Alex Arrash Ariana – Assault, Jail, Fraud and Perjury

Briton Alex Arrash Ariana assaulted a police officer outside a Clarke Quay nightclub in Singapore. Alex is the director of a Hong Kong headhunting firm. 

He travels frequently to Singapore for work but had to spend three months in jail. 

Briton Alex Arrash Ariana admitted to the district court that he grabbed Staff Sergeant Ivan Chen Tianxiang’s neck and punched him on the face. 

All of this happened outside Zouk at River Valley Road in April 2017.

During the sentencing, the court considered charging him for using abusive language towards a police officer as well. 

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The court heard that an officer had approached staff sergeants Chen and DIon Sng Yong Quan over an argument Briton Alex Arrash Ariana had with a club’s security manager. 

When the officers saw him attempting to enter an ambulance outside the club, one of them stopped him and told him to relax. 

Alex told staff sergeant Sng not to touch him. 

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Then, staff sergeant Chen approached Alex and told him to move aside. However, he refused. 

Then, the victim told Alex to behave. He asked Briton Alex Arrash Ariana for his identification. 

However, Alex began accusing the victim of being aggressive and started pushing him away. 

Also, he resisted when the officers tried to place him under arrest. 

alex arrash ariana hong kong

Then, he fell to the ground. 

The prosecutor told the court that when the officers tried to pin him down, he grabbed the victim’s neck with his right hand. 

Then, he punched the victim on his face, just above the left eye. 

Afterwards, Briton Alex Arrah Ariana got up and tried getting away but four other officers were able to pin him down. 

He was quite violent in his struggle and the police had to use handcuffs. 

But he kept hurling vulgar words towards the officers and repeated “I can’t breathe!”

More On the Assault Case Against Briton Alex Arrash Ariana: 

When Alex was in the police car, he told the officers that he wanted to leave. In fact, he even offered to pay $10,000 to the court. 

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His blood alcohol level was 94mg/100ml. It’s worth noting that the limit for drunk driving is 80mg/100ml.

There, he admitted consuming six to eight cocktails.

The victim had bruising and swelling over his left eye. Also, there were abrasions on his left elbow and had to take 4 days’ medical leave. 

Alex Arrash Ariana hong kong

In their response, the attorneys of Briton Alex Arrash Ariana claimed that he was trying to get medical help from the paramedics when he saw an ambulance outside Zouk.

Also, they claimed that in his intoxicated state he wasn’t able to tell the police officer that he had trouble breathing and sought immediate medical attention.

Moreover, the defense attorney said her client had beat up the officer “in a moment of frenzied panic”.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Briton Alex Arrash Ariana could have received a jail sentence of upto 7 years for hurting a police officer discharging his duty. 

Is Alex Arrash Ariana Using Illegal Tactics to Hide the News?

It seems to me that someone representing Alex Arrash Ariana is posting fake DMCA notices to take down news articles mentioning the events I highlighted. 

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A fake DMCA notice is when someone copies the original content from a website, posts it on their own site, changes its date to make it seem older than the original content and claims that the website which had posted the content originally has copied it from them.

It’s illegal to post fake DMCA notices as it includes fraud and perjury. 

Claiming copyright infringement this way allows shady businesses and scammers to hide critical news articles or posts. 

briton Alex Arrash Ariana

For example, HULT Private Capital is a finance firm which uses this tactic to bury client reviews. 

Another example is Stephen Dent Greewich who uses this method to hide news articles highlighting his perverted past. 

Using fake DMCAs is pretty common among online scams. So, beware. 

Someone representing Alex Arrash Ariana might post a fake DMCA notice against this article as well. If they do, I will rebut it and add an update here. 


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Alex Arrash Ariana of Hong Kong has a shady past.

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There are plenty of examples when a business executive lost his cool because of their drinking habits.

You should be wary of these guys. 

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Briton Alex Arrash Ariana assaulted a police officer in Singapore when he was there on a business trip. The police officer had bruising and swelling on their left eye as well as abrasions on their elbow. Alex was jailed for 3 months.

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