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Amazing Selling Machine (by is an Amazon course that claims to be the best course in the industry. And it has dozens of reviews online giving it excellent ratings. It is geared towards youngsters who want financial independence as an Amazon Seller.

But is it really a good course or is there more to it?

In this review, I’ll do an in-depth analysis of Amazing Selling Machine & We will take a look at the course itself, its founders, online ASM reviews, and some company history. We’ll find out whether ASM is the excellent course it claims to be, or an overpriced Get Rich Quick scam.

This will be a long read so grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into it.

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is essentially an Amazon FBA course. It teaches you how to set up an Amazon Seller account, find a product to sell, marketing that product, and making money. It is quite similar to Nine University, except that it is much more popular.

The course is marked to the retired populous and youngsters as both of these markets are highly susceptible to Get Rich Quick scheme & financial frauds. The marketers & affiliates of AMS make claims like, “This is a life-changing course”, “Students of this course already have a seven-figure Amazon business”, and so on. But these claims only go to show the potential of an Amazon Seller business, not the effectiveness of the course.

AMS 12 is the latest installment of the Amazing Selling Machine ( as of the writing of this review.

A shockingly high number of students from actually become an affiliate of the course. This is because the course itself isn’t all that great. founders have no proof of ever being an Amazon Seller, and one of them even claims to have made $120 million in sales of all his businesses combined. This is quite weird because this is not supposed to be a “sales” course, I guess it just shows that they are good at manipulating, persuading, and taking money from people.

Masterminds Behind (ASM 12)

I encourage that you don’t skip through this section as the professional background of the company founders can reveal a lot about their motives. For example, Jason Katzenback has a pure sales background, and his sales skills are pretty evident in the way Amazing Selling Machine is marketed and sold to people. The sheer manipulation that goes into each sale of ASM is all part of Mr. Katzenback’s strategy to make more money for himself. The psychological games and customer journey at are ingeniously evil, I’ve covered that in a later section of this post.

Matt Clark

Matt Clark From Amazing

Matt has a double major in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston, at least that’s what he claims on his LinkedIn profile (which doesn’t require any verification for its data). And soon after that, he worked as an Energy Trading Analyst for Citigroup and quit or got fired in 8 months. Then he claims to have started his own company called “Zanthia Holding Company”, but the evidence suggests otherwise.
The company has no listings online, which is extremely suspicious as every company which operates in the United States has at least some online presence. However, the only place on the web this company’s name is mentioned in Matt’s LinkedIn profile & Zoom profile.

There was a website of the company, but its domain is on sale as of 2020. And it shows the company is not even based in the country, it is based in Belize. For the curious minds, here is the link:

Matt is still operating this company and he might be using this company for tax evasion.

But we are not going to go into all that, as I feel it is out of my field of expertise.

After this, he founded which we all know about.

Jason Katzenback

Jason Katzenback From Amazing

Unlike Matt, Jason Katzenback has a very shady background. There is nothing about his educational background, employment history, or even any details about the companies he started. He does not mention any verifiable facts about his past, it is safe to assume that he does not come from a good background.

He claims to be a “serial entrepreneur”, however, his behaviors suggest that he is more of a con-artist kind of entrepreneur and not the Elon Musk type. A good example of such a con artist type “entrepreneur” is Eric Porat, who has ruined dozens of lives with his scams and con artistry.

The most bizarre claim that Mr.Katzenback has made yet is laughable. he claims that he has generated more than $120 million in sales! For anyone who has any experience with sales in any industry, realizes that it is a big number, and they also recognize the value of basic evidence. Guess what? Jason Katzenback provides zero proof for his idiotic claim. People still believe his lies because he drives a good car and lives a good life, they think they can replicate his success, but they don’t realize that he made his wealth by duping people, not providing a worthwhile service/product.

Amazing Selling Machine Course Review 2021

The course itself has 8 modules (9 if you include the introduction & overview):

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List
Module 2: Profits, Product Sourcing and Professionalism
Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand
Module 4: Ensuring Your Launch’s Success
Module 5: The 8 Components of the Perfect Product Listing
Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch
Module 7: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Tools
Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

ASM is itself a very big course in terms of the length of the content, however, it seriously lacks in production quality & editing. It feels more like a college class and not quite engaging. The boring and lethargic presentation will definitely be a problem with enthusiastic individuals who find lectures boring.

Amazing Selling Machine doesn’t provide any specific system as well, which would’ve been nice for a course that is one of the most expensive FBA courses currently in the market.

Amazing does provide exclusive access to communities which would have been a nice added touch if such communities hadn’t already existed and accessible for free.

