$300 Million Scam: Aamir Waheed’s Involvement Exposed 2023

Aamir Waheed used to be a part of the multi-million Allied Veterans of the World Scam. He also faced a lawsuit for patent infringement. 

Now, he is running a real estate company and is claiming to be an expert in the field. 

Before you do any business with Aamir Waheed or his firm, Real Track Inc. it would be best to go through the following review. You’ll learn why  you should stay away from him: 

Who is Aamir Waheed From Orlando Florida?

Aamir Waheed is the owner of real track Inc. a real estate firm that buys and sells properties. According to his various PR articles, Aamir is an expert in real estate dealings. 

Moreover, his PR articles point out that he has served on the boards of several companies in the industry. He claims to have over 25 years of experience in the real estate business.

However, his PR articles fail to mention that his actual experience comes from running a scam in Florida.

Aamir Waheed of Orlando, FL used to be a part of Allied Veterans of the World, a $300 million scam

DEVELOPCO INC: Aamir Waheed’s Dire Attempt To Escape His Past

DEVELOPCO INC is the latest venture of Aamir Waheed however, this business has no information or reviews available on the internet. Considering how much wealth Aamir has accumulated through his multiple scams, it’s safe to assume that DEVELOPCO INC is a mere shell company being used to launder money.

If you google Developco inc on Google right now, all you’ll see is automated business listings, nothing else. Why would a business need customers if it’s just to launder money?

Google search results for Developco inc

If we take a look at the official website of DEVELOPCO INC (developco.com), then we will see a generic placeholder website.

The official website of Developco Inc

Aamir Waheed and the Allied Veterans of the World Scam:

Aamir Waheed

Right now, Aamir Waheed is running a real estate firm. But that was not the case a few years ago.

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Initially, Aamir was involved in the notorious Allied Veterans of the World scam

For those who don’t know, Allied Veterans of the World was one of the largest scams of the last decade. It went on for years and has numerous victims all over the US. 

Before I highlight Aamir Waheed’s involvement in the scam, here’s a quick overview of what Allied Veterans of the World was:

What was the Allied Veterans of the World Scam? 

Founded in 1979, Allied Veterans of the World was a nonprofit which claimed to contribute time and money to veterans and first-responder organizations across the nation. 

It marketed itself as a platform where veterans helped other veterans. The non-profit claimed to donate a lot of funds to Veterans Administration clinics and hospitals.

To raise money, the nonprofit operated 49 gambling parlors across Florida. There, customers could play computerized slots and related games. This way, even if you lost any money, you wouldn’t feel bad because you think the money will help veterans. 

But that was all a lie. 

Aamir Waheed


Authorities found that the nonprofit had only given 2% of the $300 million it had made within 5 years. The execs of the nonprofit spent the rest of the funds on buying real estate, Maseratis, boats, and Porsches. 

At the time, Florida’s Lieutenant Governor resigned even though she had no ties with the organization’s wrongdoing. She did, because the nonprofit had backed her.

IRS investigators said that Allied engaged in a conspiracy and scheme to defraud government agencies and the public. The scam caused a lot of outrage and the authorities arrested a few officials of the organization.

Now, you can understand why Aamir Waheed’s alleged involvement in this scam is such a big deal. 

Proof of Aamir Waheed’s Involvement in the Multi-million Scam

Although the people related to the multi-million scam have hidden their affiliation in most places, there is one piece of evidence connecting Aamir Waheed with Allied.

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In 2014, Aamir Waheed filed an appeal in the District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida Fifth District. 

He appealed a non-final order finding probable cause to support the State’s seizure of multiple assets. The Court affirmed in part and reversed in part. 

The Court highlighted that the State seized multiple assets which used to be under the ownership of Aamir and other appellants. These assets included motor vehicles as well. 

Authorities had seized the assets because of Aamir and other appellants’ alleged involvement in the Allied Veterans of the World syndicate. Court documents mention that Aamir and his colleagues allegedly conducted an illegal gambling scheme throughout Florida. 

It involved the operation of ‘internet sweepstakes cafes’ which were, in reality, illegal gaming rooms. 

Allied acted as the parent company. Moreover, it had 40 affiliates all across Florida who ran these cafes. Aamir Waheed and his friends owned several of these cafes. 

The Trial Court found that there was the probable cause behind seizing those assets. Aamir Waheed and others used or attempted to use those assets in violation of the FCFA. 

In his appeal, Aamir Waheed argued that the Court should reverse the Trial Court’s order due to a lack of sufficient evidence. 

The Court reversed the order in part. They removed the seizure of motor vehicles as assets claiming that they couldn’t have been used in the illegal gambling scheme. But, it didn’t reverse any other decisions of the Trial Court. 


Aamir Waheed Faced a Lawsuit for Patent Infringement During the Allied Scam:

In 2014, Sweepstakes Patent Company filed a lawsuit against Aamir Waheed, Tariq Waheed, Cheri Black Waheed and their companies

The lawsuit was for patent infringement. According to Sweepstakes Patent Company, Aamir and his companies were infringing on their patented “Personal Computer Lottery Game”. 

This is clear evidence of Aamir’s involvement in the Allied scam

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His company was operating illegal gambling cafes and he was arrested as part of the authorities’ takedown of the syndicate. 

According to the lawsuit, Aamir Waheed directed, committed and benefitted from the patent infringement . He operated promotional sweepstakes and lottery systems. 

The lawsuit says that these computer based sweepstakes game systems were infringing multiple patents of the plaintiff. 

Below are the court documents:



It’s obvious that Aamir Waheed owned several of the many Allied Veterans of the World cafes. He was a significant part of the multi-million scam. 

However, there is no information on whether the authorities arrested him for his involvement in the scam.

Furthermore, he is now running another real estate firm and claims to be an expert in the field. 

Seeing his history of running scams, I don’t think anyone should do business with his new companies. 

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Seeing the history of Aamir Waheed and his involvement in the Allied Veterans of the World scam, it would be best for you to distance yourself from him. He is unreliable and a serial scammer.

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  1. 1

    There is more internet gaming sites based out of Delaware that Aamire Waheed is tied to . They have recently scammed me out of over 140,000$ I have filed complaints with the attorney general of both states Florida and Delaware . I am trying to find out who wrote this article so I can contact them .

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  2. 0.1

    There are plenty of people in Orlando FL who know Aamir Waheed as a veteran scammer. However, very few speak out for obvious reasons. I’m glad at least someone is talking about this POS.

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  3. Aamir Waheed is trying to rebrand himself but people should not forget his past of running multiple scams.

  4. Reply
    Aamir Waheed is a scammer
    June 9, 2022 at 4:39 pm

    The allied veterans scam was a pretty huge deal. These fraudsters were took money from people in the name of helping our veterans. Aamir Waheed should not be allowed to run another company at all. He must have stolen millions from our veterans who put their lives at risk for our sake.

    He should be in jail for a long time.

    + PROS: Nope
    - CONS: Scammer
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