Amber Callender: $6 Million Scam with Queensland One Exposed! (Update 2024)

Amber Callender is facing allegations of fraud after her husband’s company filed for bankruptcy. 

She is the sole director of Empire Constructions, a Queensland company. Her husband used to run the now-defunct Queensland One Homes. 

These Companies are indulged in financial Crimes, where they are performing fraudulent activities. Now the company has been declared bankrupt. There are many people who suffer heavy losses while putting their trust in this bogus company. Stay away from these companies.

Queensland One owed around $6 million to more than 100 creditors when it declared bankruptcy.

While the reports of this firm’s collapse were coming out, Amber Callender began working as a cosmetic nurse. 

Reportedly, the company left many homes unfinished. Later, reports revealed that the company had transferred the building contracts to Empire Constructions. 

The company’s Ormeau office space is up for lease and its staff has already moved to other firms. 

Still, Amber Callender kept claiming that the company was only going through downsizing. 

Also, when the media asked her about the unfinished homes, she said the Empire had completed the ones in mid-construction when her husband’s firm declared bankruptcy. 

Regarding restarting her cosmetic nursing career, she claimed that she needed to practice a specific number of hours per year to keep her license. 

Also, she told the media that she has been a registered nurse for more than 16 years and practices a certain number of hours every year. 

Amber Callender is Being Investigated for Alleged Phoenixing Business

Apparently, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission has begun looking into Queensland One and Empire Constructions. It suspects the husband and wife are involved in an illegal phoenixing business.

Phoenixing is when someone carries on the same business through a series of companies where each company becomes insolvent and doesn’t pay its debt. 

In response to these allegations, Amber Callender claimed that her husband’s firm didn’t transfer any assets to her company. She said, “We have never been a Phoenix company.”

Moreover, she claims that she called ASIC herself and they told her that the allegations were unfounded. 

amber callender

It’s worth noting that the regulators suspended the license of Amber’s company, Empire Constructions in September. However, they reinstated it a month later. 

According to the authorities, the license will keep running to allow Empire to finish the construction of Queensland One’s homes. 

While many homeowners have contacted QBCC, they were unable to respond due to the Tribunal’s orders. The regulator says that it cannot provide any further comments on compliance measures in place regarding the firm. 

Queensland One faced questions in a State Government hearing in the Supreme Court. 

Reportedly, a Supreme Court judge froze $7.1 million worth of Callender’s assets. Also, many computers containing their companies’ records were damaged by water and they faced questions in court regarding the same. 

When the media questioned Amber Callender about all of this, she simply said she couldn’t answer because of a settlement deed. 

Also, her husband faced allegations of providing misleading figures to keep the building license of Q1 Homes. 

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Amber Callender has not responded, nor has she apologized for her misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating her fake PR.

Shady Activities of Paul and Amber Callender:

Before Paul’s company declared bankruptcy, several hundreds of thousands of dollars went in and out of the couple’s joint account. 

This raised suspicion. 

When Amber Callender faced questions regarding this suspicious behavior in court, she said she had no idea about this money. A month before the company’s collapse, her husband, Paul, was on a 10-day holiday in Papua New Guinea and had withdrawn $125,000 from the account.

According to Amber, she was overseeing things when her husband was enjoying the vacation. She told the court that she had drove to the firm’s Southport office after hearing that the staff hadn’t received their pay. 

Then, she claimed that she tried to get in touch with her husband but couldn’t because “he was in the jungle”. 

She told the court that after failing to contact her husband, she rang the company’s “IT guy”. Amber told him to meet her at the office. 

She claimed that things were going on in the company behind Paul’s back which she knew weren’t right.

When asked about the withdrawal of $550,000 from their joint account a month before, she said she didn’t know the reason behind it. 

amber callender

Also, the prosecutors asked her for an explanation for why her joint account had received $181,000 a month before the collapse. She replied with “News to me” and claimed she had no knowledge of it. 

Moreover, Amber Callender said that she didn’t know why $100,000 was withdrawn from their joint account a few weeks before the collapse. She couldn’t explain where the $50,000 came from which their joint account had received around a week before the collapse. 

Her behavior is quite similar to that of Krissy Mashinsky, the wife of now-defunct Celsius. Her husband abruptly filed for bankruptcy similar to Paul Callender and caused the investors to lose millions of dollars globally. 


After going through the above points, it’s obvious that Paul and Amber Callender were complicit in the Phoenix business. Because of their illegal activities, hundreds of investors lost millions of dollars overnight. 

It’s pretty common for scammers to declare bankruptcy after exhausting the finances of their company. In many cases, they have no regard for the creditors and are only focused on their personal fortune. 

A similar scammer is Schwartz Konstantin Valerievich. The man is responsible for the collapse of a Russian bank and is facing an investigation for embezzlement and fraud

Beware of such fraudsters.

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Amber Callender and her husband faced allegations of fraud and running phoenixing businesses when one of their firms declared bankruptcy, causing hundreds of investors to lose over $6 million.

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  1. Both of these guys need to be punished accordingly for the crime they have committed.

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  3. It’s so common in India…scammers with phoenixing businesses and they just woosh away leaving no trace or identity behind

  4. As soon as the market collapses, first are such frauds and liars to jump out of the such a mess and go on to make new plans to conn people

  5. How people behave like total fools when summoned to court…be brave and take the blame for your frauds when you enjoying all the hard-earned money of innocent people

  6. True! These freaks have no regard for the investors…only know how to fill their own damn pockets!

  7. What a nightmare it would have been such big money overnight…

  8. These scammers even fooled their staff along with creditors

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