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Unskilled, Unlicensed “Therapists” Preying On The Mentally Ill

In this post I won’t be covering the already known facts about BetterHelp and Alon Matas. Most people already know it is an elaborate scam after all the YouTube drama in 2018.

Unfortunately, my friend was unaware of all that when she found out about this company. She wanted a therapist for her sister but due to personal finance issues, she couldn’t afford to get one. I hope someone would’ve exposed the reality of BetterHelp before my friend’s sister almost killed herself. 

So that’s how I ended up writing this detailed BetterHelp review. If I can help one person from falling into their scheme, then all my efforts would be worth it. 

My Friend’s Little Sister Almost Killed Herself Because Of Alon Mata’s BetterHelp

Some important information before we start: I’m not going to reveal the name of the therapist or my friend’s little sister’s real name. I have seen companies like BetterHelp hunt down ordinary people like us.

They would not want people to know this information, so they would do anything to track us down. The main reason I chose this website over the others is the anonymity it provides for me and my friend. I hope you understand. 

Alon Matas’ Scam is Ruining Lives

My friend sent me this in an email a few days ago and here is the full email. I have edited it for readability and grammar, I hope that is not a major issue.

My sister Katey (name changed for security reasons) has been suffering with severe depression for 2 years. She was seeing a therapist but he passed away due to the Coronavirus a couple of months ago. Ever since that, she had been in a downward spiral. She did not eat much, she was always slumped down on her chair, or would lay all day on her bed. I knew this was not okay for anyone, especially her age. Mum can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars every week after she lost her job, so I went online to find if there are any affordable options available. And that is when I found out about BetterHelp.

After reading the dozens of overwhelmingly amazing reviews online, I didn’t think twice before getting a membership for Kate. I’m not going to lie, a small spark of hope lit up in me when I found out about them.

I thought maybe BetterHelp would really be the answer to my prayers. The fees they were charging were considerably less than what a usual therapist charged. Now that I think about it, I think its affordability and many positive reviews were the main reasons I decided to go for them. But this company showed me why you cannot trust online therapists! My sister started seeing the therapist on a weekly basis.

I am not revealing the name of the therapist but he was not a stable human being. He harassed my sister in the chats. She would tell him how she was feeling and what made her feel bad and other things which she knew therapists asked. But he often lashed out at her in a passive aggressive manner. The therapist was very unprofessional and extremely sarcastic. It got to a point where my sister ended up with a knife in her hand.

She was yelling about how she was done with her life and she cannot do anything to make the world any better. My mother and I successfully calmed her down and took the knife away from her before anyone would’ve gotten hurt. By then I did not know that it was the therapist’s fault because of which my sister was acting this way. It was only a week later, when Kate showed me the texts she received from the therapist. He was blatantly giving her mental torture. This person was not qualified to be a stable human being let alone a f***ing therapist. He was saying things like,”Your life is not going to get better if you keep crying about it, lose some weight, stop eating all the goddamn time”. These were the exact text messages he sent to my little sister.

She has a physical ailment and had a very difficult life. But you don’t talk to a person like that, especially if they have diagnosed depression. My sister was never violent and never showed any tendencies of being violent. Otherwise I wouldn’t have even considered getting online therapy from BetterHelp. I won’t recommend anyone to get therapists from BetterHelp. I don’t know how they have so many five star reviews all over the internet if they have such twisted therapists. This happened 5 weeks into the therapy and the company charged me for 3 extra weeks.

When I asked for a refund, they told me that they don’t give refunds as it is not in their policy. I did not bother them too much because I was in shock from the incident. But if they don’t give out refunds, then how come they have so many “resolved” customer complaints on BBB where they claim to have given refunds??? I don’t really know, and I don’t think I want to know now. I just want to move on from my horrible experience with these people. Just please stay safe and away from BetterHelp, they are not worth it!

Why You Won’t Find Any BetterHelp Negative Reviews

“I don’t know about you guys, but I find it pretty suspicious that the BetterHelp website doesn’t have one f***ing negative review despite the massive backlash” – Diesel Patches in his video exposing Philip Defranco

This is probably the most “scammy” thing BetterHelp & Alon Matas have done. When we Google the search term “BetterHelp reviews”, we get these results:

BetterHelp has fake reviews online

How Alon Matas Runs The BetterHelp Reviews Scam

Honestly, anyone in the whole wide world can be fooled by the astonishing BetterHelp reviews online. But here’s the catch, they are fake! Does it sound too outrageous? Well, it won’t after I break it down step-by-step.

Trustpilot is notorious for getting fake reviews posted on their website. They claim to make a lot of effort to avoid such things from happening but it still happens. If you check out BetterHelp’s listing on Trustpilot, you will notice that most of the “reviewers” have only posted 1 review. Google & Trustpilot are NOT websites where real users just post 1 review of a company/ service and then leave the website all along. 

It is clear that BetterHelp got fake reviews posted on their online listings to make people think that they are not a scam. 

