Aidan Sowa: Scamming Clients & Fake Followers (Update 2024)

Aidan Sowa is an extortionist and the owner of and Sowa Agency. At first glance, he seems like a run-of-a-mill Instagram influencer, but as we will see in this report, there are some ugly truths behind Aidan Sowa’s wealth.

These scammers take advantage of a large number of victims. There are numerous fraudulent platforms that attempt to deceive individuals in order to make money. Avoid these misleading websites that are making fake promises to their clients. They are simply applying deceptive marketing strategies to gain investors.

I would strongly suggest you share this post as much as you can because Aidan Sowa is going to try to get this taken down. Do not let that happen, he shouldn’t get away with his horrible tactics anymore.

Fake Claims & Lies

Aidan Sowa and his agencies claim to help you get featured on websites like Entrepreneur and LA Times however in reality they just take your money and don’t deliver. A report published on recently exposed Sowa Agency’s lies:

Aidan Sowa At Sowa Agency

The publisher of this report has chosen to stay anonymous for security reasons. This report accuses Aidan Sowa of taking $100,000 to get the victim’s clients featured on news websites. But Aidan did not deliver. All the articles that were allegedly published were soon taken down by the news website and it ended up in major losses for the victim financially and also ruined their reputation with their clients.

Aidan Sowa preys on small business owners and baits them with big claims to extract money from them. In reality, he does not deliver and when he does, gives subpar results.

28/11/2023 Update
As of now, Aidan Sowa has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Instagram Fake Followers

Aidan Sowa has a hefty following of 8.1 million followers on Instagram. 

If we look through the smoke and mirrors we will see that most of these followers are bot accounts. We’ve found proof of Aidan working with 3rd party agencies to get followers and clients. The screenshot below has been taken from the Trustpilot profile of Instaboost Media, a Digital Marketing firm situated in Orange County.

Aidan Sowa Trustpilot

The usernames of his Instagram followers seem randomly generated and make nonsense at:

Aidan Sowa Instagram Fake Followers

When we open these accounts to dwell deeper we see all of them follow a similar pattern.

  1. They all have 0-10 followers
  2. They follow 300-1500 accounts
  3. They only have 5-6 posts
  4. They have a random profile picture
Aidan Sowa Instagram Fake Followers

The name of these accounts is also simplistic, almost as if they were generated using a Python Script.

Here’s a quick little activity. Go to Aidan’s Instagram profile, and check how many of his followers follow the criteria I mentioned earlier. 

Note: It is possible that after this post is made life, Aidan will restrict access to his Instagram profile to avoid humiliation and being exposed further.

There is more evidence of his followers being fake. Like his audience engagement.

His posts on average only get 3,000 comments and 100k views, which is nothing compared to his so-called following of 8.1 million.

The situation with his Twitter account is even worse.

He has ~13k followers on his Twitter handle and gets 0 engagement on most of his Tweets. 

rUEQLfQOlphXFk8t3YInR9 lY4WMk7QF8cvhgkJnItndB3X5xETYthB1du6jXOqYF7Sfu0M3DWseKacOGKcpv4hhi1sEabH 2L SXHE12gOTQpa pdDaWhpgNTYfBaIY7i6XfSjj1FyCgDHPnc4ITh bTf2kdvFSz tHj9QT85QdVWZ7SUI6O4TWL3ksYw

Aidan Sowa: A Glorified PR Scammer

3.6 Total Score

I’ve been scammed by Aidan Sowa and hope this report helps in saving other people from becoming victims of his charades. Do not work with Aidan, save your money and go for better and more reputable experts. One I’ve personally worked with is WebiMax, and they are amazing. 

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  1. He hired many VAs including me. After working him few months ago he filed a case from paypal and asked for a dispute. I am so stressed as he wanted to refund all the hardwork we earned from the services we provided for him. Please is there anyone can help us with this issues?????????

