Aaron Dungca Needham MA: Harassing a 15-year-old Girl

Aaron Dungca Needham MA is a pervert and a monster who was arrested for harassing a teenage girl in a park.

He offered the 15-year old girl money in exchange for seeing her breasts.

The pervert was arrested after his crooked behavior was reported to the police. Now, he is promoting himself as a business analyst. What’s scary is that Aaron Dungca Needham MA used to work as a teacher before he was exposed as a creep.

The following review explores his criminal activities as well as the claims he is making to make himself seem more legitimate:

aaron dungca needham ma
Picture of Aaron Dungca.

Aaron Dungca Needham MA (What He Claims to Be)

The following section contains the claims made by the marketing team of Aaron Dungca Needham MA. Hence, read them with a grain of salt.

Aaron Dungca Needham MA is a Boston, Massachusetts-based analyst for company operations and customer experience. He has a varied variety of talents and expertise, with a special focus on sales operations and customer service. He has devoted countless hours to discovering strategies for expanding enterprises and raising their worth. He has a great eye for detail and a love for efficiency. Working for Samsung Healthcare’s medical imaging sales team, Aaron Dungca started his career in sales operations. He learned how to evaluate sales data and spot important patterns while serving in this capacity, which gave him invaluable expertise in the sector. Also, he gained a thorough awareness of the value of excellent customer service and how it may affect a business’s bottom line.

Aaron Dungca has spent a lot of time and effort over the years figuring out how to enhance company operations and raise client happiness. He has a history of streamlining procedures and finding fresh prospects for expansion, and his past performance is proof of his abilities. Aaron Dungca is concentrating on using his knowledge in his current position to enhance client satisfaction and business operations. He is an analyst who is driven by data and uses analytics to make wise decisions. He collaborates extensively with cross-functional teams to put new ideas into practice and enhance results. He is also a skilled communicator. Aaron Dungca is an expert in business operations and customer experience who is passionate about generating growth and value. He is also a talented and committed individual. He is qualified to have a substantial impact in any organization he joins due to his extensive experience and wide range of skills.

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Aaron Dungca Needham MA Sexual Harassment Case

aaron dungca needham ma

Aaron Dungca, a wellness instructor and the head coach of the freshmen football team, will be charged with accosting and disturbing a member of the opposite sex in September after a clerk magistrate in Worcester District Court found sufficient evidence for the case to proceed on Thursday.

Details of the July incident involving a 15-year-old girl in Auburn are revealed by court filings. Records show that while the teen was running, Aaron Dungca Needham MA allegedly asked her for instructions. According to the statement of facts submitted in support of the request for the criminal complaint, “(She) gave the orders and began to walk away when the man remarked, “May I ask you a question? “

“According to reports, he allegedly said, “If I give you $20, will you show me your breasts?” He used another word (that indicated) breasts, “said Detective Sgt. Scott Mills of Auburn. According to the records, “(The girl) shouted, ‘No, Perv!’ and ran off crying.”

Nonetheless, she managed to get his license plate, which helped the police find Dungca.

He acknowledged saying it, but he insisted that the victim couldn’t have heard him because she was familiar with the exact words and sentence structure he used. This, according to Mills, doesn’t seem plausible.

The Needham superintendent was notified by police, who then launched their inquiry. In the interest of public safety and safeguarding minors, Mills asserted, “We have a responsibility, particularly given that he is interacting with members of the same demographic as the individual he confronted.”

I believe it was our duty to inform them of the situation, and we did so. “We are aware of no scenario in which the teacher in issue has ever threatened the safety or well-being of any Needham Public School students,” stated Needham Superintendent Daniel Gutekanst in a letter to parents. Dungca and his attorney did not reply to phone calls from 5 Investigates.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Aaron Dungca Needham MA?

Aaron Dungca, a teacher from Needham, Massachusetts, works for Foundation Medicine, a cancer diagnostic company, as a senior analyst in business relations and customer support.

Where is Aaron Dungca Needham MA situated?

He currently resides in Massachusetts and likes to go hiking, camping, and taking pictures.

What did Aaron Dungca Needham MA do?

Aaron Dungca Needham MA pled not guilty in Central District Court on Friday to obstructing and accosting a person of the opposite sex. He is accused of offering a 15-year-old girl $20 if she showed her chest in Auburn.


The former Needham teacher who is accused of threatening to give a 15-year-old girl $20 if she showed her chest in Auburn this summer entered a not-guilty plea in Central District Court on Friday. Aaron Dungca, a 31-year-old Methuen resident, was given a personal recognizance release and told to keep away from the minor. Nov. 6 will see Mr. Dungca return for a preliminary hearing.

According to arresting records, the alleged incident happened on Boyce Street on July 10 just before 5 o’clock.

The teenager claimed to have been jogging when an Asian man in a black sedan asked for directions before making the proposition.

She claimed to have yelled, “No, perv,” ran off in tears, and then she contacted her father, who reported the event to the police.

The teen gave officials the suspect’s license plate number. She was shown a picture of Mr. Dungca from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and she affirmed that she was “95 percent positive” that he was the person who had approached her. Police contacted Mr. Dungca that evening, who allegedly acknowledged asking to see the teen’s breasts in exchange for cash.

He didn’t agree to an interview at the station. Schools in Needham reported that Mr. Aaron Dungca Needham MA has since resigned.

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  1. Asking teens for showing their breasts after offering them $20, I want to ask Aaron one question how much he would offer for her any of her family members?

  2. The authorities should punish him with the cruelest punishment of all time.

  3. My father is a police officer he discussed several cases with us related to these molesters, where it is found that the game is revenge or some sort of feelings for the person.

  4. Make your children aware of such creatures, and also the way of handling the situation

  5. Can you all imagine the situation where you are running and suddenly someone offers you $20 for showing your breast, my god disgusting and heartbreaking. I would have killed that person if some random guy would ask my daughter the same question.

  6. Now the world has come to a stage where we can’t trust anyone blindly, like this person who literally misused his position.

  7. Make them punished for this act filling sense of terror in society.

  8. There should be special cells designed for these molesters, making her feel like a whore working for money, she might have got depressed and might have taken serious measures affecting her life. These monsters are found in larger numbers across the world.

  9. How did he get the courage to ask a teenager for pooping her breast in exchange for money, these evil creatures shouldn’t be allowed to live with society.

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