Out of all the search results, the lowest rating they have, is on Glassdoor. Unlike other review websites where companies get their services/products reviewed, Glassdoor is actually where employees leave a rating for the company. I’ve covered BetterHelp’s employee treatment in the heading down below in detail. But essentially, BetterHelp is massively underpaying their therapists and treating them badly to get the “most bang for their buck”. 

It should be obvious that we cannot trust the 83k+ reviews on the official website of Their authenticity is in question too. They literally have no negative reviews on the website. Comparing them to an authentic website like shows how obviously fake their positive reviews are. reviews compared to BetterHelp reviews

BetterHelp is Mistreating & Abusing Their Therapists

While BetterHelp has no negative customer reviews, it has many from its therapists.

It seems like BetterHelp treats its therapists like it treats its customers. When I was looking into BetterHelp, I found several complaints from therapists about this company. The primary complaint was low pay.

I’m sharing some of those complaints here so you can understand the problems its therapists face:

“Atrocious pay”

BetterHelp complaint
Complaint of a therapist working at BetterHelp

The review says that average pay with BetterHelp for a therapist is $30 per hour, which is 4 to 5 times lower than the hourly rate of $120-150 a therapist earns with a private practice. On top of that, the reviewer also alleges that BetterHelp has no customer support for therapists.

This means if you’re a therapist on this platform and you face an issue due to some reason, you’d have to sort it out yourself.

“High Demand and Low Pay”

BetterHelp therapist's complaint
Another therapist’s complaint against BetterHelp

According to this review, BetterHelp puts arbitrary caps on what a therapist can earn from it.

Due to this, the therapist either has to work for free or limit the service it provides to its customers. Both of the situations are harmful for the professional.

“Technical Issues”

BetterHelp complaint from therapist
BetterHelp doesn’t pay its therapists and offers no support

This complaint also focuses on the lack of proper support for therapists. Apart from that, the person also claims that the clientele of BetterHelp is usually quite severe and requires more than online support.

The technical problems on BH’s platform costs therapists valuable time and money.

And the platform doesn’t clarify that they are responsible for these problems so the clients think it’s the therapist’s fault. This therapist also complained of low pay,

“No Support”

BetterHelp negative review
BetterHelp offers very low pay to its therapists

The person here complains that no customer support exists for clients. They have also complained that the platform has many bugs that cause payment errors. The lack of proper customer support causes difficulties to the existing users of BetterHelp.

Like the other complaints I discussed here, this person also complained of low pay.

Therapists only get $5 extra for providing 30-minutes of additional service. This is an extremely low incentive considering many clients require longer sessions than others.

BetterHelp isn’t Good for Therapists (Thank Alon Matas)

After going through multiple therapist reviews of BetterHelp, I realised that it isn’t a good platform for professionals too. The platform uses poor technology and lacks technical support.

Because BetterHelp doesn’t have any customer support, there’s no way for therapists to convey their issues to the platform. This can be a huge concern for anyone. I can only imagine the frustration those therapists must’ve felt.

Although several therapists have voiced their negative opinions on the BH platform, I don’t think anyone from the company listens to them. All of these complaints are about the same issues. But they are from times.

One complaint is from last year, while the rest are from 2020.

Alon Matas – The CEO and Founder of BetterHelp

Alon Matas is the CEO and founder of BetterHelp. He founded this company in 2013 and has been on its board of directors ever since. There isn’t much information about available on Alon Matas.

All I could find was his statement on the controversy of fake reviews and unlicensed professionals. Alon didn’t address the fake reviews part, but he claimed that his company does its best to ensure it has licensed professionals.

He has also become a mentor for online entrepreneurs. In my opinion, I wouldn’t want to take mentorship from a guy who has built a shady organization. In other words, people shouldn’t trust Alon Matas.

Alon Matas Review 2021 Verdict

Please share this post with your loved ones. We cannot let more people suffer because of BetterHelp’s greed.

Should BetterHelp be allowed to play with the lives of the mentally ill? Why is there no lawsuit against Alon Matas for fraud, malpractice and misconduct? Is it because he’s rich?


  • Memeology 101 (the video in the post):
  • Kiwifarms:
  • Pewdiepie’s Video on BetterHelp:
  • Diesel Patches Video on BetterHelp & Philip DeFranco:
  • BetterHelp Reddit:
  • BetterHelp Founder Alon Matas:  

Where You Can Get REAL Help:

If you cannot afford to go and see a therapist, then please do not worry. Thankfully there are helplines, websites and forums which can help you get the counseling you require. While I’m not a medical expert so I cannot give you professional advice when it comes to mental health.

I have attached the information of some sources with which you can connect to get help. Please take care of yourself and talk to someone if you are suffering from any psychological and/or mental issues.

