7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics – Experts in Botching Procedures

7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics is a medspa based in Glendale. You might have seen their Instagram posts or one of their ads in Los Angeles. However, the place has received countless complaints for botching procedures and ruining the appearance of its clients. 

From giving duck lips to ruining the entire face of a client, 7Q Spa has done it all. In the following review, I have shared some of these experiences below to help you determine if this place is truly worth your money: 

Details About 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics

7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics is located at 1648 W Glenoaks Blvd #102, Glendale, CA 91201, US and its contact number is 818-553-3777. The place serves Glendale and the surrounding regions of Los Angeles. 

It offers various services to its clients including: 

  • Sculptra butt lift
  • QWO cellulite removal
  • Lip fillers
  • Emsculpt Neo
  • Botox & Dysport
  • Tempsure III
  • Velashape
  • Kybella
  • Liquid nose job
  • Under eye filler
  • Hollywood glow
  • 7Q signature facial

And plenty of others. 

The primary provider here is James Kojian MD. ON paper, 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics seems like a reliable option. However, it has attracted a ton of negative reviews because of its incompetence and lack of care for its clients .

In the next section of this review, you’ll read about the various 7QSpa reviews people have posted online. 

Botched Botox Injections at 7QSpa Disfigured the Face for 6 Months

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Maria had a horrible experience with this place. SHe had botox for the lines between her eyebrows and the sides of her face for TMJ pain and slimming her face. However, the provider ruined and disfigured her face. 

She now has a droopy eyebrow and the sides of her face are completely swollen. When she contacted the place initially, they didn’t even connect her with a manager. 

A week later, the manager called her back and refused to fix the issue or issue a refund. She simply hung up the phone on Maria. Maria points out that she has been getting Botox for the past 10 years and she had never experienced such unprofessionalism. 

7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics ruined her life for half a year. Her job requires face-to-face meetings and attending social events. However, she couldn’t show up to most of these meetings because of the terrible results this place gave her. 

Maria shares that it was a traumatizing event and she hopes her review will help other people in avoiding these fraudsters. 

Below are the images Maria shared of her results. You can see how they botched the procedure:

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Google Doesn’t Show the Negative 7QSpa Reviews

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The above reviewer has highlighted a very crucial point. They say that Google doesn’t show the bad reviews of this place. To read authentic 7QSpa reviews, you will have to go to Yelp. This is why, I have shared all of these reviews here. 

7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics Inflates the Prices of the Products it Sells by 30%

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Stephanie visited 7Q Spa to get a consultation on Emsculpt Neo. She shares that the first thing she noticed when she entered the place was a strong pungent smell of cigarettes. While it’s understandable to have some smoking smell, it was a little too much to handle at an establishment like this one. 

In her consultation, she discussed whether she should get Emsculpt Neo or something else. However, the provider recommended getting their diet pills “Phentermine” and doing Velashape 3. Both of the options seemed too extreme to Stephanie and she decided to not have any procedures at the place. 

But that’s not all. 

Her primary issue with this place was with the pricing of the products they sell. When she was leaving 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics, she bought Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 sunscreen. 

Usually, she bought this sunscreen from her dermatologist or an online store. At 7Q Spa, the product cost her 30% more than the retail price. 

This was quite an exaggeration of the price. Stephanie has shared images of the invoice and the price of the sunscreen on other establishments to give a comparison. As you can see, 7Q Spa is charging too much for the products it sells. It would be best to avoid buying anything. 

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Botox Didn’t Last for 2 Weeks, 7Q Spa Blamed the Client for It

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Here, the reviewer went in for Botox and received 40 units. However, 2 weeks passed and the product didn’t have any effect. The reviewer shared their concern with the spa and they suggested coming back. 

When they got back to the medspa, they recommended getting more Botox. So, they did. However, the product didn’t last for 3 weeks. 

The reviewer shares that they had purchased $5000 worth of Botox units and it only lasted for a little over 3 weeks. Also, it never showed its full effect. 

When the reviewer complained about it again, 7Q Spa suggested getting more Botox. The reviewer says that it has never happened with them before and they have been getting Botox for years. Also, the reviewer suspects that 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics might be using watered down Botox. 

The reviewer complains that this medspa rips you off and acts like it’s your problem. When they asked to speak to a manager, she had somehow left the facility. Certainly, the above reviewer doesn’t recommend this place.

