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99 SEO Prime

99 SEO Prime is a big scam!!! They claim to be SEO experts who can rank any website on the front page of Google, but they are lying! Those scammers stole $XXXX from me and charged me $XXXX per month for doing literally nothing. 99 SEO Prime doesn’t deliver any results, but it charges you a ton of money. I don’t recommend hiring this business at any cost. They are lying, deceiving thieves who dupe other businesses. 

99 SEO Prime Website
Homepage of 99 SEO Prime

I’ve written this 99 SEO Prime review in the hopes that someone else wouldn’t fall prey to this scam like I did. 

Did You Know?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is the technique of improving the frequency of clicks in any webpage or website. SEO targets the organic traffic, that is the unpaid traffic.

Why I Hired 99 SEO Prime

My business had been struggling for months so I thought I would switch things up by hiring some experts. I wasn’t getting any new customers and the few customers I had weren’t generating much revenue. To clarify things, I run a local business in Spanish Fork, Utah, the same place where 99’ SEO Prime claims to have its office.  

Initially, I didn’t know what to do. Local advertising wasn’t helping much so I thought I should give online marketing a try. But I didn’t know digital marketing was so tricky and difficult. I read a few articles about SEo and digital marketing for local businesses but it all seemed complicated. SO I decided it would be best to hire an expert and let him or her handle all the digital marketing stuff. 

When I googled for a local SEO expert, I came across 99 SEO Prime. These people seemed like a genuine SEO agency and I was in awe of their huge claims. 

I have shared the screenshot of their homepage above, you can see how they claim to provide “First Page Placement”. From what I had read about search engine optimization and all the related stuff, I knew how important that “First Page Placement” is so I contacted these people. 

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That call was the biggest mistake I have made this year. If I wouldn’t have made that call, I still would have some money left in my account. These people robbed me blind and left me with pennies. 

They charged me several thousands for a 3-month subscription. Although I wanted to try out their service for a month, they deliberately charged me for 3! I checked my website’s performance after a month and saw that nothing had changed. Not even a bit. 

These scammers had taken XXXX dollars from me and hadn’t done anything. When I contacted them to ask about all this, they didn’t respond. I sent them 2-4 emails but when I didn’t get any replies, I tried calling John. 

All of a sudden, John stopped responding too. I guess they had taken their money and now didn’t give a d*mn about me and my website. It’s been months and I haven’t received any updates whatsoever. After I realized that 99 SEO Prime is a scam, I contacted my card company and blocked any payments going their way. 

My Horrible Experience with 99 SEO Prime 

So I called 99 SEO Prime and someone named John picked up my call. John was very friendly and seemed very professional at that time. I told him about my business and John promised me that my business would be ranking on the first page of Google within 3 weeks. When he made that promise I was surprised. Naturally, I was skeptical and raised questions on how they can do that but John dismissed them by mentioning the 30-day guarantee. 

On their website, 99 SEO Prime has stated that your business ranks on the first page of Google within 30 days of hiring them.

Now I know he was only making such ridiculous claims so I would hire them. They never delivered on that promise. 

After my talk with John, I received an email from 99 Prime. The email said that they had analyzed my website completely and it needed a lot of optimization. 

Evidence why 99 SEO Prime isn’t A Good SEO Agency

After that terrible experience, I looked into these people out of spite. And what I found was shocking! The entire website of 99 SEO Prime is a big SCAM. Not only do they make ridiculous claims, but they also have stuffed their website with nonsense so people would think they are legit. 

When I looked into these people I found tons of obvious signs that I blatantly ignored the last time. There are so many issues with this website and business that I can spend the entire day writing about them and they still wouldn’t finish. I am sharing info on some of the non-obvious ones which indicate that 99 SEO Prime is a total scam:

Blog with Zero Activity

I don’t know much about search engine optimization but even I’m aware of the importance of a blog. SEO companies focus heavily on keeping an active blog. Companies share articles with a lot of information and advice on their blogs so other people can read them and gain knowledge. Blogs are quite a great thing in the SEO world. 

Considering how 99 SEO Prime claims to be this hotshot SEO agency, you’d think they will have a super-active and powerful blog. But no, their blog is as dead as a roast turkey. Here’s proof:

99 SEO Prime review

Above is the screenshot of their blog I took. I have added a red box to show the date of this blog post. As you can see, the date listed there is December 21, 2015. That’s 5-freaking-years ago!!! The blog doesn’t have any other posts. They clearly don’t know anything about SEO and this is proof of that. If they had any idea of how to perform SEO, they wouldn’t have a sh*tty blog in the first place. 

No Social Media Profiles

Apart from their dead blog, another thing I noticed on their website is the links to their social media profiles. I had a genuine interest in their social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. Their social media profiles would have helped me in seeing what others said there.

When I clicked on their ‘Facebook’ link, can you guess where did it lead me to? 