Factoring in the cost of the course, the information it provides, the lackluster presentation, and pricing, this course gets 2/5 stars from me. It is quite underwhelming and a disappointment.

Sources: User submitted reviews of ASM, these reviews can be found in the sections below.

Alternatives To Amazing Selling Machine

Believe it or not, ASM doesn’t provide any exclusive methods or techniques, and thus there are some excellent alternatives to this overpriced course, which require significantly less investment.

Why go for a cheaper alternative?

Because the more money you can actually invest in your FBA business, the better. If you end up spending $100 or even $1000 on trial and error, even then you will save $4,000 from not buying ASM.

Here’s a disclaimer, these alternatives are literally free, but they will probably prove to be more valuable to you than ASM. I’ll explain the reasons pretty soon so don’t worry.

Amazon Seller University

This is the most comprehensive and underrated learning resources for Amazon Sellers online. Even experienced Amazon Sellers don’t know that Amazon has a free course which covers all aspects of selling on Amazon.

Amazon Seller University is full of information and if you combine it with the amazing YouTube channels and subreddits, this learning method surpasses ASM.

The only limitation with this course is that it requires that you already have an Amazon Seller account. However, I don’t think it is a big limiting factor as registering as a Seller doesn’t require much investment.

But I still understand that there will be some people who don’t have an Amazon Seller account and don’t want to get one right away as well, don’t worry, I have your backs too.

Self-Learning Route

Start off by going to Subreddits like r/AmazonSellers & r/FulfilmentByAmazon and read all the top posts you can. Trust me, those are filled with useful information & motivation.

You can also find YouTube channels to follow. Amazon’s Official Seller University channel is a good place to start. And once you start watching these videos on a regular basis, the YouTube algorithm will fill your recommendations with all sorts of new channels.

While you learn from these resources, I would suggest you grab a couple of Udemy courses or use your Student ID at to get all of their courses for free. These will help you add structure to your learning and help you learn the terminology of the market.

This method is far superior to ASM for beginners as it not only teaches you everything about selling on Amazon, but it also teaches you skills like research & finding solutions to problems. Both of such skills are extremely useful when you are running a business and Amazon is no different.

Resources For Amazon Sellers

I’ve included this specific section because courses like ASM do provide a nice list of resources and tools to their students. So I thought why not give it away for free. Education shouldn’t require potential bankruptcy.

Here is an amazing list of learning resources & tools for Amazon Sellers of all levels:

Blatant Racism At Offices

Those of you who don’t care about racism or diversity in the workplace can scroll past this section. Those who do, please read on, because is simply racist when it comes to hiring people for their team.

Racism at offices
Jason Katzenback & Matt Clark Are Racist

On their Glassdoor listing they have an underwhelming score of 3.6/5, which isn’t all bad, but wait, the main deviation in their rating comes from their lack of diversity & inclusion.

Note: For those of you who don’t know what Glassdoor is: It is basically a review website where employees can post their review of a company they have worked for.

I think it is pretty evident that for a company that rakes in millions of dollars (~$10-30 million per fiscal year), being diverse should be a priority.

This has been ignored by the media and public because Amazing has buried all these reviews under a ton of paid ones.

Racism is not the only issue when working at Amazing by the way, because reportedly, the CEO & the senior management are clueless narcissistic who don’t know how to lead a team. Combine these “amazing” traits with untimely pay, and you have a horribly toxic work environment of’s offices.

Here are some reviews posted by ex-employees of Amazing:

There are dozens of review which reveal the unhealthy racist work environment of, you can check out these reviews yourself on’s Glassdoor Listing.

This particular review caught my eye as it really shows how selfish Matt Clark can be:

Employee review

Matt not only used this writer’s copywriting material but also refused to pay him the money owed him for his services. The sum of $50,000 is not an insignificant pocket change.

This company is not at all what they claim to be. They do not want the benefit of others, their selfish actions and prejudiced hiring procedures reveal the truth about’s intents.

Using employees and treating them like they are beneath you is not how a good and healthy office operates. While I was going through these reviews I also realized how 99% of Amazing Selling Machine buyers have no clue about the horrible treatment of these employees. The manipulation of truth and facts did by Amazing is astonishingly evil & nefarious. I hope the best for these employees.

Please Get An Amazing Selling Machine Refund ASAP!

If you feel like you’ve been scammed by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark, or one of their thousands of scummy affiliates, then please request a refund as soon as possible. Refund Policy Refund Policy

Their refund policy is not that great as they only provide a refund for the first payment. And if you want more of your money back, you’ll essentially have to sue them, however, that is more of a lost cause as they have an insane number of disclaimers placed around the websites/products, which are constructed precisely to avoid lawsuits.