Overcharge a Client and Refuse to Resolve the Issue Properly

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Morgan alerts other consumers to always ask for a physical receipt before leaving 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics. She highlights that she came here to get botox and filler and it was the worst experience he has had. 

Morgan had 200 points on her Alle profile. She received a half syringe of filler and 40 units of botox. But they charged her for a full syringe of filler and 40 units of botox. She didn’t find out that they had overcharged her until she received her Alle receipt through email. 

Later, she called 7QSpa and shared this concern. Morgan points out that she understood that such mistakes can happen. The front desk staff offered to credit her 7QSpa account but Morgan declined and requested a refund. 

So, the receptionist told Morgan that she will give her a call back. Afterwards, she called Morgan and they agreed that $110 ( the overcharged amount) would be put back onto her Visa card. 

Also, the place sent her a receipt via text for the refund. However, they only credited her $100. She called them back and asked why they didn’t refund the amount they had agreed upon. To this, the staff replied by saying that she had used her Alle discount of $20 off so they would only credit her $100. 

Morgan says that it made no sense because she would have received $20 off either way as she had those points prior to her appointment. The front desk staff refused to let Morgan talk to the management. 

They suggested that they can only give her the Alle credits back (200 points). However, when they put back her 200 points it deleted the 400 points Morgan had earned that day. Basically, they didn’t take any responsibility for their mistake. Morgan shares that it was quite a disappointing experience and she probably won’t return. She had to call the place 4 times to resolve an issue they had caused and still didn’t receive the proper accommodation.

7Q Spa Rushes Procedures and Has Terrible Service

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Nina says that she was unsatisfied with everything at 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics. She points out that the place doesn’t care if you have an appointment and waited months for it. 

Nina had waited 6 months for her appointment. When she was getting the procedure done, a nurse barged in to tell the other nurse that she would have to rush the procedure because another patient had arrived. 

Nina points out that she was paying for the service she was receiving. So, she expected a little bit of fair and respectful behavior. 

The same day, her sister was getting a facelift and lip injection. However, because the nurse was rushing the procedure and was extremely unprofessional, she forgot to use numbing cream. As a result, Nina’s sister had to endure a lot of pain during the procedure. 

Nina’s mom faced an issue that day as well. She had used her business credit card to pay for the treatment of Nina and her sister. However, 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics doesn’t accept business credit cards so the system declined the payment. 

All of a sudden, the behavior of the entire staff changed. All of them started treating them very rudely. Nina shares that her mom had to pay them with cash (around $5,000). She highlights that 7QSpa didn’t deserve that high of a payment considering how poorly they had treated them. 

Furthermore, the results of the procedures didn’t last for a month. It was a horrible experience.

Botched Lip Fillers Gave Bruised, Swollen and Crooked Lips (Elite Reviewer)

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Christine shares that someone she trusts had referred her to 7Q Spa. She wanted fillers and Botox for a long time so she decided to pay this place a visit. However, it was a mistake. 

The girls were sweet and friendly. Christine explained exactly what she wanted and when she felt, she followed all the instructions they had given to her. 

The provider recommended her getting a whole syringe and Christine went with it as she trusted her opinion. However, it was extremely painful, bruised, swollen and lopsided over the following days. 

She thought she would let it heal and maybe it might get better. But that didn’t happen. 

They were still crooked. Christine called and went back to fix this issue along with getting a little more botox. The provider massaged Christine’s lps and added another syringe. 

However, they look even more crooked with hard nodules of scar tissue developed after healing. The unevenness is easily noticeable and has made her entire face look crooked. One side of her lips is much higher and bigger than the other. 

Eventually, Christine found a better provider who was able to fix the mistakes of 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics. Christine suggests avoiding this place as she learnt a very expensive lesson by going here.

The Staff Doesn’t Listen to the Client, Fails to Reschedule an Appointment

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Here, the reviewer points out that the front desk staff at 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics is rude and unprofessional. She had called to reschedule an appointment due to a death in her family. 

However, the staff was in a rush to hang up. She didn’t reschedule the appointment even though it was the first thing the reviewer had mentioned on the call. Her rescheduled appointment was supposed to take place on the day she posted her review. She didn’t even get a call from the establishment. 

The reviewer was extremely disappointed with this poor service because she was looking forward to the consultation. 

