Andrew Tittle Kent County: Did the Victim Got Justice? The Truth Exposed (Latest Update 2023)

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The suspect who was an intoxicated driver in a tragic incident will appear in Kent County Circuit Court

Andrew Tittle, suspected of driving with nearly three times exceeded the permitted limit in terms of liquor when he smashed his subsequent SUV, murdering his lifelong buddy, canceled his initial trial in 63rd position District Court.

Andrew Tittle is 24 years old and based in Ada Township, is scheduled to face charges in Kent County District Court. During the 17th of October incident murdered Jeremy Joseph Sobczak-Obetts was flung from the car, he was accused of intoxicated driving resulting in murder.

According to the report based on the website, Andrew Tittle risks a maximum of fifteen years in imprisonment if found guilty. He is still released on bail.

The collision occurred near Honey Creek Avenue Northeast, close to the south of Two Mile Lane. According to law enforcement, Tittle dropped command of the car he was driving, which collided with an oak tree.

According to the victim’s family members, the collision was unfortunate. Sobczak-Obetts was completing his final year at Michigan State.

After a drunken driver was handed down to a year in prison, a mother who lost her child in the incident claims that the Judicial system has let her down


A district court judge condemned Andrew Tittle to a year and a half in jail for causing her son’s death by drunken driving in October. Michelle Sobczak-Obettes, a mother, remarked that the law enforcement agency failed to do its duties correctly. 

The law enforcement system has failed the victim’s mother, she said about what she believed was too low a penalty for Andrew Tittle of Ada Township. The death of her son has ruined her and divided her family, Sobczak Obettes stated.  

22/11/2023 Update
As of now, Andrew Tittle has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The mother of the victim stated the law enforcement system betrayed her because the punishment against Andrew Tittle of Ada Township was too light. Sobczak Obettes revealed that her son’s death devastated her & split her extended family.  

Andrew Tittle’s Kent County lawsuit is being heard by District Court Judge Paul Sullivan, who condemned him to one year in jail for operating while drunk and inflicting murder, in addition to an occupational parole provision. 

According to police records, Andrew Tittle of Kent County acknowledged intoxicated driving on the seventeenth of October. He had 15 BACs as he slammed into a fallen tree on Honey Creek Avenue NE, approximately south of Two Mile Road. 

Jeremy Joseph Sobczak-Obetts, a coworker & traveler, was flung by the car & perished. 

Sullivan’s punishment was far less than the suggested state punishment recommendations of 29-57 months in jail. 

Sullivan noted Tittle’s absence of convictions, his apparent sorrow, plus his judgment that further imprisonment would have done little to serve as a deterrent for the guy who, according to legal documents, attended Purdue University

He additionally stated the fact that he was involved in religion with both of his parents, who immigrated to the United States via Hungary.

Sullivan remarked that ‘you are a reasonably lovely person,’ and he explained that an assessment mandated by the District Court revealed that the defendant wasn’t suffering from a substance dependence problem. “I think you will be in pain for an extended period as a result of this tragedy.”

Sullivan also stated that both guys were probably drinking during comedian Dane Cook’s gig at the Van Andel and that nobody compelled Sobczak-Obetts to climb in a car to accompany his drunk buddy. 

Sullivan also stated that in the event the victim had been a lenient bystander, the sentencing might have proven harsher. 

In the District Court, Andrew Tittle apologized.

Andrew Tittle stated, “Words and feelings are unable to convey the grief and tremendous guilt that I have about the suffering that I inflicted on Jeremy’s family as a result of this accident.” 

He also remarked that ought he could, he would give up his personal life for the life of his dead closest friend. 

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Multiple components of the Sobczak-Obetts family testified during the judgment; one, Gerald Kragt, the victim’s older brother, stated that Andrew Tittle did not deserve an important time in prison. 

Gerald Kragt said that I was occasionally not a good example for my brother as well as that he spoke to Andrew Tittle following the tragic event. I made numerous poor decisions regarding driving while intoxicated, which means it was solely by the sovereign intervention of God that I didn’t wind myself in a comparable bind. 

Mr. Andrew Tittle is a victim, as are we all.” Kragt stated

But Sobczak-Obett’s mother wasn’t as understanding. The magistrate heard a protracted testimony by Michele Sobczak-Obetts, who stated that the passing of her son had annihilated her entire existence.

The victim’s mother indicated that she did not recall submitting the District Court’s Judge a letter months before the sentence requesting that Andrew Tittle be treated leniently but if she did, she did so since she was persuaded to do so by people in Andrew Tittle’s family. 

I grieve the core of what Jeremy had been, Sobczak-Obetts said in the statement she gave on Sullivan. I’m cracked, but I wish I had an additional opportunity to tell Jeremy what lovely and special he is.

Sobczak-Obetts indicated that she had no way to offer any reasonable sentencing suggestions to the District Court Justice & left the decision to the magistrate. 

However, I hope that Judge may direct your Honour to loving wisdom, resulting in an outcome that is equally fair and equitable, as Sobczak-Obettes stated. 

However, following the court’s decision, she called the punishments Horrible.

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Andrew Tittle will be released a year from now, and Jeremy, a victim will continue to be dead, Michele Sobczak-Obetts claimed.

Andrew Tittle & his loved ones were silent after the punishment. Andrew Tittle has to go to the Kent County Prison on the fourth of April to start completing his imprisonment term.

About Andrew Tittle Kent

Andrew Tittle is a seasoned refrigeration, ventilation, & conditioning professional who presently oversees activities at Aireconomics Ltd., a Tennessee-based family-owned business. 

Andrew Tittle is regarded by many as a complete expert in the government’s Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning enterprise, drawing on a range of education and expertise in areas including construction and property administration to diverse fields of study such as literature & international language courses.

In the year 2009, Andrew Tittle chose to move to Florida to begin working for his dad’s business, Aireconomics The company was based on the installation of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner systems for manufacturing plants, business premises, as well as massive locations consisting of educational institutions, eating establishments, along with lodging establishments.


The victim’s mother wants justice. She believes the system did her wrong and let Andrew get away with a major crime unscathed.

What do you think? Do you think the punishment was enough? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. This kind of case is very common in the USA, hence it is not a new one. Each year, 300000 cases are reported. The government should take strict action against it in order to lower the number of crimes and death rates because many innocent persons have been targeted in these cases.

  2. How Can someone do this to anyone after committing a crime? After committing a crime, this individual easily got bail, and the district court judge was unable to make the correct decision on this matter. This is ridiculous since I believe it was surprising for the victim’s mother. They were unable to get proper justice from the court.

  3. If you are drunk then, you have no right to drive, as they can book a cab or a taxi, so this incident couldn’t take place. Today it is very common among youngsters. They think drinking and driving is such a cool thing but they don’t think about their and other lives.

  4. This incident opened my eyes to the fact that these types of incidents still occur in society, where people were committing crimes and easily getting bail, and now it is the advancement of society taking place, where these criminals freely leave society, but no one could address the matter.

  5. After reading this article I got tears in my that the death of her son ruined their entire life and she is unable to get justice. People like Andrew do not get proper punishment after committing such a major crime.

  6. People are unable to understand how miserable it is for the mother who has lost her son or daughter as a result of Andrew Tittle’s ignorance, who was later found guilty in the drink and drive case.
    These types of monsters no longer exist in the who murder their friend and then flee the scene of the crime.

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