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Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS – Avoid At All Costs!

Would you work with a surgeon who is greedy and recommends unnecessary procedures? Or, someone who doesn’t take responsibility for botching a surgery? If so, then please avoid Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS.

His clinic might tell you he’s a great guy but his customers say otherwise. 

I found numerous complaints against him for ruining surgeries, suggesting unnecessary treatments, and rushing diagnoses. Find them out below: 

About Adam Schaffner:

Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS runs a plastic surgery clinic in New York City, New York. His clinic is located at 120 E 56th St Suite 300, New York, NY 10022, US. The opening hours of this clinic are 9 AM to 5 PM on Mondays and Fridays, 8 AM to 6 PM on Tuesdays, and 8 AM to 5 PM on Thursdays. It remains closed on weekends. 

Also, the contact number of this clinic is 212-481-6696.

Adam has named his clinic The Plastic Surgery Institute of New York. He offers facelifts, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast implants, body lift, thigh lift, Xeomin, Botox, Sculptra, and several other procedures. 

Dr. Schaffner got his medical degree from Rush Medical College and works with several hospitals in the region including Lenox Hill Hospital and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Shai. 

According to the various Dr Adam Schaffner reviews, this guy is way too greedy to be a plastic surgeon. He suggests unnecessary procedures, performs failed surgeries, and doesn’t take responsibility for his work. 

Obviously, he has a lot of problems.

I have shared a few of his reviews to give you an idea of his skills and expertise: 

Adam Schaffner Treats His Clients Inattentively

Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS review

According to this review, Adam doesn’t give proper attention to his clients. When this reviewer shared their concern about the procedure, he didn’t respond and said it’s simple. Then, he didn’t address any other concerns and told the reviewer to talk to a “consultant”. 

The consultant did nothing except give an estimate to the reviewer. Moreover, the reviewer says that they were feeling deflated and defeated after leaving Adam’s clinic. They felt as if they were a machine in a factory, so you can understand how poor the treatment must have been. 

Who is a Plastic Surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.

The Clinic Rushes Everything Including Diagnoses

Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS review

This was a brief complaint which shares that Adam is a competent guy but very busy. The reviewer says that they felt as if the clinic rushed everything including their diagnosis. Rushing a diagnosis might not seem like a big thing to some people but it can result in many issues. Misdiagnosis can cause new problems to arise without fixing the existing complications. Around 40,000 to 80,000 people die every year because of getting a wrong diagnosis. 

Hence, beware of clinics and doctors that rush the diagnosis process. That’s why I added this complaint in this review. If Adam rushes diagnoses, it would be unsafe to work with him. 

Adam Schaffner, MD Recommends Unnecessary Procedures to Make More Money

Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS review

Kellan had the worst experience with Dr. Schaffner. She had a 10-minute consultation with him where he suggested multiple unnecessary treatments for a cyst. He referred her to a high-end and quite expensive MRI office. 

Kellan points out that Dr. Schaffner must be getting a kick back from the MRI office otherwise there was no reason for him to refer her to that office. Also, he billed her thousands of dollars and nothing was covered by insurance. 

Luckily, Kellan found a better provider who told her she didn’t need an MRI for the cyst and performed the procedure successfully. Obviously, Adam was prioritizing his self-interests instead of looking after his client’s interests. 

Charged $36,000, Performed 3 Surgeries, Delivered Uneven and Poorly Shaped Breasts

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The above reviewer had three surgeries with Dr. Adam Schaffner and paid $36,000. Even after performing 3 procedures, Adam couldn’t deliver proper results. 

The reviewer shares that one of her breasts is bigger than the other and there isn’t any change in their appearance from when she first visited his clinic. He performed multiple revisions but they didn’t do anything. The reviewer shares that she is extremely unsatisfied with the results he delivered. 

There are plenty of plastic surgeons who botched surgeries and avoided the responsibility. It seems Adam is among those surgeons as well. Beware of such surgeons because the effects of botched plastic surgery can be quite detrimental. 

For example, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon with a reputation for ruining the lives of her patients. Many of her patients went into depression because of her lack of skills and expertise. 

Botched Procedure, Rude and Condescending Staff, Awful Experience

Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS review

This reviewer had a terrible experience with Dr. Schaffner. She shares that he gave her a garment that was too big for her and the attendant pointed out that Adam “didn’t want to hurt her” so he gave her an oversized garment. 

Adam had told her that she will see the full results a year after the procedure. However, no change occurred during this period. She saw three other experts who pointed out that the surgeon didn’t take out enough fat and some of his incisions were questionable. 

Hence, she went back to Dr. Schaffner and shared her concerns. However, he didn’t accept his mistake and told her that she can get another surgery at full price. The reviewer shares that she was disgusted by his response and advises that no one should waste their money here. 

More Dr. Adam Schaffner Reviews:

Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS review
Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS review
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Adam Schaffner MD FACS Review Conclusion

Dr. Schaffner doesn’t seem to care about his patients. He might be polite but he lacks the skills and attentiveness needed to be a good plastic surgeon. It would be better to avoid him and find a clinic that actually cares about its clients. 

After all, New York has numerous plastic surgeons to choose from. 

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Too Careless

Adam doesn’t put in much effort while treating his patients, as evident in his numerous reviews. Either he doesn’t respect his work or his clients, but one thing is for sure, he isn’t worth the cost.

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  • Delivers poor results
  • Inconsiderate staff
  • Doesn't take responsibility for his work
  • Performs unnecessary procedures to charge more

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  1. I will suggest you make the optimum choice by not taking any sort of treatment from this inexperienced man and trying to find other productive clinics.

  2. Make sure you are not misled by these negative articles and reviews sometimes the competitors are trying to spread the negativity and defame them.

    • I agree with Mila! These are meritless attacks likely generated by one unhappy person. Dr. Schaffner treated me, and my sister and we were referrred by yet another happy patient
      He may be expensive, but many things are expensive and he is worth it.
      Check out his Google reviews, they are more representative of his . He is 5 star. How misleading these reviews are !

  3. Unnecessary waste of time and money, and he is never interested in providing his patients the required treatment, instead most of them have suffered the negative impact of the treatment.

  4. My experience with this doctor was the worst I would recommend you to visit some other clinic for treatment.

  5. This man is not at all professional in his work thus it is essential for all patients to make it clear that they might go through the reviews and make sure you are going to the right place.

  6. Do even know this doctor? Have you ever met him? All of this is false and offensive to his current clientele. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a destructive article.

  7. Thank you for this review! You saved me from getting scammed.

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