It led me straight to the homepage of their website. Yes, it didn’t get me anywhere. In other words, 99 SEO Prime doesn’t have social media profiles. I’m 100% sure why they don’t have a social media profile too. From what I understand, these scammers haven’t kept a social media profile because they are afraid they would have to listen to their victims. Otherwise, why would a top-level SEO agency NOT have any social media accounts? It doesn’t make any sense. Even my business has a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. This is another proof of how 99 SEO Prime is not a legitimate SEO agency at all. 

The Original Name of 99 SEO Prime – 29 Prime 

Even though these thieves had stolen thousands of dollars from me, it took me several weeks to realize that they are a bunch of scammers. That’s because I hadn’t found any complaints about 99 SEO Prime anywhere. Their Yelp profile is nearly non-existent and apart from that, there really wasn’t anything for me to find. 

I found out later that 99 SEO Prime isn’t the original name of this company and they are actually 29 Prime, a prominent online scammer who is notorious for stealing from clients. 

29 Prime is among the biggest online scams out there. It was really shocking to find out that 99 SEO Prime is just the re-branded version of 29 Prime. Here is proof of that:

99 SEO Prime Justification

Notice how they continually use the name ‘29 Prime’ instead of 99 Prime. You can’t get a more concrete confession than this. While I couldn’t find any reviews for 99 SEO Prime because of its non-existent social media profiles, I succeeded in finding plenty of reviews for 29 Prime SEO. You would like to read those reviews too.

29 Prime’s Reviews

It was really surprising to read the reviews about 29 Prime. I discovered that I wasn’t the only person who lost his hard-earned money due to these scammers. There are hundreds of people who have lost their funds because of this scam. 

29 Prime was among the biggest scams of its time. On Yelp, it has around 300 reviews and an average rating of 1 star. 

There are tons of complaints for this scam. I’ve shared some of them here so you can understand just how grave this situation is:

Latest Reviews:

99 prime original reviews

I thought I was the only person who fell for this scam recently, but nope, I am not alone. The first review seems to be from some experienced person. He complains that these people only give a page to you which you could have made yourself. Also, they promise to optimize your site but don’t do that, just like how they didn’t optimize my site too.

The second complaint is actually about the ethics of Yelp itself. They say that Yelp has been removing negative reviews from 29 Prime’s page. If that’s true then I wonder how many they have deleted by now. 

Other 99 Prime SEO Reviews:

The reviews I shared above were quite recent in comparison to others. Nonetheless, I’m sharing some more customer reviews of 29 Prime (or should I say 99 Prime SEO?) here:

Review 1:

99 SEO Prime Review 2

The people at 99 Prime SEO harassed this reviewer multiple times through phone calls. Even though the person had added their number to the “remove from list”, the scammers at 29 Prime didn’t care. After all, why would they care about their VICTIMS?

Review 2:

99 SEO Prime Review 3

Here, the person has shared a picture of their website which no longer exists. According to them, their website has been down for 2 weeks but 29 Prime has kept charging them for optimizing this non-existent website. It didn’t surprise me much after what these people did to my business but seeing that this review is several years old, I was quite sad. Clearly, 99 Prime SEO has been a scam for many years. 

Review 3:

99 SEO Prime Review 4

This review was among the longest ones on 29 Prime’s page. According to the reviewer, 29 Prime had contacted him and made pretty ridiculous claims (just like they did to me). The reviewer had signed up for only 30 days and paid them $350 for the duration, but they didn’t do anything. 

However, things don’t end here. The scammers had supposedly created a YouTube video for this person but they never actually showed or sent them the same. After that, the person discovered that these scammers had been charging him for 2 months even though he had only signed up for one month. 

The reviewer has shared how 29 Prime has horrible customer service which keeps the person on hold until the person’s patience runs out. 

There were many more and you can find all of them on the Yelp page of 29 Prime. I have shared the link of that page under the Related Links heading which you can find below. 

Misleading Review Page:

29 Prime’s yelp page definitely has tons of negative reviews. But instead of accepting their faults and promising to do better with their new brand, they follow a different approach. They have added fake reviews on their webpage to deceive people. I’m not kidding, these people have truly added fake reviews on their review page of the website. 

When you’d visit that page, you’d see the following videos that they term as ‘Client Testimonials’. However, when you would play any of these videos, nothing would happen. 

29 Prime SEO Scam

None of those things are videos!

29 Prime has added images with some nonsensical effect on them so when you put your cursor on them, you see the play icon shine. But when you would click on those things, they wouldn’t do anything because they are not videos in the first place!

In Conclusion – 99 SEO Prime is a SCAM

There are many kinds of scams out there and I think 99 SEO Prime tops the list. They make outrageous claims about improving a website’s ranking and deliver nothing. Because of those scammers, I lost thousands of dollars and nearly lost my business too.

Don’t make that mistake and avoid this scam at all costs!

If possible, alert others about this big scam too. The more people know about the shady activities of 99 SEO Prime (or 29 Prime) the better it would be for everyone. Thank you for reading.

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They are a scam like everyone says!

99 SEO Prime is a scam which makes huge claims and delivers nothing. They are a rebranded version of another scam called 29 Prime. Don't trust a word they say.

  • Make fake claims to customers
  • Lie about their past
  • Hide their negative reviews
  • Don't issue any refunds
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