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(Alex Mehr’s Friend Tai Lopez’s Lawsuit, Video By Mr. Spencer: Tai Lopez Is Getting Sued – YouTube)

Alex Mehr is a popular online guru who owns multiple companies with his business partner, Tai Lopez. According to them, they are experts in investing, research, social media marketing, ecommerce, learning, and a ton of other fields. 

In reality, they are only experts in one thing: deceiving others. 

Alex Mehr is a scammer. Numerous people have complained about the losses they suffered because of Alex Mehr website products and services. 

The following review will help you understand how this fraudster runs his scam and why you should stay away from him: 

How Alex Mehr Uses Social Proof To Swindle People (Alex Mehr LinkedIn)

Online gurus are desperate for gaining trust. Because once they have won your trust, they don’t have to do much. Like any online guru, Alex tries to seem like a credible expert so he can gain your trust. 

On the Alex Mehr LinkedIn profile, you’ll see a long list of his past ventures and employers. 

Alex Mehr LinkedIn

It makes it seem as if Alex is a born-genius and is on the way to revolutionize the world. The most notable highlight on his resume is his experience with NASA. 

Alex acts as if he was a prominent authority at NASA but all he’s done is publish a few ordinary papers there. Moreover, researching at NASA has no relation with the field of finance. 

Both of them are two very different things. 

Alex was only a small-time researcher at the Ames Research Center. It’s a big reason why Alex doesn’t work in a financial company, he only claims to “run” them. 

If you’d share his resume with an investment recruiter, there’s a good chance it’ll get thrown out the window. ANother notable highlight on Alex’s resume is his experience as the co-founder and president of Zoosk Inc. 

Zoosk was a huge scam which stole people’s credit card information by showing them fake messages and requests. I have explained Zoosk’s scam in detail. It was the brainchild of Tai Lopez and it’s probably how Tai and Alex met each other. 

MentorBox and Retail Ecommerce Ventures are similarly dangerous organizations. Alex is using these unethical companies as social proof to manipulate consumers. 

Mehr is using the distinguished name of NASA to promote his scams. All the companies he lists in his Alex Mehr LinkedIn profile are notorious for deceiving their clients.

He has a ton of experience in running online scams, and if there’s one thing a scammer is good at is manipulation. His resume is proof of how online scammers try to deceive others. 

Alex Mehr Retail Ecommerce Ventures is the latest scam Alex has launched in partnership with Tai Lopez. However, unlike his previous attempts, this one is bigger. His previous products used to steal a few hundred dollars (a few thousands at best) from his victims. But this one focuses on stealing hundreds of thousands from its customers. 

The next section of my Alex Mehr REV review will help you understand how his latest scam works: 

Retail Ecommerce Ventures: Alex Wants To Gamble With Your Money

The Alex Mehr Retail Ecommerce Ventures acts like a company that transforms small brands into notable ecommerce opportunities. 

Tai Lopez, Alex’s business partner, has been promoting REV tremendously. They both claim it’s a “rare” investment opportunity and try to capitalize on the “fear of missing out”. 

Retail Ecommerce Ventures is an investment fund (at least it claims to be one) where you can co-invest with Alex and Tai. Here, they will use your funds to buy expired trademarks and perishing companies. 

The recent brands Alex Mehr REV has acquired are Dressbarn, RadioShack, Pier1, and several others. 

Tai is the face of their marketing campaigns while Alex, being the anti-social guy, remains in the background. On paper, REV seems like an attractive investment opportunity but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

How Retail Ecommerce Ventures Scams You

To deceive you and other consumers Tai and Alex claim that none of the Forbes top 50 richest people made their wealth from real estate (which is a lie). But none of them made their wealth from recycling flop brands too. 

The people sitting in the Forbes Top 50 richest list made ground-breaking innovations or had immense advantages in their lives. None of them were buying brand names that people no longer care for. 

