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Andrew Katz, also known as Stark Katz or Ross Katz claims to be the co-founder of with Matthew J Krueger from San Francisco. They are now facing investor fraud charges and have been visiting the New York Criminal Court regularly since April. His next court appearance will be on August 4. They have to answer a count of grand larceny, felony assault and aggravated harassment. 

andrew katz
andrew katz business partner

Andrew Katz had to post $100,000 in cash as his bail was set at $200,000. Sources say that these funds came from duping a family office several months ago in Florida. Both Andrew and his business partner Matthew J Krueger might have garnered these funds through fraud. 

They have a shady past already. The victim is the ex-wife of Andrew, Selen Katz. She is a turkish immigrant and is now pursuing a career as an Instagram model. 

According to the co-founders, is a cryptocurrency and digital asset infrastructure trading company. He was arrested in November in New York for 2nd Degree Felony Assault Charges, Grand Larceny, and aggravated assault. The assault charges are a class D felony while the grand larceny is a class E felony. 

If he pleads guilty or is found guilty, he might be sentenced to at least 2 years in prison. 

Many people call them the Seaquake Slimeboys and the Crypto Kleptos. They are facing many cases such as a SBA PPP bank loan fraud. Andrew and Matthew applied for a PPP loan for their firm, Seaquake OPS LLC in Wyoming. They claim it’s one of the multiple companies under Seaquake. 

And they did receive a PPP loan of $22,813 in 2020 by Wells Fargo Bank National Association. 

andrew katz and seaquake scam

Obviously, it’s a case of loan fraud. Because the company is non-existent. The Paycheck Protection Loan program is for safeguarding the employment of various companies’ staff during these times. However, people like Andrew and Michael are taking advantage of such programs by propping up fake companies and taking loans. Many scammers have been abusing the PPP loan program. 

Andrew Katz has a Criminal History 

Legal records in New York and Los Angeles reveal that Andrew is facing multiple domestic abuse charges. Selen Katz is one of the many victims of Andrew Katz. She might have also prepared the loan documents for the firm as she was the Creative Director of Andrew’s firm. 

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Public records reveal that he has collected many charges under his belt including breaking and entering, harassment, assault, and stalking in the last few years. The DA office hasn’t revealed any information on the resident location of Andrew. 

Chances are, he is spending his time in different Airbnbs while awaiting his court appearances. 

Many sources reveal that Andrew has had run-ins with at least four people. These include investors, landlords, and relatives. He sent them violent messages (both voice and text) through burner phones. Also, he would post defamatory content on social media to intimidate those people so they would take back their legal complaints. 

Investment Fraud Case Against Matthew Krueger and Andrew

Andrew Katz and Matthew Krueger ripped off a Florida-based family office. The complaint says that Andrew lists he has had jobs at EFG Capital and UBS Bank in his investor offering documents and plenty of other places. But FINRA shows no records of someone named Andrew Katz with a license in the securities sector. 

And EFG Capital doesn’t show any record of employing him. This suggests that Andrew Katz is lying about his professional past to dupe investors and others. The court filings also have several group chat conversations, emails, and text messages where Andrew and Matthew made multiple fraudulent representations. They were trying to convince the investors into entering a “safe agreement”.

Both of them were assuring investors that they will use the funds to a high-frequency trading app which they and Dylan Knight (CTO of Seaquake) owned. They were successful in their efforts of duping those investors.

Dylan Knight
Dylan Knight, CTO of and business partner of Andrew Katz

Because they entered into the agreement and sent funds to the Seaquake account at Signature Bank in NY. After receiving the funds, Andrew told the investors that the application wasn’t in production. And he added that he will send the funds into a money market account until the application is “production ready”. 

They even claimed to have pending venture investors and showed a balance sheet with multiple assets. All of it was to defraud the investors. 

There weren’t any pending VCs. Andrew Katz and Matthew Krueger moved the funds multiple times and finally, sent them to a Coinbase account, then to Binance, a crypto exchange.

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While the investors are filing lawsuits, Andrew and Matthew are enjoying the 6-fold increase in bitcoin’s value with their money. 

Andrew Katz is a Criminal

The various lawsuits and felony charges are evidence that Andrew Katz is a criminal. There’s no denying it. 

He and his partner, Matthew Krueger defrauded investors in Florida and used the funds to post bail in New York. Evidence also suggests that they performed PPP loan fraud. 

Andrew Katz is a scammer and you should be wary of him.

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Andrew Katz and his business partner, Matthew Krueger are scammers. They defrauded investors in Florida. Andrew lies about his professional history and has committed assaults in the past. He is now facing felony charges in the New York criminal court.

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