If you are not qualified for the 30-day money-back guarantee provided by, then please contact [email protected] and request the refund and if they still refuse, then post your complaint on platforms like GripeO, BBB, and/or Trustpilot. Refund scammers like Amazing don’t like it when their victims speak up, so they will go leaps and bounds to get you a refund.

I advise you to Google “Amazing Selling Machine reviews” and see which review websites are ranking on the 1st page. Post your gripe on any review websites that you can find on this page as it will ensure that the company notifies you. I found this method from Reddit.

Amazing Selling Machine Customer Complaints (The Buried Truth)

I was shocked to find out that is horrible at managing refunds. Many people have complained about not receiving their refunds until they threaten action or a bad review. In this section, I’m going to present a few examples, however, that are a lot more victims of ASM’s horrible refund policies.

I strongly recommend that you avoid ASM if you cannot afford to lose $5-10k as their refund policies are way too nifty to get a refund. The chances of getting a refund from them are quite a difficult task. But this morid reality is not revealed in the affiliate reviews of ASM, as they only want people to buy the course using their website’s affiliate link so they can get paid. I’ve covered the affiliate spam of Amazing as well.

I felt a little sick after reading this post made by u/lethal_unicorn on the popular subreddit r/FulfilmentByAmazon which is an amazing community of real Amazon FBA businessmen and women who help each other make money and get better at the Amazon business. Though unlike’s community, it is totally free, so you can often see affiliates trying to downplay the value of communities like r/FulfilmentByAmazon. Let’s not get off track, and take a look at this Amazing Selling Machine refund complaint.

The victim here was a college student who was probably lured into the whole Amazon FBA course ordeal by one of the ASM’s affiliates, which are lurking in every corner of the internet at this moment.

The victim’s friend helped him realize that the information provided by the course is available for free all over the internet, and after realizing his mistake, he requested a refund. However, Amazing Selling Machine’s policy ensures that no customer can get a penny from them after the 30-day guarantee. Not only this but, ASM also sends 3rd party collectors to your doorstep and ruins your credit.

This is an example of how scams like Amazing are ruining the lives of youngsters and retirees alike. These people are often not in an excellent financial situation, and Amazing manipulates them and scams them for thousands of dollars. By the time they realize that the course is generic, the victims cross the 30-day period. Just horrible.

Here is another case:

The user u/calicomonkey had more luck with ASM than the previous victim I covered. He bought the ASM in 2013 and was going through a course with 100% money back guarantee. However, he was taking screenshots during the intro presentation, as the videos are not rewatchable.

He followed the course to the dot, but as expected, it did not work. So he asked for a 100% refund, however, they told him that they can’t give him his money back as it had been six weeks.

These courses are constructed in such a way that it takes more than 4-5 weeks for the course to actually start providing actual information so by the time the victim realizes that the course is not worth it, they have passed the moneyback guarantee period.

Back to the complaint,

u/calicomonkey’s screenshots came in handy as one of the screenshots featured the money-back guarantee and he filed a credit card chargeback and got his money back. kicked him out of the platform.

Even though u/calicomonkey was able to get his money back, the majority of Amazing’s victims aren’t as lucky. This is exactly how ASM, Matt & Jason make their millions. What a horrible scam.

Let’s take a look at the next ASM 12 Refund victim:

Norm G. bought the ASM Foundations program and in his experience, it was simply terrible. He wanted to upgrade however, no one replied to his emails. This is just terrible customer service by Amazing.

Here is the final victim I’ll feature here, because the list goes on and on.

Amazing has a plethora of deception. And this person fallen victim to it. They report ASM’s poor customer service in this Trustpilot review.

This is a good leads into the next topic we’re going to discuss, the fake (or heavily biased) reviews of ASM everywhere.

Fake Review Scandal Of Amazing Selling Machine

Until now, we have uncovered a lot of things about Amazing Selling Machine, its founders, and even its victims. But now, things start to get pretty serious, so buckle-up boys and girls.

To get everyone in sync and explain what this “fake review scandal” actually is, let’s start with a group activity. Open up a tab and Google “Amazing Selling Machine review”. You should see something that closely resembles this. Almost no one in this whole wide world ever goes to the 2nd page of Google search results, but for the sake of equality, we’ll do it here.

Notice something fishy? I’ll give you a couple of seconds to figure it out.

Okay, time’s up. Here’s what’s going on: has set up a gruesome affiliate network of hundreds of blogs & content farms. The company itself has suggested that 80% of its sales are generated by its affiliates.

