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AKUA Mind & Body – Greedy Rehab Scamming Clients

AKUA Mind & Body is a drug addiction and substance use treatment center with multiple locations in California. They claim to offer personalized treatments and boast of being the premier rehab in the state. 

But their reviews suggest they harbor terrible staff, mistreat clients, mix up medications, serve expired food, and offer horrible services. The following AKUA Mind & Body reviews will shed more light on how this place really works and why you should beware of them: 

About AKUA Mind & Body: Owner, Cost, Pricing, And Marketing Tactics

Lucrative marketing, hideous reality

AKUA Mind & Body is a drug addiction and mental health treatment center in Newport Beach, California. Their address is 20271 SW Birch St #200, Newport Beach, CA 92660, US. 

They claim to be California’s premier substance use, mental health, and addiction treatment center. Also, they claim to offer individualized therapy to their clients and have multiple locations throughout the Sacramento area, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the San Diego area. 

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This rehab claims to have dietitians, therapists, medicine physicians, and many other professionals in their teams to provide the best treatments. However, the various AKUA Mind & Body reviews tell a different story. 

Founder Kenny Dewan: Greedy Real Estate Guy Looting Addicts

Kenny Dewan

Filthy business practices of AKUA Mind & Body start to make a lot of sense when you find out that it is run by a capitalistic businessman.

Source: Kenny Dewan – President @ MondayOne Properties – Crunchbase Person Profile

While it is not wrong to make money, it is definitely wrong to take advantage of vulnerable addicts to fill your pockets. And this is exactly what Dewan is doing with this venture.

Kenny Dewan sees addicted people as walking piggy banks and treats them exactly like that. As we will see later in the report, clients have griped about the horrible service & massive bills.

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It would make sense for a doctor or an experienced medical practitioner to be running a rehabilitation facility, and Dewan is none of those.

Their business model is pretty simple, use lucrative marketing tactics to manipulate addicts, then Legally bind them using fine print contracts and finally loot them for every penny possible.

According to their clients, this place doesn’t treat its patients with respect. And the staff doesn’t have proper credentials for performing their relevant duties. 

Reviews also suggest that plenty of staff working in substance use treatments and addiction treatments are past drug addicts, which makes things difficult for the residents. 

Other reviews suggest that the people at AKUA Mind & Body only care about the money in your pocket. There’s a lot more to uncover. The following AKUA Mind & Body reviews will help you understand the truth behind this treatment center more effectively: 

Truth About AKUA Mind & Body: Fake Reviews, Fancy Website, & Pushy Salespeople

AKUA Mind & Body Feels Like a Juvenile Detention

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

This treatment center had traumatized the above reviewer. They highlight that they joined AKUA’s mental health program a year ago and it caused them a lot of harm. 

The therapy was lacking in many areas. And the therapist was manipulative a lot of times. The reviewer points out that the place was also very dirty and they were serving expired food. 

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They take every person to the AA meeting every night even if you don’t have any alcohol-related issues. The reviewer also highlights that the rehab treats its clients like children, which can be offensive and irritating. 

They suggest people to find someplace else because the staff and the clientele was terrible. The reviewer shares that at AKUA, you’ll have to wash your own bedding, wash the management’s cars, breathalyze twice a day and give urine samples randomly. This happens regardless of whether you had alcohol or substance use issues. 

They share that the trauma they have from visiting this place will take years to recover from. 

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

What’s worse is that the rehab center responded horribly to this complaint. They gave an automated response, saying “We are sorry we didn’t meet your expectations”. Then, they added a sales pitch at the end and suggested contacting the place if anyone wants drug treatment, mental health or addiction programs. 

Clearly, AKUA Mind & Body executives don’t care about their clients. They didn’t address a single issue the reviewer highlighted. Instead, they posted a sales pitch as their response. 

Mix up Medication and Give Misogynistic Treatment

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

The reviewer Erica shares her terrible experience in the above complaint. She points out that the evening staff at AKUA is plain horrible and they even mixed up their detox medication. 

Luckily, she didn’t take them but a male staff member called her a crybaby for highlighting this issue and panicking. The staff argued with her, screamed at her, and disrespected her. Hence, she decided to leave the place in the middle of the night. 

Even though the staff had three large men, none of them offered to help her with her bags. Instead, they threatened to call the police and laughed at her. Certainly, the staff at AKUA Mind & Body doesn’t care about its female patients. 

Lying About Facilities To Get Clients

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

This reviewer highlights that AKUA Mind & Body claims to offer a ton of facilities but provides none of them. They share that some of the staff are good but none of them understand what the word “holistic” means. 

The reviewer highlights that they didn’t learn much from this place except not to trust any for-profit facility in this industry. Also, many insurers are investigating such facilities in California because of their fake claims and illegal schemes. 

The reviewer also highlights that the service here is poor and unreliable. 

AKUA Mind & Body Scammed the Patient Into Paying $23,000

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

This reviewer wanted to give this place negative 5 stars but couldn’t. She points out that the place employs drug addictions in substance use treatments, making things very difficult for the patients. 

On top of that, the place didn’t inform her that her insurance wasn’t covering her stay. The insurance company had refused to cover her stay at AKUA Mind & Body. But they didn’t care enough to inform her. 

She highlights that she was staying here and paying $800 per day when her husband was paying the bill. Moreover, the company isn’t responding to her complaint. She tried to call them or send an email but AKUA didn’t respond to any of them. Also, she shared the experience of a sick girl with a feeding tube who wasn’t getting any attention from the staff until she collapsed on the kitchen floor. 

Below are some additional AKUA Mind & Body reviews you should read: 

Terrible Experience at AKUA Mind & Body 

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

Residents Steal from You, Staff Doesn’t Care

AKUA Mind & Body reviews


AKUA Mind & Body reviews

Deny Any Negative Feedback

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

Inconsiderate and Unhelpful Staff

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

Uncertified Staff, Lack of Care, Unprofessional Treatment

AKUA Mind & Body reviews

The Patient Left the Facility, AKUA Mind & Body Didn’t Inform Anyone

AKUA Mind & Body reviews
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AKUA Mind & Body reviews
AKUA Mind & Body reviews

Lie to the Patient To Admit Them into the Facility

AKUA Mind & Body reviews
AKUA Mind & Body reviews
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AKUA Mind & Body: Conclusion

The various AKUA Mind & Body reviews indicate this place has too many issues. From lying to patients to admit them into the institute to denying any complaints or negative feedback, this rehab is certainly not the “premier” treatment center in California. 
There are a ton of better options. You shouldn’t risk your health, funds, and sanity by joining this place. Many people have pointed out that their visit traumatized them. Hence, I wouldn’t advise joining this place at all.

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