that God protected her because the service at this place was plain horrible. 

Dr. Bogdan Has Excessive Pricing and Lacks Personality

2301 Plastic Surgery review

Lisa shares that the office staff at Dr. Bogdan’s clinic was very cold. They didn’t even crack a smile. Furthermore, she highlights that Dr. Michael Bogdan had the personality of dried paint and he was charging her $12,000 for new implants. She points out that she was disgusted and offended by her experience with this clinic. 

Dr. Bogdan Couldn’t Inject Filler Properly, Botched the Procedure and Gave Disappointing Results

2301 Plastic Surgery review

Barbara points out in her first appointment, he ran out of product while injecting filler around her mouth. Even after a month, she has lumps of product under her lips. She adds that she wasn’t impressed with the results especially when she paid this much for it. 

Moreover, she says that she looked like the Joker when she left his office. The experience was too painful for her and she says that she won’t come back to this clinic. 

Many consumers think that non-surgical procedures are much safer but it’s best to follow all precautions while picking a service provider in this field. For example, iGlow Med Spa is a med spa located in California that has botched a ton of botox procedures. Patients complain that the place doesn’t inject sufficient product or injects it in the wrong places. 

Seeing Barbara’s complaint, it seems you should beware of Dr. Bogdan when it comes to non-surgical treatments. 

Client Didn’t Get an Appointment Because of the Staff’s Rude Behavior

2301 Plastic Surgery review

The reviewer had called to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bogdan. However, the staff asked them to pay beforehand to which the reviewer refused. They said that they will pay in the office at the time of appointment but the staff got irritated and told the reviewer that’s how they do things there. 

The reviewer says that it was a bitter experience and they didn’t like the staff at all. 

2301 Plastic Surgery Review Conclusion

Dr. Michael Bogdan claims to be highly experienced and skilled. But the reviews of his clinic, 2301 Plastic Surgery, suggest that his clinic isn’t good enough for a visit. 

Clients complain about the rude behavior of the staff, botched procedures, and excessive pricing. Moreover, Dr. Bogdan uses unethical tactics to promote his practice. 

All of this suggests that it would be a mistake to trust this clinic. You should look for a different place that actually cares about its patients and has reasonable pricing. 

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Dr. Bogdan claims to have a lot of industry experience but his reviews suggest that his experience isn’t benefiting his clients. Patient reviews say that he botches procedures and his staff doesn’t behave properly. It would be best to avoid this clinic.

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