Disclaimer for the easily triggered: I’m not hating on affiliate marketing or the legitimate affiliate marketers who put a big disclaimer on their blog stating their bias.

The thing is, there is not one critical or even slightly honest review of Amazing Seller Machine in these search results.

This misleads thousands upon thousands of people every month into thinking that ASM is the perfect 100% legitimate course made by demigods that will ensure a seven-figure income. These affiliate reviews use all kinds of fancy words like “honest”, or “brutal”, but their brutality really shows when they say that ASM has changed their lives completely.

I mean it is a white lie. Their lives might’ve changed a lot and they might be making some serious money with ASM, but it’s not the way you expect. Their profits from ASM come from the affiliate links, not their Amazon FBA business. All of these affiliates want you to use their specific link to get the course, and if you buy the course using that link, the affiliate will get a whopping ~$1,500 from it. For most of us, that’s a lot of money.

This plague of biased reviews doesn’t just end here by the way. If you search “Amazing Seller Machine review” or “Is Amazing Selling Machine legit” on YouTube, the same thing happens. Thousands of videos with catchy titles saying how “ASM is the best course”, etc. And when you open the description of these videos, you’ll see a unique link every time, it is their special affiliate link.

YouTube SERP For Amazing Selling Machine Review

The affiliate marketers are more brutal in the YouTube community as they are much more manipulative and convincing. There are couples making a casual vlog while saying their affiliate script, there are youngsters who claim that they have financial freedom in their early 20s all because of ASM. There is no proof of their claims, but they act as customers, or in some cases they were customers of ASM before they turned into an affiliate for the product. People trust these videos because all of such videos being fake or biased sounds like a whackjob’s conspiracy theory.

Only the company wins, the students are simply a cog in the machine.

What’s Exactly Wrong With These Heavily Biased ASM 12 Reviews

I know this is a lot to take in at once and I was pretty shocked myself when I found out about these thousands of bogus reviews.

Most of the people who buy courses like Amazing Selling Machine, or Overnight Millionaire have some facts in common:

  • They want to ensure a better future for themselves
  • They do not like their current living conditions

Now, when someone like Matt Clark, or Wesley Virgin comes up to them in their YouTube feed and performs a script that is made exactly to convince people of this demographic, they get lured in.

Almost all of these “potential customers” try to do some research themselves before making a serious financial commitment. And these scammers know that already, so they set up affiliate websites and pay affiliate marketers big sums to flood the Google search results for key phrases like, “ scam” or “ review”. So when a potential victim does try to do research on these scammers, they only see paid-up 5-star reviews and sometimes even fake customer reviews.

The victim at this point in time is convinced that Amazing is a safe company and a “life-changing investment”, and that’s when they get trapped.

It is ethically wrong because it is plain misinformation. YOu cannot expect an honest review from someone who will get paid when you use their link to buy the very product they are “reviewing”, it is totally contradictory.

The customers can’t even fight back most of the time because of the horrible policies that surround Amazing’s products. Their legal team has made their policies in such a way that almost never endures a loss with their refunds.

They are sending 3rd party collectors to the houses of college students who weren’t able to make the payments. They are ruining the lives of people who are in need. This is essentially the rich feeding off the poor.

In the end, Matt & Jason keeps piling up cash, while people who wanted a positive change in their lives are left stranded, $5,000 short.

What happens when a customer tries to speak up? They are not heard, because these biased fake reviews bury their cries for help. Amazing acts very much like an MLM company. One of their affiliates gets you to buy their course and then you start to see that it’s more convenient to become an affiliate than to actually set up an FBA business and the whole chain continues on.

What Will Happen When This Post Goes Live

I’ve put this section in the middle of the post so only actual readers read this as I predict that as soon as this post will go live, will start spamming it with fake 5-star reviews. All of such reviews will blindly praise ASM, just like Amazing’s affiliates do in their posts. I’m pointing it out because these reviews can terribly misguide the actual readers who want to know the truth behind Amazing Selling Machine.

If you are a customer of Amazing Selling Machine or have had experience with it or any of its associates, then I highly encourage you to post a review down below.

For those who are curious why I’m even bothering writing such a long post:

A person who was really close to me fell victim to a Get Rich Quick scam, which ruined their life, leaving them without a roof on their head and food on their plate. It was a traumatizing experience for them and me. Then I got into investigative journalism and during the weekends, I research potential scammers. If I can help save someone somewhere around the world with my findings, then I feel satisfied. Let’s continue with the report.

Why Amazing Seller Machine Testimonials Don’t Matter

Please take a second and read this section before scrolling with the speed of light to comment, “Are you an idiot, testimonials are super important!?!!?”.