  2. Watch out for his other scam company Startup Penguin! He’s taking investors money!!!

    A completely unprofessional person with a lack of human morals or values.

    Avoid this disgusting pig!

  3. Aidan Sowa is legitimate. This is all fake.

    • Gripe need to look into Aidan. Better yet, ask some of Aidans victims how much evidence they have against his actions. Pathetic

  4. Rating

    this report wasn’t fact checked and contains a high amount of biased info

    Fake Claims & Lies:

    using an “anonymous post” as your only source isn’t credible, there’s 0 screenshots, wire statements or anything else of the sorts

    Instagram Fake Followers:
    he does have fake followers but the review he left on a another digital marketing agency doesn’t really apply

    delivering pr services:

    he has delivered numerous articles for myself, a google knowledge panel and has a fair amount of press on himself and his company

    Comments Left by other “users”:

    it sure is a coincidence that on march 12th and april 5th that a bunch of comments are stringed together at the same time, all negative, and all right after someone leaves a positive comment



    If fake followers are a deal breaker for you don’t buy from him, if they’re not then look at the press he’s doing for himself and decide if you think he can get you the same

    + PROS: has legitimate pr
    - CONS: the editors letting this disinformation stay up
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  5. Rating

    How desperate are you to “celebrate” a dubious claim of 5-star ratings?

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Seriously?
    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. If you are planning to get published some news channel or any ad, their are chances your name would be their with the headline, one customer got scammed for thousands of dollars for some promotional stunt.

  7. We can’t trust this man for investing single penny with him, all the claims are fake and with no reality.

  8. Not a reliable person he has made his users suffer a lot financially.

  9. This man is scamming his users and making them suffer a lot while they are not at all aware of his fraudulent schemes, blindly trusting anyone can lead you to hook up with loss, and here he is promoting others to make them publish on media sites.

  10. This man is not at all trustable for his schemes he is making their users scammed and also not returning their money to their clients while he is not trustable doing business.

  11. This man has made several people suffer a lot.

  12. I will suggest avoiding Aidan for any work, avoiding this scammer, and searching for better options.

  13. If you will look into his profile account it is full of fake followers, it is just to attract people.

  14. According to research people have got to know that most of these social media influencers have got some criminal past or trying to hide their past. In the case of Aidan, he had misused his popularity for fooling people, and he should be punished for the crime.

  15. Never make contact with these fraudsters for any reason, due to their notoriety many innocent people have suffered financial loss.

  16. He had got fake followers I can guarantee.

  17. Now the world is getting so insecure that people are feeling unsteady to expose these criminals. Aidan took $100,000 for featuring some clients on TV but he didn’t deliver what he promised. Once I was almost trapped with one of these agents, he gave the offer to get some role in a short video and asked for $5000, the only thing I spoke to him get the FU#K…

  18. Scammer without proof.

  19. Never trust Aidan Sowa for any type of motivation, he will seem to be a perfect influencer, but the truth is the opposite.

  20. These criminals are always keen of reporting the news of their not to be spread in the news, if you are this conscience then why do you practice them?

  21. Rating

    Here with Aidan’s team, the chances of getting published in Forbes are quite equal to zero but yes the news could be that some investor got scammed and tried to get published as a headline in the newspaper. It might also say that a young entrepreneur scammed them taking all the money.

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  22. Reply
    Aidan Sowa fake followers buyer
    January 17, 2023 at 9:42 am

    This man is a complete scammer. He is using fake followers to increase his popularity and attract investors to make investments in his bogus scheme of getting published in the newspaper. This is a complete waste of money.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  23. Reply
    Aidan Sowa fraud victim
    January 17, 2023 at 9:41 am

    If you want to get published in the newspaper with the headline starting with your name in the section of scams then you can contact Aidan as he can help you in this field. His experience in scamming people with the help of his influence through the internet made many users part of the scam.

