Aaron Iverson theLender – Predatory Lending and Abuse of Staff

aaron iverson thelender
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Aaron Iverson theLender has received a lot of complaints for abusing staff. He has also received complaints for predatory lending practices.
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Aaron Iverson theLender is a pathetic business executive. He has received numerous complaints for ignoring customers’ requirements and mistreating employees.

Find out how he abuses his clients and staff in this Aaron Iverson theLender review:

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Who is Aaron Iverson theLender

According to the theLender website, Aaron Iverson theLender is currently the co-Founder and President of Hometown Equity Mortgage, LLC, and has twenty-two (22) years of mortgage experience. As a manager and corporate executive, he has a proven track record of success. Aaron Iverson the Lender has created mortgages worth almost eighteen billion dollars ($18,000,000,000). Aaron Iverson theLender has successfully led businesses through volatile markets by creating multi-channel income sources, building sound corporate governance, and providing dependable executive leadership.

Aaron Iverson the Lender claims to have effectiveness in maintaining ties in the lending community by building a loyal consumer base and employing or keeping top-producing front- and back-office staff. Aaron Iverson the Lender also claims to be popular for helping his staff. However, he has received too many complaints for abusing his staff.

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A picture of Aaron Iverson theLender

Aaron Iverson theLender has put a lot of effort into adhering to regulations and using ethical lending methods to ensure the generation of high-quality loans. Due to his substantial engagement in Third Party Organization (TPO) channels like Broker Deliveries, Correspondent Closed Loans, and Retail Channels, Mr. Iverson stands out among many of his peers in the mortgage sector.

Briefing about theLender

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TheLender states that it was created with the intention of changing things. They continue to advance the industry and effect good change one partnership, one loan, and one day at a time, achieving the top spot for real estate on Inc 5000’s list of the fastest-growing companies in 2022.

Aaron Iverson theLender has marketed himself tremendously. However, it seems most of these efforts are focused on burying the numerous complaints he has received.

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File Photo: Aaron Iverson theLender

Client reviews about Aaron Iverson theLender say otherwise 

Buyer Beware!!

One of the clients mentions about Aaron Iverson theLender as they would prey on their customers and define them as Predatory lending at its finest! Here is a fine picture of her pain in experience with theLender :

“If there was a zero star I would’ve pressed that. I just got off the phone with “The Lender” representative Mike Dooley. He told me and I quote “it’s getting nasty out there” referring to the 3.875 interest rate that they are now wanting to close my $550,000refi with cash out a mortgage instead of the 2.875 we started out with in September of 2021. It’s now January 2022, and yes, the interest rates have gone up, but not by that much! But listen here, Mike is a smooth talker, and so he dangled the carrot. He said he had fought for me with management and offered me 3.5% and told me that he had to “bid down the loan” to get it to that rate like he was doing me a favor… …Right…

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Long story short, this company is like a bad dream. They procrastinate terribly, with the excuse that they are “reorganizing”, make you submit documents multiple times, and string you along until you’re desperate to close the loan, then spring a higher rate on you at the last minute. My credit rating is high, my FICO score is near 800, and a mountain of documents are uploaded. The appraisal is done (on my dime of course)…and now this…But “whew” lesson learned, and at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of another (hopefully scrupulous) lender. I’m finally done with them and their dishonesty. Please don’t be like me.

And lest you think that I’m just an aggrieved person who was turned down by them, I assure the reader that the main reason I’m writing this review is not that I’m mad at them “although yes, I’m pretty steamed”, but because I want to warn other unsuspecting people away from these unethical people.

Of course, you’re going to do what’s right for you. But don’t say you weren’t forewarned. As the old saying goes: “Let the buyer beware”.

One of the clients named Michelle says: 

She would award a rating of zero stars if she could. They disregarded locks that were already in place, they delayed loans so they could become unlocked and be denied or removed off the books, and they pretended to not have received papers despite the fact that she had supplied them the time stamp of the upload. They acted without a care in the world and did nothing to preserve the agreements because, in her opinion, they wanted them to fail. She can’t opt out because they no longer advertise to people without an unsubscribe option. There are so many warning signs and predatory/bait-and-switch financing practices.