The business model of Retail Ecommerce Ventures is it buys the trademark of a brand that doesn’t generate any profit. Note that, they don’t buy the company, only its name. 

Alex Mehr and Tai would make you believe that they “invest” in companies but they only “invest” in brand names. There’s a huge difference between the two. 

And their claim of Alex Mehr Retail Ecommerce Ventures being a “rare” investment is false too. There are a ton of equity-investment funds in the industry. The only difference between REV and other equity-investment funds you find is that REV is unregulated and is run by unqualified people whereas the others are run by certified experts following regulations.

Alex Mehr REV requires you to invest at least six-figures to join. Your hard-earned money goes in the pockets of two serial scammers who are notorious for using their shady terms and conditions to steal from people. 

REV doesn’t mention any regulatory authorities on its website. It doesn’ share any information about its license to operate as an investment fund. That’s a huge red flag and shows it’s an unregulated and unreliable company, exactly something a scammer would run. 

Because it’s an unregulated investment company, if it goes under, Tai and Mehr wouldn’t lose anything. Only you would lose the money. 

They would have already taken what they wanted from your investments. The only losing party in this scenario would be the investors. 

They will earn the money they want through the various shady clauses they would add to your investor agreement. 

Retail Ecommerce Ventures is an unregulated investment fund that buys brand names, not the companies. Tai and Alex use deceptive marketing tactics to promote this venture.

Alex Mehr Reviews & Complaints 2021:

Many people have suffered because of Alex Mehr and his various shady ventures. Some of those people have shared their experiences online. 

In the following points, you’ll find out how Alex’s ventures have been stealing from others for years: 

Truth About MentorBox:

If you’ve heard of Alex Mehr, you must have heard about MentorBox. Tai had promoted this venture very aggressively between 2017-19. 

MentorBox is a subscription-service that claims to help you read books more efficiently. Here, Alex Mehr books authors to summarize their books in videos. Like most of Alex’s ventures, MentorBos seems like a lucrative opportunity, but it has a ton of flaws.

According to different MentorBox reviews, it overcharges its customers, uses deceptive terms and conditions, and is a scam:

Fine Print Disclaimers, Constant Upselling, & Massive Charges

“My Friend and I Got Scammed”

Alex Mehr review

According to this reviewer, Alex Mehr’s MentorBox lies to its consumers about the cost of its services. They point out that the website of this company masks its cost nearly everywhere.

The signup button doesn’t mention the cost. But when you click it and don’t scroll to the end of the page, they will charge you $199 right away. 

Another huge issue this person had with MentorBox is that it keeps changing its terms and conditions. Constant fluctuations in pricing is never a good sign. Companies use this method to charge more than the consumer had bargained for. 

For example, MentorBox upped their price for delivering books from $87 to $139 within a short time when this person checked their website. They also share the experience of their friend, who paid too much because of MentorBox’s shady pricing. 

The reviewer also says that MentorBox lies about its pricing because its actual cost is too high. 

Alex Mehr review 2

This person’s sister had bought a course from MentorBox and regretted the purchase. The reviewer says Alex’s courses are worthless and he is ingenuine. The program isn’t worth it in their opinion. 

They end the review by saying that you should avoid buying from Alex. 

“Support is Too Lazy”

This reviewer complained about the way MentorBox upsells to its customers. They had complained about the issue with the customer support. but they never received a response. 

According to the reviewer, MentorBox’s customer support is too lazy to reply. The person was frustrated with Alex Mehr. They had signed up for a free 3-day trial. But MentorBox charged them $190 for signing up. 

They wrote a meticulous review sharing their frustration with how MentorBox scammed them. It was a painful read. 

That’s why you should be wary of companies that ask for your credit card information at the time of sign up. Only share such sensitive information with companies you trust. 

Otherwise, you can lose significant amounts of your funds because of such scammers. 

“Avoid It”

Alex Mehr review 3

A common issue among MentorBox clients is that the company charges hidden fees. Like the previous customers, this person was overcharged. 

