Agimat Trading System is a website that possesses a great deal of the unknown, yet it still gives us small doses of its track record suggesting that it is reputable.

Agimat Trading System is the entity of someone called Dennis Buchholz. However, Agimat Trading System website generally operates an information portal for promoting a Forex scalping system which the owner of this website claims will make you a lot of money since it has a win rate of 90%.

Actually, we get to learn about it through a banner that keeps popping up on the website where the owner claims that traders who subscribe will be able to get a win rate of 90% both on Forex and Binary options.

Agimat Trading System Official Website Hompage
Agimat Trading System Official Website Hompage

He is also supposed to offer private mentoring on his telegram channels as he gives you his own ”personalized trades together with their TP and SL. Software updates are supposed to be done for free. All this is valued at $200.But it seems Dennis is selling for less.

The website where Agimat Trading System can be found does not receive a lot of traffic though. However, we can still find some user feedback on forums like FPA where users are suggesting that the service is quite dependable. But there are also mixed reactions and controversy that surround this non-transparent website.

Consequently, we are left with no choice other than to write this impartial review where we will reveal the truth that most of you probably didn’t know. So if you were planning to use this trading service, you may want to hold it for a while until you have completely read and understood this review as well as what you are potentially getting into.

Agimat Trading System Review

Agimat Trading System, in itself, is an expert advisor designed for the MT4 platform. This expert advisor allegedly uses a technology known as neural network synchronization. Neural network synchronization is supposed to help the expert advisor connect to the market by using a live data feed which is then used to decide whether or not a trade will be executed.

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The FAQ section of the website also states that Agimat Trading System expert advisors can automatically identify dangerous market situations so they can avoid those markets where necessary. This is supposed to keep drawdown as low as possible.

Agimat Trading System is a Forex robot that functions as a hedging system. This is according to the website. It is an expert advisor that can only trade two pairs namely EURUSD and USDCHF. It trades on the 1-minute time frame while employing correlation analysis which the website says will maximize the chances of the signals working out.

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The website also states that running this EA on manual mode is not recommended. The same warning applies to those who would like to pair it with other expert advisors. These actions are not recommended due to the ”complex” nature that comes with operating it.

Another warning which this website is giving us is that this ea is not designed for investing with a get rich quick mindset. However, investors are promised that the ea will yield between 5 to 15% monthly returns.

The last warning that the vendor gives is that this ea is an artificial intelligence robot, meaning that users will not have control over their finances when they use the robot. This can be a huge disadvantage psychologically because most people want to have 90% control over their trading activities. They are not too trusting to leave things in the hands of a robot.

Just a small fraction of people out there would be 100% comfortable leaving Agimat Trading System to do its thing.

Who is Dennis Buchholz?

Dennis gives us a brief coverage of his personal life and also how he got into trading in 2013. He tells us that he learned how to trade through some Forex trading course known as “Beat the Market Maker” by Steve Mauro.

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We do not know whether or not to discredit that course because we have not looked at it yet. However, if the things that Dennis says about this course are true, it may be thought of as a fairly good course to invest in. But at the same time, nothing is guaranteed in the Forex industry.

Dennis says that he is the owner of the Agimat Trading System. But on his website, we see reference to a Hong Kong based corporation known as FX Tech group. FX Tech Group is yet another entity that is claiming ownership of this expert advisor. We would therefore assume that Dennis is probably the director of this company too. But this is not likely.

What are the customer feedback about this trading tool?

Well, there is not so much customer feedback here. However, Agimat Trading System is praised by some people as a good Forex indicator and tool. Others are declaring that it is a controversial tool for trading. We do not know whom to believe when it comes to these claims. But one thing is definitely clear. This tool is highly controversial as there are different kinds of talks going on around it.

90% win rate claim

To make the assertion that Agimat Trading System wins 90% of its trades, one would need to produce evidence of past trading activities. This shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do because the broker documents every trading activity of this robot.

We are therefore assuming that since Dennis is claiming that this tool trades with a 90% win rate, he has data to prove that indeed this is the truth. If he does not have any data on these claims, we consider it hearsay or probably claims that cannot be confirmed.

Moreover, a 90% win rate is just too high and unrealistic when you think about it in the long term.

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We think that Dennis is just trying to take advantage of the fact that newbies will get intimidated when he mentions all the ”wonderful technology” that his expert advisor uses.

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