Alfa X Logistics LLC: Russian Propaganda Machine From Atlanta

Alfa X Logistics is owned by Roman Nechiporuk, a Russian citizen who was sanctioned for possessing a fake passport.

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Roman Nechiporuk, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, goes by the name Roman Shmundyak.

He is a sanctioned Russian citizen residing in the United States on a false passport:

He engages in online Ukraine-hatred propaganda activities. Along with running and Alfax Logistics, he also operates other online enterprises.

The US Treasury reports:

“LLC “EMPIRE 19-31” refers to the organisation that disseminates Russian propaganda, the society for the promotion of the historical development of Russia “Tsargrad.” Nechiporuk is therefore accountable for actively supporting or implementing acts or policies that jeopardise or threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence as well as its overall stability and security in his capacity as the organization’s CEO.

Program of Sanctions: RUSSIA-EO14024
Names: Viktorovich and Roman Patryonic
Nechiporuk, Nechiporuk
Birthdate: February 21, 1980

The name in Russian is еиoрук оман икторови.

Link: Details.aspx?id=36369 at Sanctions Search,

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Please find a genuine copy of his Russian passport as well as the fictitious American passport he uses here.

His actual birthdate is February 21, 1980.

However, his American passport falsely lists both his DOB and his country of birth as Ukraine: 05/24/1981

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