Androsky Lugo FFAF – Pedophile – BEWARE!

Androsky Lugo is the CEO of FFAF who was charged with transporting and possessing child pornography. 

US Attorney Philp Sellinger made this announcement in May 2022. 

Androsky Lugo FFAF faced one count of possession of child pornography and one count of transportation of child pornography. 

Apart from these charges, he faced charges of unlawful surveillance in the second degree and promoting  obscene sexual performance by a child. 

androsky lugo eastchester nj

The Eastchester Police Department helped the High Technology Crime Squad of the Westchester County DA’s office in arresting him.

Androsky Lugo FFAF was able to get pictures of nude children from 3 to 10 years old from Microsoft Bing. 

Also, he had an 8 to 10 years old child’s nude photograph. Moreover, he had taken lewd photos of a 12-year old, focusing on the kid’s genital area underneath the clothes.

He had taken some of those pictures at his Eastchester home. 

DA Rocah told the media that the conduct of Androsky Lugo FFAF was very disturbing. The DA added that the authorities were doing their best to protect minors from manipulative adults. 

It’s worth noting that the charge of possessing child pornography carries a maximum penalty of 10 years with a fine of $250,000. 

Where is Androsky Lugo FFAF Now? 

Currently, Androsky Lugo (FFAF) has left the legal world and has become an architect. 

He is the CEO and founder of Framing Futures Architectural Firm in Southern California. 

Be extremely cautious while dealing with him, however. Considering his past of taking lewd pictures of children, it would be best for you to avoid doing business with him altogether. 

androsky lugo FFAF

Moreover, he claims to be an expert architect who has operated in the industry for decades. 

Certainly, he is relying on deceptive marketing tactics to get ahead. 


Pedophilia is a major threat. It puts the lives and safety of our children at risk. 

While the arrest of Androsky Lugo FFAF brought some peace to Eastchester, a lot of work is yet to be done. 

Be extremely cautious while dealing with FFAF.

There are plenty of examples when a pedophile was able to avoid a serious sentence through legal loopholes or lack of evidence. 

For example, Hunter Atkins is a groomer who the court couldn’t charge due to a “lack of evidence”. 

The man was sending sexual texts to a 15-year old girl and had invited her to a secret location. 

Hence, beware of Androsky Lugo (FFAF).

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Androsky Lugo (FFAF) used to be an attorney. He was charged with possession of child pornography and promoting the same. Also, he was arrested for taking lewd pictures of kids using mobile devices.

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