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Alfa Romeo Of Calgary: Is the Car Dealer Legitimate or a $1500 Scam? The Truth Exposed

Alfa Romeo Calgary
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Alfa Romeo of Calgary has received allegations of being a scam. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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Customer’s Review of Alfa Romeo of Calgary

According to online reviews, one of the customers stated that it is a scammer company. 

As per the personal experience of the client with the Alfa Romeo of Calgary, explained that the dealership and the finance supervisor, Andrew Fagan, have revealed astonishing integrity & trustworthiness. So, I became the target of a fraud run by Fagan & a salesperson namely Jian Gao.

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Fagan & Gao tricked us from the start, taking us on a fruitless search to acquire a Stelvio model. The ruse was intended to deceive me into handing over $1500. Fagan & Gao purposefully created a scenario in which they could use my card’s information as payment for a car that they weren’t going to provide me.

He also added that they lied to me repeatedly by saying that the $ 1,500 payment was required to reserve the vehicle for delivery. But they kept giving me justifications, saying they couldn’t locate a decent delivery service to bring the car to Ontario, where my family lived.

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Realizing that the tenth-day window for canceling the agreement was about to expire, they wanted to drag out the process. Their immoral scheme eventually consisted of stealing my $ 1,500 deposit and keeping it for themselves.

I decided to withdraw my order due to respective alarming indications of deceit, falsehoods, & scams, as well as the company’s lack of dependability and failure to offer any evidence of genuine intent to send out a vehicle during the allotted ten days. 

Thus, I was eventually dissatisfied with the purchase because the business neglected to give me crucial facts including times for delivery, the trucking business involved, and tracking data. 

The fact that it was an internet transaction and the business purported to have experienced managing such transactions should not be overlooked.

I was surprised to find that the SUV car I bought was actually waiting for me in the lower storage room of their facility.

After I submitted a $ 1,500 advance in the year 2019, the organization persisted in delivering the car to an unidentified place at an unspecified time despite my repeated requests for them to come and bring it to my home. 

However, I suggested that they take the SUV car to the Alfa Romeo dealer in Vaughan, Ontario in an effort to find an alternative, but my offer was rejected.

The business was unable to give me any details about the transportation, transportation firm, time of delivery, or place. They gave the courier firm the runaround, which was their justification. 

They tried for about ten days, but they couldn’t get in touch with any of the companies or give me any specific details.

It’s noteworthy that when I made my money, the finance supervisor and the salesperson both said they frequently handled online purchases as well as delivered automobiles to consumers in Ontario.

The dealer turned to an additional deceitful strategy in the final phases of the car fraudulent activity, which fell inside the ten-day window giving customers in Ontario the legal right to cancel an agreement. He gave me a bogus account where I could put in the balance of money for the car.

We made the decision to go to our bank to make one additional attempt to complete the transaction. Our fears were validated, though, as soon as we started the procedure of making a payment to the bank for the SUV’s amount. 

When we continued to make money for this fraudulent Alfa Romeo dealer in Calgary, the bank namely CIBC alerted us that the fake account had been identified right away. 

It found out that the couple had given us the details of an account with a bank that was inactive in order to dupe us into thinking there was still cash owed on the car.

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Why they went to such an extent might remain a mystery to you. It was an illegal job, is the straightforward answer. By selling useless, contaminated air to fools like myself, they hoped to make $1500. 

They also pretended that I had broken the agreement so that they could safe the $1500 they had stolen from my Visa card.

The agent of Alfa Romeo of Calgary, finance officer Andrew Fagan, and his associate Jian Gao, were among the unscrupulous and crooked salespeople who were behind this usual automobile fraud. 

Therefore, Gao was employed to fabricate a false appearance of honesty, pretending to be amiable and trustworthy from the start, all in an effort to seduce me into falling for their second trick the unauthorized use of my card.   

A dealer who was a representative of Alfa Romeo of Calgary defrauded me. I contacted Alfa Romeo Canada, Alfa Romeo North America, & Alfa Romeo Europe to inform them regarding this unscrupulous dealership because I was worried about their image. 

Sadly, despite numerous tries, I haven’t yet gotten any relief from my problems or payment for all my efforts.

I’ve been fighting an unsuccessful struggle for a Visa to get my money back since it was stolen illegally during this time. The vendor used fake money receipts of sale & duplicitous methods to trick me into handing over $1500.

It is disappointing to learn that dishonest people are associated with a reputable brand like Alfa Romeo of Calgary. I think the business must choose who promotes their brand in Canada with more care and prudence. 

Thus, scamming and deceiving clients shouldn’t ever be accepted in the modern era.

Further doubts were raised when the suspect dealers, Andrew Fagan & Jian Gao, Alfa Romeo of Calgary, omitted to give important details on the pick up of the car. 

Even the official Alfa Romeo shop in Vaughan, the city of Ontario, declined to deliver the SUV car. 

Furthermore, after defrauding me of $1500, they were unwilling to offer any information regarding where to pick up or the mode of transport for the car.

The seller gave me bogus financial data, which was quickly detected by CIBC, adding salt to injuries. Because of the incorrect and inactive banking details supplied by this dubious dealer, the bank did not issue an official draft.

I’m feeling cheated & incredibly let down by the whole thing. I’m hoping that telling this story may act as a warning to other prospective customers. 

Nobody ought to have to contend with the anxiety & monetary damage brought on by dishonest salespeople.

Is Alfa Romeo of Calgary legit or not? 

Logo of Alfa Romeo Of Calgary.

Alfa Romeo of Calgary is not an unauthorized business. They are not proactive in their pursuit of client fulfillment and the resolution of complaints, which is why only a few consumers gave positive feedback while one filed a bad review.

Alfa Romeo of Calgary Location

Alfa Romeo of Calgary is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. You can contact them by dialing 1-877-230-0563 or visiting their website.

What is the amount of financial loss experienced by customers of Alfa Romeo of Calgary?

Customers of Alfa Romeo Calgary have reported a high-severity incident resulting in a loss of US$ N/A.  The severity of entire incident reports is exceptionally high.

Final Thoughts 

It is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with businesses, especially those involving large financial transactions, as there are scam organizations such as Alfa Romeo of Calgary that prey on unsuspecting consumers. 

By staying informed, questioning questionable practices, and seeking help when necessary, you can protect yourself from falling victim to such scams. Always be vigilant and safeguard your interests when dealing with organizations that may not have your best interests in mind.

Alfa Romeo Of Calgary: Is the Car Dealer Legitimate or a $1500 Scam? The Truth Exposed
Alfa Romeo Of Calgary: Is the Car Dealer Legitimate or a $1500 Scam? The Truth Exposed

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