    + PROS: good at making false promises
    - CONS: good at making false promises
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  24. Rating

    Aidan Sowa is legit, he has been on Forbes and writes for Entrepreneur

    + PROS: Aidan is legit
    - CONS: none
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  25. Rating

    I would just like to say that the website owner here should look into who’s posting these one star reviews. seems like this is the only post that’s negative about the company. very suspicious seems like some sort of setup. maybe the poster should go to law enforcement instead of a known fake complaint site

    - CONS: This claim is fake and if you believe it you are gullable
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  26. The line where the author made it very clear that after this article was published the chances of his Instagram access would be restricted was so true. That’s exactly what happened.

  27. Rating

    Aidan Sowa is legit, notice how there’s no evidence?

    + PROS: Aidan is legit
    - CONS: None
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  28. I appreciate the efforts of the author to expose this scam as this field of scam is completely unexpected. I have seen many scams online but this one is something new for me.

  29. His popularity on social media is also fake. According to the number of followers he has, his posts don’t get like’s accordingly. The credibility of this creator is harmful to his users as he is not trustable.

  30. Rating

    It’s a request to all the owners of multinational companies please don’t hire fake reviewers to post only positive views and attack the articles which are exposing their reality. I have read the comments on the article and found that the so-called (fake) reviewers are portraying the positive aspects of Aidan sir, stop promoting these scammers!

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  31. Rating

    My request to Aidan’s marketing team is to stop behaving like kids, yes if someone is trying to expose you don’t target the author instead try to make changes to your programs and enhance the quality of your operations. Instead of buying fake followers, start doing some actual work so you could get real people to follow.

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  32. Rating

    I don’t understand why these fake reviewers are confident as the owner has asked him to take down the articles which are exposing their shady business, and I can’t imagine how these fake reviewers live without having morals and self-respect.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  33. Rating

    The company’s marketing team is asking for evidence from the publisher, but what answer did you give to the ones who were scammed by your company’s careless behavior? If you would have completed your work with full dedication and clear intentions you wouldn’t have found this article.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Liar Scammer Fraud
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    • The author’s claims about the legitimacy of his social media followers are quite true because Aidan’s social media following is about 14K but his posts don’t get likes and are not even retweeted once.

  34. Rating

    If you are having numerous followers on social media and running a business where you started scamming your users, imagine how easy it would be for the followers to unfollow you after getting your real business details. Stop investing your money and time into fake reviewers instead start working in positive and legitimate ways.

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  35. This is very strange. This marketing company reached out to me and I read all the comments on every site and all I could find is people complaining about Sowa scamming them. I sent the review to them on the 30th of Dec. and now his employee or partner not sure who he is went on the 31st and wrote this is a fake post. I am very surprised that they believe that I am going to sign up with them with all the NEGATIVITY ONLINE. Sorry I am tired of people trying to get easy money and not work. I pay enough taxes as it is for others.

  36. Rating

    I don’t understand why these scammers are working so hard in tracking the articles where they are being exposed or say their shady work is being shattered and the real game is being put in front of the world. I can see many post’s in support of Aidan, where they are attacking the publisher and asking for the reference of the scam, but it would be better if the company had provided better services

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  37. Rating

    Attention to everybody and the home it may concern. This above statement that was made is completely false and defamatory.

    Take note of how the poster does not describe his experience. That is because it never happened.

    He says he was scammed but doesn’t tell us how when or where it all took place. Was he scammed on social media? Was he contacted via the phone? Was he asked to pay with some other form of payment other than credit or debit? What exact details of this alleged scam do we actually have?

    It seems that this post is not at all about the author’s experience but rather about harming the reputation of the individual mentioned in the post. In fact at the end competitors are recommended instead which is very suspicious.

    If you want to take this post at face value, by all means don’t be informed. However if you are the type of person that cares about the truth do consider that this is a highly suspicious post due to the fact that the poster does not talk about his own experience and instead uses fake screenshots and other misleading statements without ever going into detail about his so-called experience

    - CONS: This post is highly suspicious
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  38. Rating

    OP posted NO evidence of any scam at all. This seems like it was written by a competitor or someone who has malicious intentions.

    why isn’t there any evidence of this so-called scam or scams happening? Where is the evidence OP?