They had signed up for the $7 trial but were charged $99. 

When they contacted the customer support, they got no response. As the last resort, they had to contact the bank to block the card. They didn’t want further unauthorized transactions. 

You might wonder, “How does MentorBox get away with scamming so many people?” 

That’s easy. 

They use their terms and conditions to deceive people. For example, MentorBox takes no responsibility for the results you can get from their courses. 

No matter how many promises they make about the impact of their books, if you don’t get the desired results, you can’t blame them, legally. 

Such clauses in the terms and conditions allow fraudsters to steal from people and get away with it.  

What Experts Say About MentorBox

The customers aren’t the only people saying MentorBox is a scam. Bloggers find MentorBox to be quite suspicious ever since it arrived.

ThePowerMoves has a detailed article on MentorBox, explaining how it’s dangerous to sign up on. 

They shared the same concerns I have shared above. MentorBox overcharges its customers and doesn’t notify them. 

On top of that, they also discovered that MentorBox spams you horribly. You’ll get tired of their numerous emails. It can be too painful to open your email after signing up here. On top of that, they found that MentorBox shares false information and offers access to an exclusive Facebook group that’s totally useless.

They also pointed out how MentorBox doesn’t have any good presenters. 

So, from experts to clients, everyone is complaining about MentorBox. And Alex Mehr LinkedIn profile mentions it as a badge of honor. 

Serial Scammer: Zoosk Was A Fraudulent Operation

Zoosk was a dating website. Well, that’s what it claims itself to be. According to its various reviews, it’s a fake dating site that steals your information. There are a ton of negative reviews complaining about its customer support and suspicious nature. 

There were too many complaints to count. So, here are a few of them: 

“They Steal from You”

This person says that the website gets the right to steal from you right when you give them your credit card info. 

They hadn’t used Zoosk for several months. There were no photos or even a bio on their profile. Then all of a sudden, they started receiving fake requests and messages. Why? Because they wanted to justify stealing from them. 

Zoosk charged them $170 randomly. Turns out, Zoosk had upgraded their membership automatically, which made them liable for these charges. 

The customer also points out that most of the users on the website are bots. 

“It was a Nightmare”

Alex Mehr exposed

This person’s payments didn’t go through, forcing them to use their Apple account. According to them, Zoosk only focuses on upselling you. 

Another issue they had with this app was that it doesn’t let you view a person’s profile. You can only base your decision on the person’s pictures. This person couldn’t log into their account for some technical reason hence, they contacted the customer support. But they told them they couldn’t process a refund. Clearly, it was a horrible experience.

“A Fraud”

This person pointed out that Zoosk controls what you can see on their platform. There is no way to find out their subscriber numbers. The person complains that Zoosk has no interest in match making and only cares about itself. At the end of the review, the person urged people to file complaints against Zoosk on various consumer platforms. 

There are literally thousands of complaints against Zoosk because of its deceptive services. They are proof of how Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez have been scamming people for years. 

Schweitzer Alexander LLC: High Risk, Low Reward Investment

Schweitzer Alexander LLC is the legal name of Retail Ecommerce Ventures. As I explained before, it’s a twisted company that uses manipulative marketing tactics to promote itself. 

I’m not the only person who found this company to be a shady venture. Many bloggers and experts have exposed Schweitzer Alexander LLC online. 

A snippet from an Alex Mehr review I found online

For example, Alex and Tai claim in their advertisements that you can join Retail Ecommerce Ventures by investing a few thousand dollars. However, their definition of a few thousand dollars is $150,000.

I don’t know exactly why Alex Mehr has given multiple names to a single company. It only leads to more confusion. Maybe that’s what he aims for. Who knows? 

The biggest threat of Schweitzer Alexander is that its owners, Tai and Alex, have zero experience in the finance industry. I have already explained the various other threats related to this company such as its shady clauses and how it deceives people. 

