Andrea Riposati of Dante Labs: Incompetent and Corrupt

Andrea Riposati is the CEO and co-founder of Dante Labs, an Italian firm. He faced probes for selling tens of thousands of faulty Covid-19 test results. 

The private laboratory under the control of Andrea Riposati was suspended when it had handed potentially faulty negative PCR test results to tens of thousands of people. Around 43,000 people had received incorrect negative test results because of his lab. 

The UK Health Security Agency revealed the affected people were mainly in south-west England. Also, the NHS Test and Trace had to contact those people and ask them to take another test. 

Andrea Riposati

Immensa Health Clinic, an Andrea Riposati firm, was running the lab. What’s interesting is that at the time, the firm was only four months old. 

Also, Andrea’s other frim, Dante Labs was facing an investigation by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority at the time. 

The watchdog had launched a probe into Dante Labs when customers complained that it failed to deliver tests and refused their refund requests. Dante Labs is a private travel testing provider. 

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People had raised concerns about Andrea Riposati’s private lab when reports of people began coming out who received negative Covid results from gold-standard PCR tests while testing positive with less accurate rapid antigen tests. 

After halting the lab’s operations, the UKHSA launched a probe. 

The UKHSA director told the media that as a result of their investigation, they were working with NHS Test and Trace to find out the technical issues which caused the inaccurate PCR results reaching the hands of people. 

Andrea Riposati Immensa Received £180 Million in Contracts:

NHS Test and Trace had granted more than £180 million to Andrea’s Immensa during the pandemic. 

According to experts in the matter, the primary cause of this issue was the opaque awarding of contracts with little relevant experience. As a consequence, most of the 43,000 victims went about their lives thinking they were negative and potentially infected thousands of others. 

Britain’s Covid testing programme received a lot of backlash for relying too much on costly private contractors like Andrea Riposati. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume some corrupt dealings took place to help Andrea make more money during the pandemic. 

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There are plenty of examples of such dealings. A recent example is Thomas Flohr, who ended up paying $16 million for helping a corrupt Nigerian businessman launder illegal funds.

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s shadow health secretary, described the decision to stop testing as the “latest fiasco in the sorry £37 billion tale of a system we were promised would be ‘world beating'”.

He said that people need to ask questions about how this private firm which didn’t even exist 4 months ago was able to get more than a £120 million contract to run this lab.

Andrea Riposati

Another unusual occurrence was when the government press release announcing the suspension of Andrea Riposati’s lab contained a supportive quote from him. 

In the quote, he claimed that his firm was fully collaborating with UKHSA on the matter and that quality was paramount for them. He highlighted that they have proudly analyzed more than 2.5 million samples for NHS Test and Trace and are working with the excellent teams at the Department of Health and Social and UKHSA. 

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The Controversies of Dante Labs Andrea Riposati :

It wasn’t the first time an Andrea Riposati firm made the news for negative reasons. Dante Labs was the subject of an investigation because of several reports saying the company was treating customers unfairly.

They were not delivering PCR tests or their results on time. In some cases, Dante Labs hadn’t delivered any tests at all. Moreover, people were complaining that the company refused or delayed refunds by citing its terms and conditions. 

Clearly, the company’s terms and conditions were limiting their clients’ rights unfairly. 

That’s not all.

In the US, Andrea Riposati’s Dante Labs had issued a statement saying 5 people had received “used kits” due to an error by their shipping provider. Later, the DHMC had promised to launch an investigation into Andrea’s company when the media found that their workers were fighting, sleeping, drinking and playing football while working in the lab.

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Still, the company succeeded in getting an additional contract of £50 million from DHSC. 

More About Andrea Riposati: Net Worth, Wikipedia and Experience

According to his LinkedIn page, Andrea Riposati is the CEO of Dante Genomics. 

He has been running the firm since December 2016. Also, he is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Before launching Dante Labs, Andrea was running Muse Technologies and prior to that, he worked at Amazon.

Andrea has a Master of Science in Economics and Financial Mathematics from Universita Bocconi. Also, he has a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. 


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Andrea Riposati is not as reliable as he claims to be. Because of his firm, tens of thousands of people received faulty Covid test results which put a lot of lives at risk. 

However, he didn’t face any consequences for this carelessness and mis-management. 

There are plenty of business leaders who abuse their wealth and power and Andrea isn’t an exception. For example, Rachel Drori was responsible for the first foodborne illness outbreaks in the US while Vik Bansal didn’t face any punishments despite many of his subordinates complaining about his abusive behavior. 

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Beware of Andrea Riposati.

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