Ad Energy Review: Terrible Service & Miscommunication Ruined My Home

I don’t usually write online reviews or complaints, but this time, if I don’t, I will feel terrible. Ad Energy ruined my sister’s house.

*If you see any errors, I apologize in advance.

They installed panels on our roof that differed from what was agreed upon. This wasn’t looking good, and as a real estate guy, I knew how much it would damage the resale value of my house. I politely asked the company if they could do something about the hideous arrangement of panels on my roof.

Well, they answered. They said it could be done without any issues, but it would require an additional $ XXX on top of the money I had already paid them. Before we go any further, I want to clarify one thing: I wasn’t living in this house; this was my sister’s house. She had wanted solar panels at her house for a long time, so I decided to help her get some. I didn’t expect it to be the most irritating thing ever.

The installers are asking us to pay them money for their mistake. This does not make any sense. They should have installed the arrangement we finalized upon. This mistake itself shows how professional this company really is. To make matters worse, their customer service always kept us on hold for minutes on end. At one point, I was on hold for more than 35 minutes!

Did You Know?

Founded in 2009, Ad Energy is a renewable energy recruitment company that claims placing candidates in various sustainable energy sectors, such as power, EV, renewables, and waste. However, the legit applicants have differing views.

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Ad Energy is NOT a company I would recommend to anyone (not even my worst enemy). Apart from the sales staff, I can’t find anything good about this company. Their customer service is unbelievably bad! When I read their testimonials, I expected much better service and attitude from their customer support executives.

I don’t care what the other people are saying about this company; from my experience, this company is possibly one of the worst solar installers in Marlton. I have friends who got panels installed by other companies and never faced these issues.

They had me enticed with their amazing website and sales staff, but when it came to the real stuff, they failed to deliver. I would’ve rated them 1-star, but their sales staff was very polite and conversational.

This company is not worth anyone’s time and energy. Their pathetic customer service and miscommunication will ruin your house.

Ad Energy Review: Additional Information

Ad Energy Official Website
975 North, NJ-73, Marlton, NJ 08053, United States
+1 856-522-2008

Should I get solar panels from Ad Energy?

No. Ad Energy installed the wrong panel arrangement on our roof, and their pathetic customer service worsened things. I would not advise anyone to buy solar from Ad Energy.

Can I trust the Ad Energy reviews online?

Frankly, not really. The websites seem to have totally bogus positive reviews. I and possibly dozens of more people have been fooled by their fake PR attempts, but you don’t have to.

Why aren’t there many Ad Energy Complaints online?

Most of the people who buy solar don’t even know they can post reviews online and they think it’s a bad practice. This, combined with the dangerous number of fake review websites online (where people pay to get 5 star reviews), makes it impossible for people to find any Ad Energy Complaints.

Would you recommend Ad Energy?

No. Definitely not!

2.3 Total Score
Absolutely avoid them

Ad Energy is NOT a company I would recommend to anyone (not even my worst enemy). Apart from the sales staff, I can't find anything good about this company. Their customer service is unbelievably bad!

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    Looking for a Solar Panel Installer
    January 18, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    Thank you for sharing your review on Ad Energy. I’m sorry for what you had to go through. I have been looking for a solar provider for my house. Can you suggest me someone? Did you find someone else for your sister’s house? It would be of great help. Except your review, I didn’t find anything that indicated Ad Energy is a horrible solar panel installer. So, I really don’t know how to go about this process anymore.

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