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Alexander Miller & Associates: Shady marketing – Dirty games? (2024 Revealing)

Alexander Miller Associates, Inc is a credit counseling service provider based in Houston, Texas. Their address is 7710-T, Cherry Park Dr Suite 120, Houston, TX 77095, US. 

This company relies on using shady marketing tactics to promote its services and bury its customers’ complaints. That’s why I wrote this review. 

Findings suggest that Alexander Miller Associates has narcissistic leadership. 

The following review will help you make a better-informed decision about whether you should work with them or not: 

Who Owns Alexander Miller Associates: About Tom Alexander & Mike Miller

The owner of Alexander Miller and Associates is Tom Miller. Tom hasn’t shared any info about himself online, which is surprisingly shady behavior for a company owner.

Another prominent person at Alexander Miller and Associates is Mike Miller. He’s teh director of Client Services at this company. 

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Freestone Capital Management is an integrated advisory firm, in the arena of asset management. Its company claims of a tremendous growth in recent years from $250 Million to $8.8 Billion via asset management.

Either the marketing execs at this company don’t know much about digital marketing or they don’t want to reveal much information about their operations. 

I’m pointing this out because as a service provider, it’s vital for Alexander Miller and Associates to share information about their team. 

Transparency is vital for businesses. One of the first steps of winning the trust of your clients is by showing your face. Certainly, when you’re in a sensitive industry such as commercial debt collection. 

However, it doesn’t surprise me that Top Miller or his staff don’t share much information about the company’s team. It’s a common tactic among shady enterprises to hide such information so people can’t do much if they find out about the scam

Because the company fails to share any information about its operations in its ‘About Us’ page, there’s no way to find out how much experience their staff has. You can’t find out about their expertise or qualifications due to this reason as well. 

As a debt-collection agency, Alexander Miller and Associates shouldn’t have anything to hide. In any case, it’s not okay for a service provider to hide information about its team. 

For example, the team behind Pathway Visas, a notorious immigration service provider, doesn’t share any information about itself on its website. Thieves tend to hide their faces, don’t they? 

Using Fake Reviews To Dupe Clients: Alexander Miller Associates BBB

Trust is hard to gain. But online reviews can help. 

In fact, 92% of B2B consumers are more likely to buy after reading a trustworthy review. 

So, a common tactic among online scammers and shady enterprises is to stuff the internet with fake reviews. 

Consider the case of BRIC Group. They have posted unverifiable and highly positive reviews on their website, claiming to be real so people would trust them more. 

Alexander Miller and Associates is using a similar tactic. 

They have an impeccable 5-star rating on their BBB page. At first, it seems a genuine rating as there is only one 5-star review on their BBB profile. However, there’s a small detail which usually goes unnoticed: Alexander Miller Associates is BBB accredited.


Contrary to what BBB would have you believe, a BBB accreditation doesn’t require you to be a trustworthy and honest business. It only means that the company with the accreditation is paying several thousands dollars to BBB every year. 

CNN Money had investigated BBB’s shady business model and they found that many companies with their accreditation weren’t worthy of such a stellar rating. 

They discovered that a mortgage lender facing charges from federal regulators for discrimation had an A+ rating on BBB. The reason for the rating? Accreditation. 

Companies might pay $10,000+ per year to maintain their BBB accreditation. With the BBB accreditation, they have full control over what’s visible on their BBB page. 

They get the option to flag negative reviews and complaints as “fake” and remove them completely. 

In other words, by paying a fee to BBB, companies like AMA can bury their customers’ voices. It’s not okay in any sense but it happens nonetheless. 

That’s not all. 

The people behind Alexander Miller Associates are using their wealth and influence to manipulate their appearance on other platforms too: 

Misleading Forum Manipulation On Quora To Bury Complaints & Reports

If you’d look up information about the people behind AMA, you’ll find the following thread on 

Alexander Miller associates review

It’s a simple question about who is the founder of Alexander Miller Associates. There’s only one answer on it at the time of writing this article. 

The answer is quite straightforward and says that Tom Alexander is the founder of Alexander Miller and Associates. But it doesn’t stop there. 

The answer starts praising the company and delivers a sales pitch. 

You wouldn’t expect a third-party to say something like, “Alexander Miller and Associates acts immediately and resolutions happen before the company folds up”. This is a statement from a salesperson or a company representative. 

Quora is a popular social media platform for asking and answering questions. Like any social media platform, companies try to abuse it to promote themselves.

This Quora thread is an example of how Alexander Miller and Associates is using social media to skew people’s perspective of this company. 

If I hadn’t found serious complaints against this firm, I might not have believed this. But because of efforts like this, it’s nearly impossible for you to find people’s negative reviews for this company. 

To put it simply, Alexander Miller Associates is using social media platforms like Quora to bury complaints from its disgruntled customers. They are trying to bury their customers’ voices by using paid promotions like this one. 

Shocking Alexander Miller Associates Reviews & Complaints

At a glance, Alexander Miller and Associates would seem like a simple and genuine company you can trust. However, they have created this image by paying review sites and spending money on social media promotions. 

I found several complaints against AMA’s operations on different platforms. Here’s one of them: 

Alexander Miller associates

According to this review, the people at Alexander Miller Associates are extortionists who abuse their clients to get what they want. This person had to fire them because they treated them horribly even though they were paying those guys. 

The review ends with them saying that the people running Alexander Miller Associates are inhuman. 

I found another complaint that shows the unprofessionalism at this firm. 

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According to this complaint, this debt collection firm takes money from its clients and gives them false information. They claim it’s a scam and only pays large corporations. 

In response to this review, the people at Alexander Miller and Associates said it’s completely false and slander. This is a common response among companies that are too full of themselves.

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Instead of addressing the issue or listening to the complaint, they outright deny it. I personally don’t know how much truth there is on both sides. However, I know that it’s not professional to completely deny a complaint and accuse it to be false.

Such a response shows that the people running the firm might be egoistical. It’s a common tendency among narcissists to outright deny the existence of any flaws in themselves. 

They never accept their faults. 

And that’s never a good sign. It’s dangerous to work with narcissistic enterprises because they don’t care about their clients. They only care about themselves. 


Alexander Miller Associates isn’t a trustworthy company. The firm doesn’t address its customers’ complaints, uses petty techniques to promote itself, and tries to bury the voice of its past clients.

None of this is ethical. 

It shows the leadership at the firm is concerned only about itself. Working with Alexander Miller and Associates is a highly risky endeavor. I wouldn’t recommend working with them. 

There are plenty of other credit counseling service providers in Houston. It would be safer to choose them instead of Alexander Miller Associates. 

If you know someone who might be interested in working with this firm, do share this article with them. It never hurts to know more, does it? 

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Alexander Miller and Associates is a debt collection firm that resorts to black-hat marketing tactics to promote itself. They don’t listen to customer complaints and hide as much information about themselves as possible.

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    Thank you for this helpful review. I was a little skeptical at first, but now I’m certain. Alexander Miller and Associates seemed a little shady in the beginning so I looked up their reviews and found you guys. Saved me a ton of time and money.

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