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Did Aaron VanTrojen mistreat Geneva Financial’s employees and customers? (Update 2024)

Aaron VanTrojen is a prominent name in the mortgage banking industry. Being the leader of Geneva Financial LLC, Aaron has enjoyed quite a spotlight. 

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However, his leadership skills have always received a lot of criticism from his employees. He has been able to distract his peers and clients from this criticism through unethical marketing tactics. 

Moreover, the quantity of Geneva Financial complaints has also increased recently as customers are dissatisfied with their poor service and high rates. 

The following review delves a bit deeper and exposes how Aaron VanTrojen takes advantage of his staff: 

Who Owns Geneva Financial LLC? About Aaron VanTrojen:

Aaron VanTrojen is the CEO of Geneva Financial LLC. His office is located at 3155 S. Price Road, STE 105, Chandler, AZ 85248. 

Aaron VanTrojen has been the CEO of this lending firm since 2007. Prior to this, he used to work for Morgan Capital of Arizona Inc as a branch manager. He graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Political Science in 1994. 

Under his leadership, Geneva Financial LLC has come a long way. It has multiple offices across 45 states and has been in the industry for over a decade. 

2/12/2023 Update
As of now, Aaron VanTrojen has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

However, it seems Aaron doesn’t care much about his staff. According to the numerous Geneva Financial LLC reviews available online, the company provides an extremely work environment to its employees. 

Furthermore, it has started receiving a plethora of complaints from its customers. 

So, is Aaron VanTrojen really a good leader? Or, is he taking advantage of his employees for the sake of his personal wealth? 

Below are some of the numerous Geneva Financial LLC complaints I found online. 

Geneva Financial LLC Reviews by Clients: What People Say About Aaron VanTrojen’s Company:

Long Delays, Outrageous Rates, Poor Customer Service

Geneva Financial Reviews

Kristine says that she would rather give this company 0 out of 5 stars. She adds that she is going to sue Geneva Financial and their loan officer after the horrible experience she had with them. 

Kristine says the company constantly lied to her. Furthermore, the loan was outrageous as it had extremely high costs and rate compared to the market. 

On top of that, the loan officer missed the closing date, making the already stressful experience more painful. 

Kristine suggests calling their home office number because nobody picks it up. 

Furthermore, when they put you in a timing emergency, the people at Aaron VanTrojen’s firm go completely dark. You wouldn’t be able to get through to anyone. 

The firm cost Kristine $1200 in per diem to the sellers. Also, the company ordered the appraisal with an incorrect purchase price. This caused Kristine to come up with an additional $5,000. 

She adds the loan office will tell you one thing and immediately say he never said it on the same call. 

Later, she tried going to a different lender but it was already too late. According to Kristine, the people here drag their feet until you are stuck with them then they stick it to you. 

Geneva Financial LLC Made Too Many Mistakes, Forcing the Client to Spend More $$$

Geneva Financial Reviews

The above reviewer says they are glad some people had good experiences with Aaron VanTrojen’s company. However, their experience was terrible. 

The company made multiple mistakes causing the reviewer to change their closing date twice. Luckily, they had their apartment until the first or they would have had to bear the costs of moving twice, paying for temporary residence and buying storage. 

Furthermore, the reviewer says they were lucky they didn’t have any pets or family. Otherwise, their experience would have been more stressful. 

They had to change their days off from work, re-reserve their Uhaul and change their work schedule. 

That’s not all. The company forgot to send the reviewer the LE to sign. 

According to the reviewer, they had 2 separate LEs to sign because they were a first-time buyer. 

The various mistakes of Geneva Financial LLC made everything extremely difficult for the above reviewer. 

Agents Couldn’t Produce the CTC in Time, Blamed the Client for the Delays

Geneva Financial Reviews

Kevin says working with Aaron VanTrojen’s firm was a nightmare. He worked with Edgar Martinez in Irving, TX and Jose Castaneda in Arizona. 

Both of those professionals were extremely dissatisfying. 

They should have closed a week before the reviewer but the officials didn’t have the clear to close. Hence, Kevin differed to the day of posting his review. 

He adds that the company told him lies after lies. 

After delaying closing for a week, the company officials still didn’t have the CTC documents ready. They made Kevin wait for hours. 

The day ended but the CTC was still unavailable. 

After having enough of this, Kevin decided he no longer wanted to do business with them. Then, the people from Geneva Financial started lying and blamed Kevin for the delay. 

They claimed that the delay happened because Kevin responded too slowly and hadn’t provided them with truthful documents in the beginning.

Obviously, they were making excuses and did not want to take any responsibility for their lack of professionalism. 

Kevin says he doesn’t recommend this company and would never do business with them.

