Amir Ben-Yohanan – Misogynism and Verbal Abuse

Amir Ben-Yonahan is the CEO and Chairman of Clubhouse Media Group who has received allegations of bullying 15- 24 years old TikTok stars who work for him. 

The young TikTok influencers used to live rent-free in a $42,000 a month mansion as its rent was paid by Amir’s CMG. There, the TikTokers revealed that Amir Ben-Yonahan was mistreating them (including teenars as young as 15).

Moreover, they allege Amir used to scream at them and made misogynistic comments when they were at the company’s mansions.

Amir Ben-Yonahan had co-founded Clubhouse Media Group in 2020. He claims he didn’t care about TikTok in its early days but when he noticed how his kids were obsessed with the app, he wanted to get into it as well.

Amir Ben-Yohanan net worth

So, he launched Clubhouse Media Group. 

CMG rents luxury mansions in the US and Europe where TikTok influencers can stay rent free as long as they create branded content. 

One of his most expensive mansions is the $42,000 Beverly Hills mansion this article is about. 

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Around 19 ex-employees of Amir Ben-Yonahan have revealed that he used to verbally abuse them. Keep in mind, these TikTok influencers are usually teenagers. Some of them are so young that their parents have to accompany them during their visits. 

“Forced Dates”, “Blamed Our Periods” – How Amir Ben-Yonahan Treated His Teenage Stars

One former member says he has extremely aggressive about setting up dates for his young stars. 

She recalls that Ben-Yonahan texted her one day saying there are a few guests coming to the house and one specific guy among them would be her boyfriend. 

Moreover, she says he told her to “look nice” and ensure to “put makeup on”. 

Certainly, the ex-member says the experience made her feel sick. 

That’s not all.

Another former member of Clubhouse Next House said Amir Ben-Yonahan was encouraging her to go on dates. She said it was very ‘uncomfortable’. 

The former member said it gave her a strange, weird feeling. 

saba quesada

Overall, 7 TikTokers and staff members have highlighted so far that Amir used to set up his influencers with other influencers to “generate good content”. 

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Furthermore, in one incident, he brushed off concerns about overworking his influencers by blaming their periods for it. 

Sabrina Quesada, a former Clubhouse Media Group star, talked about this incident in a YouTube video. 

amir ben-yonahan

She said it was as if Amir was manipulating young teenage girls. 

Amir Used to Call the Female Staff “Mentally Weak”

One former CMG staffer confirmed the incident Sabrina had talked about. 

In fact, another former member said Amir Ben-Yonahan had told her that she wasn’t mentally stable enough to work in the house because she was always with her boyfriend. 

Furthermore, Amir had allegedly told the female members of the house they were mentally weak. 

Former members reveal that he used to yell at them and treated their lives like a “game”. 

One of them said it was as if he was trying to manipulate all of our roles in the house, making us play characters instead of letting us be our genuine selves. 

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Also, the Clubhouse Media Group has taken action against several ex-members for speaking out against the firm. 

It filed 2 defamation lawsuits against its former members saying they made false and defamatory statements about the company. Also, some members have revealed they can’t speak out because they are afraid of facing a lawsuit from Amir Ben-Yonahan.

The company saw its growth sky-rocket when investors confused it with the Clubhouse App, audio chat social media application. 

Currently, the company has begun following the footsteps of Playboy. It employs models and promotes a Playboy/OnlyFans like app called Honeydrip. 

clubhouse media

Before Clubhouse Media, Amir Ben-Yonahan used to work as a real estate agent. He is also the CEO of West of Hudson Group and is a graduate of the University of Sydney Business School.

What is The Clubhouse Media Group?

Clubhouse Media Group Inc. manages influencers and helps them with content production and making deals securely. The company was founded by Yun-Hui Yu in 2003. Its subsidiaries include Digital Influence Inc., Nanning Tongji Hospital Co., Ltd, WOH Brands, LLC, and Doiyen LLC.

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The company was doing amazingly well financially at around February 2021, but its stock spiraled downwards as time went on:

Google Stocks screenshot of Clubhouse Media Group Inc

West Of Hudson Group: Aamir Ben-Yohanan Paramus

On his LinkedIn profile, Amir Ben-Yohanan claims that he is the CEO and CFO at West of Hudson Group, Inc.

CEO at West of Hudson Group

He is also listed as the Managing Director of West of Hudson Properties over at

Amir Ben-Yohanan property listing
Screenshot is taken from

Below is the PDF of a property listing owned by Amir Ben-Yohanan. The original page can be found at: Original URL:

Web Archive:

How Aamir Ben-Yohanan Business Insider Article Became Viral

Aamir Ben-Yohanan was featured in the Business Insider in an article titled “Some TikTok influencers who lived at Clubhouse content mansions say the startup’s CEO bullied talent, made misogynistic comments, and treated their personal lives like ‘a game'”.

Amanda Perelli, the author of the post goes over the alleged bullying incident and covers it in great detail.

This post took the internet by storm and was shared by thousands of people.

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Being the Clubhouse Media Group owner must come with its perks. But Amir Ben-Yonahan has received too many allegations of verbally abusing his young talent. 

From forcing dates on young girls to blaming their periods for feeling overworked, Amir has received allegations for too many wrongdoings. 

Furthermore, it’s not the first time when a high-level executive has received allegations of 

Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision has received criticism for suppressing sexual harassment complaints within his company. 

Similarly, Stephen Bittel of Terranova had to apologize publicly for sexually harassing multiple employees. 

It would be best for you to stay wary of him and his firm, Clubhouse Media Group.

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Amir Ben-Yonahan is the CEO and co-founder of Clubhouse Media Group. He has received allegations of verbally abusing teenage and young talents working at his firm.

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