7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics Botched Lip Fillers and Took No Responsibility

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Diana says that one of her family members had recommended this place to her. So, she went and got a lip filler here. Diana points out that she had asked for a Russian style flip and the nurse told her she couldn’t do it today because it’s a different procedure. However, the nurse promised to give her a natural look. 

The following day, Diana’s lips were very uneven and all the filler was in the center. There was no filler on the sides. Diana was concerned with these results. So, she called the place and they suggested waiting for the swelling to go down. 

However, Diana highlights that the unevenness was not because of any swelling. All of the filler had accumulated to the center of her lips giving her a duck-like appearance. The right side of her lips had become much bigger than the left. 

She asked other people for their opinion and they all said her lips had become mis-shaped. Diana ended up seeing a different doctor who told her that Russian style is not a different process but a different style of placing the needle. 

Certainly, the provider lied to Diana. She complains that the provider should have remained honest at the time and shouldn’t have lied. Also, when she shared her gripe with 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics, they didn’t offer to correct their mistake. In fact, they didn’t accept any mistake and defended the provider. 

Diana says that she won’t come back to this place because their work is bad and the customer service is worse. 

$5000 Laser Lipo Yielded No Results

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Alex shares that her initial experience with this place was great. However, she recently got Laser Lipo here and it was a huge disappointment as there are barely any results. 

During the consultation, the surgeon was nice but Alex could never speak to her directly after that. Also, she couldn’t find the surgeon’s credentials so she wonders if she made a mistake by trusting this place. 

Alex shares that she spent $5000 for getting no results. Also, the surgeon did the wrong part of her thighs, making them look weird. She also had her bra roll and it is the same as before.

On the day of the procedure, the surgeon was quite cold and didn’t listen to Alex at all when she was asking questions. The place had suggested buying weight loss meds and she did. However, when she came back for a refill the front desk staff became judgemental and told her that she had already taken them 5 times that year, which she hadn’t. Furthermore, the front desk staff said that laws had changed and she couldn’t take the medicine anymore. 

However, Alex found no mention of such laws anywhere. She says that 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics doesn’t give you the results it posts on Instagram. Also, she requests other consumers to save their money and look elsewhere. 

7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics Scams Its Clients By Lying to Them Constantly

Like most of the 7QSpa reviews here, this one is also concerned with the poor customer service of the place. Ines here had bought a full syringe of Juvederm for her lips. However, she only used half of the syringe and the nurse had told her that she can use the other half any time. She only needed to book an appointment. 

Last week, Ines called 7Q Spa to book an appointment regarding her half syringe. She asked if she can use the half syringe and the front desk staff told her yes and booked her appointment. 

On the day of the appointment, she waited for over an hour to see her last nurse. However, she came in to tell Ines that her half syringe had expired. Then, the manager came in and started making excuses saying Juvederm is only good for 6 months. She questions their reliability as they took her appointment while knowing the fact that she had visited the place a year ago. 

Ines points out  that 7QSpa is under new management. The manager offered a discount on a purchase of another half syringe. However, Ines is certain that this place had already sold her other half to someone else just like they were selling her someone else’s. 

She walked out of the place and said that 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics wasted her time and money. The experience was quite disappointing. 

Other 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics Reviews You Should Read:

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7qspa reviews
7qspa reviews
7q spa laser & aesthetics reviews
7q spa laser & aesthetics review
7q spa laser & aesthetics review
7q spa laser & aesthetics review
7q spa laser & aesthetics review
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7q spa laser & aesthetics review
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7q spa laser & aesthetics review
7q spa laser & aesthetics review
7q spa laser & aesthetics review
7q spa laser & aesthetics
7q spa laser & aesthetics


7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics is a terrible place hiding behind positive marketing and misleading Instagram posts. After going through these 7QSpa reviews, it’s obvious that the place isn’t what it claims to be. 

Numerous people have suffered because the providers here rush procedures and end up giving botched results. If you value your looks, it would be safer to go to a different place and avoid this medspa. 

2.9Expert Score
Avoid at all costs

7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics may claim to be LA’s hottest destination. But it fails to meet any standards. The place has received countless complaints for ruining the appearance of its clients by botching procedures. Furthermore, it suffers from poor customer service and careless management.

  • None
  • Botched too many procedures
  • Excessive pricing
  • Terrible service
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