Emergency: 911

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1- 800-799-7233

Lifeline Crisis Chat (Online live messaging):

Veterans Crisis Line:

TransLifeline: – 877-565-8860

Suicide Prevention Wiki:

National Hopeline Network: 1-800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433)

Self-Harm Hotline: 1-800-DONT CUT (1-800-366-8288)

Crisis Text Line: Text “DESERVE” TO 741-741

Planned Parenthood Hotline: 1-800-230-PLAN (7526) 

National Crisis Line – Anorexia and Bulimia: 1-800-233-4357

American Association of Poison Control Centers: 1-800-222-1222

National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency Hope Line: 1-800-622-2255

TREVOR Crisis Hotline: 1-866-488-7386

GLBT Hotline: 1-888-843-4564

AIDS Crisis Line: 1-800-221-7044

3.2 Total Score
Stay away from BetterHelp!

BetterHelp is the worst platform you can go to for treatment. They are running a review scam so finding negative reviews about them is nearly impossible.

4.1Expert Score
2.2User's score
  • Fake Positive Reviews
  • Mistreat Their Therapists
  • Lacks Any Quality In Service
  • Non-Existent Customer Support
  • No Refunds
  • Fake "Resolved" Complaints on BBB
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  1. Hey there,

    I am a freelance journalist trying to put together a story on the continued issues people have been having with BetterHelp’s platform, particularly during the pandemic.

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. I wanted to leave my information in case anyone wanted to share their experiences for this piece. You can find and message me at Shannon Geary on Twitter.

  2. 1.1

    Alon Matas and his team should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done. How can he go to sleep knowing that he is scamming people on the verge of hurting themselves and their loved ones? I hope FBI looks into the BetterHelp scam and arrest Alon for his criminal activities.

    - CONS: Sadist
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  3. 2.1

    BetterHelp is an absolute scam. I bought a membership from them in December 2018 and they refused to give me a refund. They charged me automatically for 4 weeks without my permission or even notifying me. This company is a scam. I’m sorry for what happened with your friend and her sister. I hope no one else has to go through this level of tormenting. This company should be shut down for their immoral actions.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. How do they have 5 stars everywhere!!! I used to think that I was the only one unfortunate enough to be scammed by BetterHelp. But I guess I’m not alone. I was charged a sum of $180.00/ mo for four months straight! I didn’t use the service even ONCE! Their customer service department does not exist. There is no one in the company who you can call for support. I emailed them because that is the only way for someone to contact anyone in this company. I expected them to revert back to me in 24 hours, but it took them a full week! I did not want them taking more money from my credit card. I was charged for the counseling sessions I never even had. The year 2020 has not been great for anyone but these scammers who are taking advantage of hard working people like us. I support the hashtag #BoycottBetterHelp too! They need to be sentenced to prison, especially Matas for letting his company scam people.

  5. Alon Matas is a weasley scammer. I was charged $XXX.XX on the day 1 but it took them more than 72 hours to match me with someone. When I asked the questions I wanted, all I got was cookie cutter answers, when I wanted them to get more specific, they still gave me cookie cutter answers. I cancelled my membership within a week and I want a full refund. But NO, this company is fraud, they don’t give refunds. I’m now forced to use their absolutely dogshit of a service for a full month. They just want to take as much money from as many people as possible without working hard for it. They literally copy paste their messages from Google results and send them to you. Is this professional behaviour? HELL NO! For the amount of money I paid, this is absolutely unacceptable. What if such a scam happened to someone from Alon Matas’ family when they need medical attention? #BoycottBetterHelp

  6. BetterHelp charged me the full amount even when I applied a 100 dollar coupon. That’s not all. They guarantee unlimited messages for 4 weeks but my counselor DENIED to give it to me. There is no customer support available in this company, it’s pathetic. I have emailed them multiple times explaining my whole situation and my concerns, but it seems like I only get automated responses. They stole a hundred and eighty dollars from me. I will be filing a dispute! #BoycottBetterHelp

  7. 0.75

    I signed up for one of their counseling sessions and guess what, they double charged me for the services!!! They don’t have any phone number which you can contact them through, only an email. I tried to contact them through email but never received a response from them. By the way, I was charged for a full $156! The total money they took from my account was $312. I haven’t received my refund yet and they have permanently banned my account from their website! What kind of trash company penalizes their customer for the company’s mistake. Their behaviour is absolutely crazy and ridiculous. During these difficult times BetterHelp is ripping off people. I would not recommend anyone to use BetterHelp to get therapy, they are frauds & criminals. They obviously don’t know how to run a proper business. Unbelievable!

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • I was scammed by better help. They were fast enough to take my money and then I sent several messages to my so called counselor. I never received one reply. I’ve been asking for a refund since I have never had one session. I can’t afford to throw money away. I really need ed help. I’ve been extremely depressed and grief ridden since I lost my son and was looking for somebody to help me. I’m truly disgusted I wish there was a way I could get through to them and get my money back.

  8. 0.5

    Oh my god! The poor baby! People like Alon should rot in hell for the kind of operations they are running. How can they mentally torture a kid and get away with it?! It’s people like him who are rotting this world. I hope you get justice. I’ll pray for your friend’s sister. Do not lose hope, there are good people in this world too. #BoycottBetterHelp

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