    + PROS: why isn't there any evidence of this so-called scam or scams happening? Where is the evidence OP?
    - CONS: The person who posted this is a con
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  39. Rating

    The way the author has exposed his fake social media account followers explains his nefarious side. Aidan has also scammed several people, using his popularity on social media where people trust him blindly and get to lose their money.

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  40. Rating

    After reading the article I was reading some of the comments placed beneath claiming the legitimacy of Aidan and asking for proof of the claims made by the author. But according to me, it is a complete waste of time if you are worried about defamation then file a complaint against the author. If not then you’re proving that there might be some problems in Aidan Sowa’s business!

    + PROS: Hardworking marketing team
    - CONS: Spreading lies Making false claims
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  41. Rating

    Sad to see so many people who still fall for this scam. When you have all the evidence before you and you still believe in lies, you are beyond saving. Aidan Sowa has done harm to a lot of people.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(4)You have already voted this
  42. Rating

    If a “professional” marketer has to buy followers to seem legitimate, you know how reliable they are. Aiden Sowa is a joke. Period.

    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(4)You have already voted this
  43. Rating

    Beware Gripeo admins. If Aiden can buy fake followers for his instagram and twitter profiles, he can post fake reviews here too. The man has is immoral. He only cares about his brand so he can scam more and more people.

    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(5)You have already voted this
  44. Rating

    The ANONYMOUS poster of this fake review is Chubbs Wilson himself. He is trying to create fake negative results online because Aidan Refused to stop going after the scammer for his money.

    Good luck Chubb’s. Don’t drop the soap in federal prison.

    + PROS: Aidan SOWA is legit
    - CONS: Chubbs Wilson scammed Aidan SOWA and is now going after him online
    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  45. Rating

    Aidan Sowa delivered on the articles! Thank you so much!

    + PROS: His business was legit! It helped my business.
    - CONS: None
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  46. Rating

    Eh, there are so many guys like him around. He isn’t anything special. Just hop on Twitter and nearly everyone there has bought a bunch of fake followers.

    There must be hundreds of guys like him on Fiverr and Upwork claiming to sell features on major news sites. He is like any pathetic loser who didn’t want to work hard so began lying to everyone.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(4)You have already voted this

      *This fake post was made after Chubbs Wilson was exposed by Aidan SOWA for scamming. The FBI is currently investigating chubbs Wilson and all of this and this will all be used in court documents.*

      The ANONYMOUS poster of this fake review is Chubbs Wilson himself. He is trying to create fake negative results online because Aidan Refused to stop going after the scammer for his money.

      Good luck Chubb’s. Don’t drop the soap in federal prison.

  47. Rating

    Publications like LA Times would never work with a swindler like Aiden Sowa. Like, look at the guy, his face is just like Bankman Fried, full of red flags. Fake followers, fake promises, the man seems horrible

    + PROS: No
    - CONS: Scammer
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(3)You have already voted this
    • The author has described the real shady business of Aidan for which his marketing team is targeting the comment section showing the legitimacy of the article. This is what is known as GUILTY CONSCIENCE PRICKS THE MIND.

  48. Rating

    I don’t get people like Aiden. How could someone possibly benefit from having ‘fake’ followers except getting a fake ego boost? People forget that these likes and followers are just numbers on paper. They don’t really mean anything when they aren’t real people.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(3)You have already voted this
    • He buys fake followers so he can seem like an actual expert. There are a ton of actual marketers in the industry who know what they are doing. Aiden Sowa is NOT one of them. He is a faker. The man uses cheap tactics to seem legitimate.

      • How can someone pay a marketer as small as Aidan Sowa who is claiming to publish you in a premier platform like Forbes? If you really want to get published then why don’t you take the help of an actual PR agency or some legitimate platform?

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