The victim

  1. One of the clients describes the experience with theLender as the worst
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  1. One of the clients named Geomall mentions that she was harassed by Aaron Iverson theLender 

Due to a medical emergency, Geomall missed a payment. Geomall’s account was past due by less than two weeks. For seven hours, Aaron Iverson TheLender called her and all of her references nonstop, minute by minute. All day long, my references and she was the subject of repeated phone calls. wouldn’t give up. They would immediately place another call after hanging up; this is known as collecting. She refers to it as harassment.

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  1. Cindy, one of the client shares her experience and ask people to be beware of this fraud company 

WARNING she starts with her review and describes further that this mortgage firm failed to follow through and afterward sent out inaccurate information about her loan approval. They cost her both her ideal home and the house she had to sell in order to buy it. She was informed that it would be less than a week before the last week, which fell during Christmas. Never took place without a cause. She had a down payment of almost $100,000 on a loan for only $132,000, and she has fantastic credit. The Lender is another name for this business. When looking for a new place to live, she spent more than a month as a hotel guest. Everything about it was a nightmare. There are far too many excellent businesses to bother with this one. Hope this is helpful.


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Aaron Iverson theLender Testimonials from Past Workers

While looking into Aaron Iverson theLender, I also found several complaints from his employees. Here’s a snippet of one of them:

“Bait & Switch…Stay Away!!!”

24 hours before the start date, he receives a call informing him that the pay structure has changed. He left his 7-year job to work at the Lake Forest facility. Are you for real? Now consulting with the labor board and an attorney…

Although mortgage fraud can take many different forms, its main goal is to cheat people of their money. For instance, frauds involving debt relief and closing costs prey on those who are getting ready to pay their closing expenses for a house loan or who may be looking into loan modifications.

He quit his $100,000-a-year job at another lender to work here, and they play this joke on him. What do you suppose they would do to their brokers if they played a bait and switch with their staff? You slimy OC mortgage scumbags are the reason that no one wants to do business with California banks; pretending to be someone you’re not is NOT the way to conduct business. Thank God he was able to reclaim his previous position.

What is Mortgage Fraud

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In its most basic form, fraud is the intentional misrepresentation and deception of information, facts, and statistics by one party to another. Hence, mortgage fraud goes beyond unfair lending practices that single out particular debtors.

Individuals who intend to use a property as their primary residence or groups of investors who commit fraud by renting out properties or engaging in appraisal fraud when flipping houses can both commit housing or mortgage fraud.

In the case of Aaron Iverson theLender mortgage fraud, it is a case of the chain of title and the appraisal in the same-day close real estate flipping scheme sometimes involves three parties—the seller, the flipper, and the unwary end consumer—and is fraudulent. With the flipper, the seller enters into a contract to buy the property for less than market value. An appraisal is conducted at the inflated price that the flipper and end buyer have agreed upon after the flipper gives the end buyer a bogus title insurance commitment that falsely identifies the flipper as the owner (even though this is not the case).

Benefits are much more expensive than at comparable organizations because the company is a startup. If one has used all of his benefits, his monthly payment would be greater than half of what he would make. The culture and work environment were not exceptionally inspiring or outstanding. People’s pay was a bit below average in comparison to comparable companies.

Although it would take a very long time, there is more to say and more to explain. These reviews are completely honest. People describe their experience as horrific. The benefits and salary are dismal, and the administration and leadership may use some improvement.

Avoid Aaron Iverson theLender

Going by the reviews and the points above, it’s clear that Aaron Iverson theLender is not as reliable as he claims to be. Hence, avoid dealing with thim.

The good news is that by lowering mortgage fraud, we can strengthen the markets. It’s important for people to have reasonable expectations for their borrowing and homeownership experiences. Investors should set attainable profit objectives. Industry professionals must uphold higher standards of conduct and accept organizational accountability from their peers. Governments must harmonize the law and reconcile law enforcement with ongoing inquiries.

Aaron Iverson theLender – Predatory Lending and Abuse of Staff
Aaron Iverson theLender – Predatory Lending and Abuse of Staff

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