Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc.- Not Recommended

Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. has received numerous complaints for not caring about the results it delivers to its clients. Moreover, if they botch a procedure, they refrain from taking any responsibility. 

Hence, before you take a risk by trusting this place with your beauty, it would be best to go through some of the most important reviews it has received over the last few years:

About This Medspa

Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. is a medspa based in 205 S El Camino Real Suite F, Encinitas, CA 92024, US. Their contact number is 760-436-8400. 

They offer many cosmetic services to their clients including B12 injections, chemical peel, botox, laser hair removal, fillers and facial waxing. Their medical director is Dr. Diana Hoppe while the co-owner is Stacy Grissen. 

The place claims to offer honesty and quality service to its clients. However, the numerous reviews of Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. tell an entirely different story. 

The following reviews will give you an idea of what it’s truly like to get a cosmetic procedure from this place: 

Debris in Laser Machine Led to Scars and Discoloration on the Client’s Armpits and Arms

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Erin had come to Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. for botox and also received laser hair removal for her armpits. She had paid for 5 sessions of laser hair removal as she bought them in a package. 

The first session went fine and didn’t result in any burning or hair loss. However, the second session was the start of a nightmare. 

Erin highlights that her armpit felt scorching hot as soon as she left the facility. The next morning, she saw noticeable burns in the region. She thought they would fade so she waited for another day or 2 before letting the medspa know about the issue. 

When she shared her concerns with Stacy, she suggested applying burn cream. Later, Erin met with Stacy who told her that there was debris stuck on the laser which led to this issue. Erin requested a refund of the remainder of the prepaid sessions she had purchased because she was no longer interested. 

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In reply, Stacy sent her a word doc called “Refund Consent & Waiver” and called the issue hyperpigmentation. Erin didn’t sign the document. Now, she has scars and discoloration on both of her armpits and arm because this medspa couldn’t clean its laser properly. 

Below are the pictures of her results: 

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Medspa Botched a Procedure and Falsely Claimed It was Successful


Brigette shares that she is in the beauty industry and doesn’t recommend Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. She says that she would never treat a client or patient so defensively with little concern for their well-being as this place did when something went wrong.

Brigette says that if she was in their place, she would have tried to figure out how she could compensate the client for her mistake. 

She had paid for the service and all they could do for her was charge more to fix the problem. It was Brigette’s first time to get botox treatment. She had only asked for the space between her eyes because it bothered her. 

Brigette thought the issue would resolve in 2 weeks but it’s still there on her face. When she went back to talk to the clinic, they bombarded her with photos and tried to convince her that the procedure was successful. Brigette left the place feeling disappointed. 

She says that if everything goes well then you’re lucky. However, if it doesn’t, then they become extremely unprofessional. Hence, she doesn’t recommend Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc.

Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. Injected Botox at the Wrong Spot TWICE!

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Joanna had visited the place to get her first Botox. She is in her late 30s so the procedure was preventative. However, the procedure gave her a drooping eyelid. She went back to resolve the issue. Joanna says that she understood mistakes happen and you don’t necessarily have the right mix. 

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Hence, she paid again for Botox. But the second procedure did nothing except add to swelling around her eyes. Joanna says that the provider should have done a lift at that point.

When she got a second opinion on her issue, the doctor told her that the provider at Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. had injected her at the wrong spot. 

Joanna says that she doesn’t want to come back here because she noticed the swelling under her eyes after receiving the fix. She has now become insecure and hates to be in photos. Also, she is stuck with small eyes with drooping lids in her 30s. 

Joanna adds that she would’ve reached out to the medspa but now she is scared. Also, she highlights that the staff doesn’t wear masks and she had to ask the nurse to wear one for her appointment. 

Botched 2 Procedures, Didn’t Accept Their Mistake, Lost a Client of 5 Years

Daniel’s wife had visited the place to get botox and juvederm. However, the procedure left her with a severely bruised left eye. He adds that she had passed out during the procedure and she only wanted a nice procedure before leaving for an extended family trip. 

It turned into a disaster and made things awkward for both Daniel and his wife. She received numerous stares and double looks not to mention the long explanation she had to give to everyone, including her parents. 