“These People are Scammers”

Geneva Financial Reviews

Michelle doesn’t recommend doing business with Geneva Financial LLC. She worked with David Gaffney of the Las Vegas location. 

Initially, he seemed knowledgeable and Michelle did everything he recommended. This included paying off debt within a few days to prepare for approval. 

Then, the unexpected happened. 

David started giving her excuses. 

Suddenly, he stopped getting emails. He even asked Michelle to pay a $9 interest charge on a card she had already paid off so he would have a $0 balance on the statement. 

However, Michelle says it was all a scam because the program for which she had provided David with all the documents for 3 weeks, ended before he submitted her documentation. 

Then, he didn’t even bother to inform her of this. 

Instead, he started avoiding her and dropped out of communication.

Michelle highlights that David would have known about the final submission date. It was 3 days prior to the day he pestered her for the $9 receipt. 

Later, when Michelle finally got a hold of him, he said he saved her $10,000 and told her to try again sometime. 

Clearly, he doesn’t have any integrity and does not keep his clients updated. 

Michelle says that the people at the Las Vegas location of Geneva Financial are scammers. Hence, you should avoid doing business with them.

Geneva Financial LLC Agent Told the Client to Get a Different Broker

Geneva Financial Reviews

Michelle says that the company didn’t want her business after weeks of working with them. She was about to decide between Geneva and one other broker. But her contact flat out told her to go with the other one instead of Geneva Financial. 

She says she was shocked to get this response. 

Clearly, something is very wrong in Aaron VanTrojen’s company. 

Aaron VanTrojen Emails Clients if They Post a Negative Review

Geneva Financial Reviews

Kieran says when he worked with this firm, he had to wait a lot for emails. Furthermore, the only time the company contacted him promptly was when he left a negative review on them. 

At that time, Aaron VanTrojen had contacted Kieran to discuss the complaint. 

Kieran adds that Geneva gives no loan estimates even after days of communication and charges extremely high fees. 

Certainly, he doesn’t recommend working with this broker. 

Additional Geneva Financial LLC Complaints You Should Read:

Geneva Financial Reviews
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Geneva Financial LLC Reviews by Employees: How Aaron VanTrojen is Taking Advantage of His Staff

As you must have seen, there are way too many Geneva Financial LLC complaints. Most clients complain about poor customer service and excessively high rates of the company. 

However, you can’t put all the blame on the staff of the firm. Because, according to the various employee reviews, Aaron VanTrojen doesn’t provide a healthy work environment to his team as well. 

Without a proper working environment, it’s wrong to expect optimal performance from the staff. 

Here are some of the numerous employee reviews on Aaaron VanTrojen’s management of Geneva Financial LLC:

“They are Overextending Their Resources, Avoid Them for a Few Years”

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Here, the reviewer says Geneva offers poor quality marketing content. Furthermore, there isn’t much marketing content available in the first place. 

The ‘Hub’, the company’s central employee resource, didn’t have any helpful material for the staff. 

Furthermore, Geneva Financial expanded too quickly in 2018, which caused an overextension of the office’s resources. 

Due to this, several of the company’s departments have suffered because of this. Also, the reviewer says that it would affect the loan officers horribly as they interact directly with the customers. 

The reviewer suggests avoiding working for Geneva for a few years. They recommend the management to stop with the wasteful webinars and invest that time in providing the staff with quality marketing materials. 

“Aaron VanTrojen Needs to Learn Effective Leadership Skills”

RXuaSqlgcvkGDOh2z5o savrmr irR2AxtvC1RJkHkKGfzkvGF56O1Y9cm bw556B9icRzU5HqO8DdflMdAg0Z2zp6ph4fSzXFIWvVEAyLGQ0jBqAJ8huIBl88zl kPKzsj g9ngQPN3NbEkqw

The above reviewer says that the operations lead team modus operandi is terrible. They only focus on giving poor reactions to daily functions. 

Furthermore, most of the managers under Aaron VanTrojen’s wing are demeaning to the teams. 

Hence, the turnover here is quite high. 

Also, the communication here is incredibly ineffective and low. The management does many unscrupulous things daily. 

In the ‘Advice to Management’ section, the reviewer suggests the management to learn effective leadership skills. Even if they have years of experience, they don’t know how to manage effectively. 

The reviewer calls out Aaron VanTrojen indirectly. They say “You talk about ‘Being a Good Human’ when you treat people you work with inhumanely”. 

Note that Aaron uses this phrase a lot in his branding. You can easily see his pictures wearing t-shirts with this slogan. 

Aaron VanTrojen

“Aaron VanTrojen and His Managers Abuse the Staff”

Aaron VanTrojen

Here, the reviewer says there aren’t many pros to list at all. 

However, in terms of drawbacks, Geneva Financial has a plethora of those. 

