Alpine Recovery Lodge – Crooked Rehab Scamming Patients

Alpine Recovery Lodge is a rehab based in Utah. They claim to offer individualized treatments that care about the patients. But the various Alpine Recovery Lodge reviews suggest that this place doesn’t care about the clients even for a second. 

Most complaints against ARL say that the place only cares about the money it can make from a patient. In other words, the place doesn’t focus on treating your issues. Instead, it focuses on how much money it can squeeze out of you. 

Alpine Recovery Lodge (Cindy Miller) Wiki: Fake Ratings, Exorbitant Prices, Shady CEO

Alpine Recovery Lodge is an addiction treatment center located in Alpine, Utah. Their address is 1018 E Oak Hill Dr, Alpine, UT 84004, US. 

Alpine Recovery Lodge Utah claims to be the best treatment center in the state. They claim to have licensed and compassionate professionals who care about their patients. But the reviews say otherwise. 

The CEO of this notorious rehab is Cindy Millar. She is also the co-founder of this place. However, that’s all the information available on the upper management of this rehab. There’s no information on how experienced Alpine Recovery Lodge’s CEO is. This certainly puts the credibility of this place in question. The medical director of this place is Donald Harline, MD. 

In the current day and age when companies strive to maintain transparency to win the trust of their clients, this rehab avoids sharing any info. This is a common thing among shady companies. Creative Tax Solutions is a notorious tax consulting scam that uses this exact tactic. 

Also, this company uses a ton of fake reviews to manipulate its ratings on review platforms. At the time of writing this review, their Yelp profile has 41 questionable reviews. Yelp’s algorithms have flagged them as fake. 

All of those reviews praise ARL as a spectacular addiction treatment center. And all of the accounts posting those reviews are throwaway accounts and have no activity except adding a 5-star review on Alpine Recovery Lodge. 

Alpine Recovery Lodge Utah Allows Smoking and Vaping

Apparently, you can smoke and vape at this substance use treatment center. It seems like an oxymoron but the people at ARL don’t mind. The constant smoking and vaping makes things quite difficult for the people recovering from addictions. It can easily cause them to develop a new addiction, which is the opposite of what they want to achieve when they visit a addiction treatment center. 

Scammed Patient into Staying at Alpine Recovery Lodge

According to this reviewer, they had the worst experience possible at this place. They wanted to leave this palace but the staff told them they would charge her $1600 if she left early. Ultimately, she had no option but to stay there. She highlights that the place only cares about the money and the staff is horrible. 

Wrongfully Charged Over $7,500

Taylor here posted a complaint against Alpine Recovery Lodge because they didn’t send proper documentation to her family, causing her stay there uninsured for two weeks. Moreover, ARL didn’t take any responsibility for its mistakes. Instead, they charged her $7,500  and claim that they were offering her “outpatient” treatment when she was there. 

The reviewer alerts people against going there. 

“All They Care About is the Cash”

This reviewer points out that this addiction treatment center only cares about the money and nothing else. They had 3 counselors during their 4-month stay. The reviewer cautions people that the place goes through people very quickly, which is a huge red flag. 

Shady People Who Misbehave with Patients

According to the reviewer, their entire experience was horrible. One of the staff members used their insecurity against them. Moreover, the place didn’t give any guidance or direction after they left the place. They highlight that they have visited several treatment centers and Alpine Recovery Lodge Utah was the worst among them. 

Owner’s Daughter Scammed the Patient’s Wife Into Paying More

This was a painful read. The daughter of ARL’s owner (probably, Montana Miller the daughter of Cindy Millar) was contacting various people connected to the reviewer and sharing information on the things they did during their stay there. Moreover, she arranged payments with the reviewer’s wife who is separate from them. 

Then, the rehab refused to send them any bill for the charges they made. If this doesn’t scream scam, I don’t know what would. 

Alpine Recovery Lodge Reviews by Employees: Not A Great Place to Work At

Turns out, the patients aren’t the only people who hate this treatment center. Many employees of this place have complained about the leadership here. Following Alpine Recovery Lodge reviews will give you an idea of what it’s like to work here: 

Terrible Management and Unprofessional

The reviewer highlights that the management is terrible and many unlawful things happen at this place. They also point out that the leadership has unrealistic expectations from its staff but offers poor training. It’s a dangerous place to work at and offers no security. They advise the management to process everyone from the top including the “favorites”. 

Management Doesn’t Care About The Staff or Clients

According to this reviewer, the leadership is disconnected from reality. The leadership is unwilling to put a system in place that would support the clinical staff. They also highlight that the management is more focused on money instead of providing a good standard of care. The reviewer suggests Alpine Recovery Lodge to revamp its leadership. 

2.9Expert Score
Alpine Recovery Lodge Review Verdict

The various Alpine Recovery Lodge reviews suggest that the leadership of this place doesn’t care about its patients and the staff. It only focuses on the money, which is not a good sign. 
If a rehab center puts money above your well-being, you can’t expect to get the desired treatment there. In most cases, it means you’ll end up with subpar results. Hence, it would be best to avoid Alpine Recovery Lodge Utah and find a better and more caring treatment center.

Client Experience
Value For Money
Honesty & Transparency
Treatment Quality
  • Location
  • Exorbitant Prices
  • Overcharge Patients
  • Reported Misbehavior
  • Scam Patients
  • Terrible Management
  • Selfish & Rude Staff
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