Daniel highlights that the bruising became worse after 2 days. He suggested she go back to see Stacy hoping that she might resolve the issue. However, his wife was shocked to see Stacy’s reaction as she asked her if she is anemic. 

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Daniel highlights that the medspa did nothing to help his wife. He asked her if they had still charged her for the procedure and they didn’t even offer to make good on a future visit. 

Daniel’s wife had been a customer of this medspa for 5 years. However, they left her banged up and didn’t even follow up on it. He says it’s unacceptable and quite unprofessional of them to do so. 

Later, he emailed Stacy and expressed his concerns. She responded by citing ‘patient doctor confidentiality’ which he understood. So, he asked her how she would handle the issue now but she never replied to that email. 

Daniel says there are plenty of other providers in the area. So, it would be better to avoid this place and find a different medspa.

Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. Loses Your Medical File

Stacy had asked the above reviewer to come in for a follow up meeting. Hence, she tried to set up an appointment but it was challenging. She left 2 messages to make an appointment but no one called her back. 

They responded to her third message and said that they will call her back in a few minutes. That never happened. The following day, the above reviewer left another message and finally got an appointment with Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. 

When she arrived, Stacy looked in 3 sections of her file for 15 minutes and claimed that the file system was disorganized. Incidentally, Stacy had forgotten why she had invited the reviewer for a follow up. She couldn’t even remember what the reviewer’s procedure was. 

Hence, the reviewer left the clinic. They never contacted her. The reviewer is confident that they lost her confidential file which had all of her personal medical history. Her experience was unprofessional to say the least. 

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Took Too Long to Set Up the Appointment and the Procedure Delivered No Results 

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Shira shares that she had to go someplace else because the results she received here were almost non-existent. She suspects that either the product had too much saline or the technique was too conservative. 

Also, it took a lot of time for her to get an appointment here. The provider seemed nervous and had to video call another nurse to get permission for performing the treatment. Shira ended up paying double to get the desired results. She says that the people are nice but she won’t come back. 

You should stay away from medspas which don’t care about the results they deliver. It could be rooted in several underlying issues. For example, SkinSpirit Walnut Creek is a notorious medspa which has received complaints for making racist remarks against its clients. 

Client Spent $400 Only to Receive No Results and No Replies from the Medspa

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The reviewer had come here because she had received a gift certificate for her birthday. Moreover, she purchased an additional 25 units of botox for her 11’s and paid $250 for the same. 

This was quite more than the amount she had used in the past for this region. However, the practitioner told her that her results would last longer this way. She shares that she usually gets excellent results with 18 units of Avalon Laser. 

The reviewer says that she waited for 10 days after the procedure. Then, she waited for a week more. However, she noticed no change in her 11’s. 

Hence, she emailed the medspa with photos and received no response. She emailed them again and asked for a refund since she had seen no changes. The reviewer highlights that she had supplied them with her before and after pictures as well. 

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However, they didn’t respond to her. She spent around $400 here and received no results, which was quite disappointing. The reviewer says that she wrote her review because of how the medspa ignored her requests for refund.


The reviewer updated her review later when the medspa replied to her complaint. They told her to take down her complaint because according to them, she had reviewed the wrong business. 

The reviewer says that she had sent the business owner a copy of her bank transaction and a complete explanation of her experience. However, Yelp had already filtered her review from their profile. 

She doesn’t recommend Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. at all. 

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Arrogant leadership and careless treatment of clients are two things which define Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. according to the various complaints it has received so far. 

Certainly, they are not the best medspa in Encinitas, California. If you’re looking for cosmetic procedures and services, it would be safer to go elsewhere. You can’t trust the practitioners here with your face or body. 

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Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, Inc. is a terrible medspa, according to the numerous complaints it has received. The place fails to offer good quality service and doesn’t care about the results it delivers.

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  1. Terribly arrogant leadership. The owner Stacy has been to court numerous times for harassing her neighbors. She is very unprofessional.

  2. 0.5

    Don’t visit Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa! Go there at your own risk.

    The nurses here are extremely judgmental and talk about other patients’ lives openly. If you go there with any problem be assured that the staff will be talking about it in the open.

    I was so disgusted by their unprofessional ism that I didn’t want them to perform anything on me. After all, why would I want half the clinic talking about my private matters??

    - CONS: No respect for client privacy
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