According to the reviewer, the owner (Aaron VanTrojen) tongue lashes you and belittles you all the time. The management abuses the staff as well. 

Furthermore, the reviewer adds that the commission they offer is based on inflating rates. The company overworks the few underwriters it has and the processors are left on their own. 

If you work in one of the outside branches of Geneva Financial LLC, the reviewer says you won’t get a good work environment at all. 

They add that the management is rude and extremely unprofessional. Also, they don’t provide you with any training or solid resources. 

The reviewer points out that the health insurance here is quite costly. So, you should always ask about the cost and coverage before accepting it. 

The company lacks positive communication and if you’re working on salary, they force you to work overtime. Moreover, they don’t even offer small bonuses to their staff members.

At the end of their review, the reviewer says Geneva Financial adds positive reviews on itself to promote the firm. The reviewer is glad they left the company. 

“Aaron VanTrojen Cares More About His Jet’s Settings Than How His Employees are Getting Treated”

Aaron VanTrojen review

Like most of the Geneva Financial LLC reviews I have shared here, this one also criticizes the upper management. Certainly, Aaron VanTrojen doesn’t look after his staff properly. 

Here, the reviewer says that Geneva has terrible upper management who is extremely petty. They provide horrible training and there is no human resources department to hold them accountable. 

Furthermore, Aaron VanTrojen is a hypocrite. He brands himself with the slogan “Be A Good Human” but treats his employees with utter disrespect. 

The management never picks up the phone to discuss any loan problems. Instead of solving problems the leadership looks for people to blame. 

The reviewer says that the company will sink quickly if the upper management doesn’t improve. 

They add that Aaron VanTrojen remains more concerned with the jet’s settings instead of how his management team treats his employees. 

Moreover, the operations managers and department managers tell the staff that they are never allowed to contact upper management. Hence, they must always go through team leads as their form of contact for escalation. 

The reviewer highlights that all the good people are leaving Geneva Financial LLC. It’s a sinking ship. 

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Aaron VanTrojen is Paying BBB to Boost His Credibility:

According to numerous Geneva Financial LLC reviews, this company is suffering from a lot of issues. Moreover, the employees have complained about the leadership skills of Aaron VanTrojen for years. 

However, instead of identifying the problems and working on them. The leadership of Geneva Financial utilized a different, unethical tactic to fix their reputation. 

They have a paid membership of BBB to make themselves look credible. 

When you visit the BBB page of Geneva Financial LLC, you notice they have an accreditation. Contrary to popular belief, your business doesn’t need to care about its customers or meet certain standards to get BBB accreditation. 

You only need to pay a hefty membership fee and your business will get BBB accredited instantly. 

CNN had exposed this nefarious practice a few years back when they discovered that several scammers and fraud organizations enjoyed A+ ratings on BBB. Later, they found out that companies pay up to $10,000 per year to the review platform for this feature. 

Having a BBB accreditation makes a company look reliable. Furthermore, it ensures that they have an A or A+ rating on the platform. 

It also gives them a lot of control over their BBB page. They can flag complaints and negative reviews easily with this paid membership. 

Clearly, Aaron VanTrojen and his people at Geneva Financial LLC don’t want others to read the various complaints they have received. 


After going through the above points, one thing is certain: Aaron VanTrojen is no longer a good leader. 

He doesn’t know how to look after the interests of his employees. And he doesn’t care about his clients. No company grows when its CEO possesses these qualities. 

Geneva Financial LLC itself is notorious for its high rates and poor customer service. 

Worker abuse is no laughing matter. Providing a healthy and productive work environment is the responsibility of an organization’s upper management. 

Surely, Aaron has failed on all counts. 

4.3 Total Score
An Abusive Liar

Aaron VanTrojen brands himself with the slogan “Be A Good Human” but fails to address the numerous issues his employees are facing daily. On top of that, his clients have constantly complained about Geneva Financial’s high rates but he ignores them. Clearly, he doesn’t care about being a better human, he only cares about his personal wealth.

2.6Expert Score
Concern for Clients
6User's score
Concern for Clients
  • Has been the CEO for over a decade
  • Does not care about customers
  • No regard for employees
  • Uses unethical tactics to promote himself
  • Hypocrite
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    Concern for Clients

    This is a hit piece that was not initiated by a client or an employee. It is also highly defamatory and full of lies. Furthermore you did not reach out for comment, clarification or verification and there was no notice of publishing. Remove this immediately before we take action.

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    Concern for Clients

    I have worked as a Loan Officer at Geneva Financial and it was a nightmare. The problems aren’t just limited to a few people but the entire organization. Aaron has turned this company into a frat house. Unless you are willing to spend days kissing the behinds of your bosses, you won’t get anywhere. They make your clients suffer just like they make you suffer. I feel bad for both parties.

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