How Alex Mehr Manipulates His Targets

Alex is an experienced scammer. He has been working on online scams for years and is familiar with all the techniques you can think of. 

However, once you know how this process works, it becomes very easy to see their flaws. 

Here is how Alex manipulates consumers:

  1. Convincing & Affluent Advertisement(s)/ Word Of Mouth By A Paid Affiliate

Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez know what sells, money. People will trust you significantly more if they see flashy cars and a large mansion in the background. It’s a common theme among fake gurus to rent expensive things for a day and use them in their advertisements. 

Dean Graziosi, another notorious scammer, uses this exact tactic to promote his products. Fake gurus rely on these methods to promote their services because there’s no quality in their offerings. 

If their product was really worth the price, they wouldn’t need to rent a mansion and a Lamborghini. The product would speak for itself. 

However, these ads get them noticed, which is the first stage of their sales funnel. 

ANother thing that helps them get noticed is paid articles. Alex and Tai spend a lot of money on their affiliates. These affiliates earn money through commissions. 

But many of those affiliates don’t disclose that they get paid for promoting the product. So, when the consumer thinks they are getting an honest review, they aren’t. 

PS – I’m not an affiliate of Alex Mehr, Tai Lopez or any online guru. 

  1. False & Inflated Claims About Previous Profits & Potential ROI (Without Any Guarantees)

Suppose you have watched Alex’s ads and are now interested in his product. You’d start reading its landing page and see how Alex and Tai claim it’ll change your whole life. 

You will read tons of testimonials on their website that claim the product really changed their lives. 

These testimonials are unveriable. You can’t know if they are telling the truth.

However, these testimonials are there to distract you from the different disclaimers present on Alex and Tai’s websites:

This disclaimer is Alex and Tai’s legal way of saying that you shouldn’t believe what they tell you in their ads and landing pages. If the product doesn’t help you, it’s your fault not theirs. 

Many people don’t notice this disclaimer because it’s kept hidden. 

  1. Upselling Into More Exorbitant Investment Opportunities

Once you have purchased something from Alex Mehr, he will start pressuring you into buying more. It’s a common theme across all of his products. 

Most of the complaints against Alex Mehr website products are about spam. You’ll get tired of receiving emails, messages, and even calls about their products. 

Why do people fall for these upsells?

Because, what you bought originally won’t teach you enough. At the end of the program, Alex and Tai would start telling how their other products and courses can help you become a true expert in what you’re learning. 

This is also a very common tactic among online gurus. Many people fall for it because they think, “I have already spent XXX dollars, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little extra to learn more.”

Now that you know how Alex’s scams work, you can be wary of them. 

Summary: FTC Needs To Shut Down Alex Mehr

Alex Mehr might make numerous claims about his experience, but the truth is, he has a terrible reputation. Many people have lost their life-savings and other funds because of his various scams. 

From Zoosk to Alex Mehr REV, all of his companies have stolen from others. It’s about time the FTC starts looking into his illegal activities and takes serious action against him. 

The FTC took down a similar scammer, Jason Bond Picks, last year. I’m hoping they can do the same with Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. 

Certainly, it wouldn’t be safe to buy Alex Mehr books or any of his products. You can spread the word and help others stay wary of this scammer. 

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Alex Mehr Review 2021

Alex Mehr is a notorious serial scammer. Numerous people have complained about losing their hard-earned money because of him and his business partner Tai Lopez. Avoid him.

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    Alex Mehr is a scammer
    July 10, 2021 at 9:19 pm

    Alex Mehr gives a bad name to NASA. I have used his startup Zoosk and it was the worst service imaginable. In its initial days, Zoosk had nothing but bots on its platform. It was a total ripoff. Alex Mehr doesn’t deserve to have the title “Dr.” before his name.

  3. This duo of Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr has run too many scams till now. They must be stopped. They are scamming people online and making a living out of it.

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