Testimonials are a huge deal and customers like me and you really take it seriously. However, they shouldn’t always be the driving factor when on certain cases which include but are not limited to large-scale Get Rich Quick schemes, MLM scams, etc. Amazing Selling Machine might market itself as an FBA course, but everything about the company suggests that it works like a Get Rich Quick scheme with MLM mixed into it.

Even though ASM can help you get started in FBA, it simply CANNOT help you get success as an Amazon Seller. And you can quote me on that. You can start from any course, from the $10 Udemy ones to the overpriced abyss of KT9, in the end, your own business decisions and research will matter. These courses are good for getting started but they have NO effect on the chances of your success.

Online Gurus often like to say things like, “People spend tens of thousands of dollars on a degree but they don’t want to spend $10,000 on my life-changing course because they do not have the ‘mindset'”. Statements like these chip away at my soul every time I read them. But just like not every college graduate goes on to become Sundar Pichai (the CEO of Google), most of the students of courses like ASM don’t become great successes either.

Now here comes the interesting part. Would you credit Sundar Pichai’s success to his degrees or his own projects and ideas? I do understand that his qualification would’ve definitely helped him in getting promotions earlier, but in the big picture, his creativity and work ethic had more to do with his success than his education.

While a college degree can help you get considered employable, a course like ASM adds zero value to your resume.

And I’m not the first person in the world to recognize this fact. That’s why affiliates and preachers of often make statements similar to, “Do you really want to do a 9-5?”, etc. There is nothing wrong with a 9-5 job, people are making a nice living with added security doing jobs. But these course sellers attempt to brainwash youngsters into a “college is bad” mentality. Let me clarify what you should actually do if you want to become an entrepreneur in this day and age. Disclaimer, it is not pretty.

If you are in an undergraduate program then please for the love of God do not leave it because some guy on the internet told you to do so. Get a nice degree or if you are in a hurry, then actually start a business right away, learn as you go on. Go to nice subreddits, online communities. Find an informational YT channel to follow. And instead of spending $5,000 on’s course, invest it. That way you will get real-world experience that actually helps people become 1st generation millionaires.

Amazing Selling Machine Review 2021 Conclusion

Horrible Overpriced mess!

Amazing Selling Machine is a terrible course that provides zero value for money. It provides no exclusive value or techniques. It is simply plagiarized information. They mistreat employees and don’t have any diversity in the workplace. Their affiliates flood the internet with biased reviews that mislead people. The sadistic refund policy can sabotage your credit & reputation.

I would recommend people to stay away from & Amazing Selling Machine.

2.7 Total Score

Amazing Selling Machine is a terrible course that provides zero value for money. It provides no exclusive value or techniques. It is simply plagiarized information. They mistreat employees and don't have any diversity in the workplace. Their affiliates flood the internet with biased reviews that mislead people. The sadistic refund policy can sabotage your credit & reputation.

3.3Expert Score
Value For Money
Customer Service
Honesty & Transparency
2.1User's score
Value For Money
Customer Service
Honesty & Transparency
  • None
  • Horribly overpriced
  • No exclusive information
  • Racist founders
  • Toxic work environment
  • Hundreds of heavily biased reviews
  • Brainwashing youngsters & college students
  • Ruthless refund policies
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  1. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Customer Service
    Honesty & Transparency

    I bought the ASM 8 when it was released on discount. It was the worst pile of fluff I’ve ever sat through. I had a small Amazon business already so I was bombarded with ads of such courses always but ASM caught my eye and I decided to try it. Please do not waste your money on it man. If you are here for the long run then you’ll learn a lot about Amazon through blogs and threads online. This course is overpriced and they have a horrible refund system in place. Overall I don’t recommend it.

    - CONS: Fluff Overpriced Refund issues
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  2. 1
    Value For Money
    Customer Service
    Honesty & Transparency

    It is a scam! Run away!

    My pal and I chipped in to buy ASM 12 and it has the SAME info that the $10 Udemy course had. We want a refund but the customer support is saying we are not eligible for it. We saved a lot of money to buy this course. It took us months to put together that money.

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  3. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Customer Service
    Honesty & Transparency

    Quite an interesting read actually. I bought the course by Nine University and it wasn’t all that bad. It is full of upsells and stuff but it is still good. But ASM on the other hand, too basic!

    I got my hands on ASM 11 through a friend of mine, he shared his notes and I watched some videos with him and lemme tell you something, it is waaaay to overhyped.

    I expected some groundbreaking stuff but it seems like they are just compiling information from around the web and selling it for money.

    - CONS: Too much marketing imo
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