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Anthony Hand Hobby King received a $2.8 million fine from the FCC for selling non-compliant transmitters. Learn more about the incident by reading on:

Several American organizations, including ABC Fulfillment Services, Indubitably, Inc., and Hextronik, based in Hong Kong, all operate under the brand name “Anthony Hand Hobby King.” A man by the name of Anthony Hand is connected to all of the businesses.

To recover a $2.8 million punishment for marketing and selling unlicensed drone communication devices, the US government filed a civil lawsuit against drone reseller Anthony Hand Hobby King on Thursday in federal court in Portland.

The Federal Communications Commission found that Anthony Hand Hobby King marketed to customers in the United States at least 65 different types of audio-visual transmitters that were not approved by the government body and could not be used for amateur radio.

Since the Federal Aviation Administration uses aeronautical radar systems, the certification requirement makes sure that radio frequency equipment does not obstruct these activities. The civil complaint claims that 15 of the 65 models “created a threat to public safety.”

The Federal Regulatory Commission discovered that drone hobbyists rather than certified radio amateurs were targeted with the drone transmitters’ marketing.

Anthony Hand of Hobby King was sued by the FCC
19/12/2023 Update
As of now, Anthony Hand Hobby King has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Case of Anthony Hand Hobby King On June 20, 2021, 

The Federal Communications Commission turned down a petition from Anthony Hand Hobby King on June 20, 2021, requesting the body to overturn its $2,861,128 penalties for selling drone transmitters in violation of FCC equipment marketing regulations. 

Dozens of the company’s products were discovered to be operating at excess power levels and transmitting in radio frequency bands that weren’t approved, according to an FCC inquiry.

Anthony Hand Hobby King sold products that enable video communication between drone users and transmitters mounted on unmanned aircraft systems. 

According to FCC regulations, these devices have to have gained certification via the FCC’s equipment authorization procedure based on their operational characteristics. 

This certification requirement makes sure that radio frequency equipment won’t obstruct work being done by the federal government, licensed businesses, or other machinery. 

Following an examination by the FCC, it was discovered that Anthony Hand Hobby King sold 65 models of equipment that the Commission had to certify but which were not.

The Petition for Reconsideration that was presented by ABC Fulfillment Services, LLC and Indubitably, Inc., the two of which conduct business as Anthony Hand Hobby King, is denied by the Memorandum Opinion and Order that the Commission approved that day. 

In June 2020, the FCC passed a Forfeiture Order for selling radio frequency equipment that was not in compliance with the Communications Act’s section 302 and section 2.803 of the Commission’s rules, as well as for failing to comply with instructions from the commission during an investigation of the Company’s operations.

Generally, the parties must allege a major error or omission in the FCC’s decisions for the Commission to grant a petition for reconsideration or new facts must be provided. It is not a chance to reiterate previously disproved arguments. In light of this, the Commission today rejected the plea.

The Commission decided on June 17, 2021, to issue an FCC 21-76 Memorandum Opinion and Order. Commissioners Carr, Starks, Simington, and acting chairwoman Rosenworcel all gave their approval. The acting chairwoman, Rosenworcel, has released a statement separately.

Media's stories on Anthony Hand Hobby King

Nowadays, the FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, takes wireless technology for granted. It is simple to forget that the FCC in the United States is in charge of regulating how the airwaves are used. The FCC fined Anthony Hand Hobby King about $3 million for selling unlicensed drone transmitters, serving as a stern lesson to the corporation.

The FCC has been clamping down on these inconsistent transmitters for some time, and in 2018 the organization received a notice of probable liability. 

The investigation began in 2016, and the FCC has been cracking down on these transmitters since then. Radios that were marketed on unapproved frequencies, radios with an output power that exceeded the legal limit, and radios that were not type-approved were among the issues.

The FCC stated that Anthony Hand Hobby King “did not deny in its answer to the NAL that it sold devices without equipment certifications or that it failed to completely reply to the Bureau. Anthony Hand Hobby King instead made several weak legal arguments.

What is FCC?

The Federal Communications Commission is the key authority responsible for overseeing and regulating interstate and international communications across various mediums. Operating independently within the U.S. government and under congressional supervision, the FCC is entrusted with the crucial task of implementing and enforcing the nation’s communication laws and regulations.

Ham radio operators are permitted to purchase and use non-type approved radios, most likely because they possess the expertise needed to utilize them without causing interference. However, type acceptance is necessary for other radio types.

The FCC has also been investigating the manufacturers of these transmitters.

News about the multi-million fine against Anthony Hand Hobby King

Case of Anthony Hand Hobby King On 23rd July 2020

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A $2,861,128 fine was levied against Anthony Hand Hobby King by the FCC on July 23rd for selling video transmitters for FPV drones that were against the agency’s regulations. Diffuse instances of the Anthony Hand Hobby King-sold video transmitters were discovered by the FFC to be using forbidden frequencies.

In the course of an FCC inquiry, Anthony Hand Hobby King once a major player in the radio-controlled and drone industries was discovered to be marketing and selling 65 too-powerful video transmitter types that operate outside of the FCC’s allowed operating bands. 

This resulted in a nearly $3 million punishment. However, despite the 65 transmitters’ use of permitted spectrum, the FCC never granted them certification.

The Case History of Anthony Hand Hobby King

After receiving many complaints from third parties, the FAA asked Anthony Hand Hobby King to produce information regarding the analog video transmitters that looked to violate the law back in September 2017.

Anthony Hand Hobby King informed the FCC that it has stopped promoting and selling the 65 video transmitters and pledged to make every effort not to sell any other non-compliant equipment. Of course, they didn’t, and as a result, Anthony Hand Hobby King was hit with the $2.8 million fine that was initially proposed in June 2018.

Due to the devices’ potential for interfering with aviation systems and meteorological radar systems, Anthony Hand Hobby King has a month to pay the $2,861,128 penalties. The FCC referred Anthony Hand Hobby King’s case to the Department of Justice if it was unable to pay the fine on time.

Further Details on the Multi-Million Case Against Anthony Hand Hobby King

Since the FCC has already fined a significant hobby retailer approximately $3 million, likely, they will now target other online retailers who offer many hobbyists access to reasonably priced analog video transmitters. 

Because of the vast selection of FPV equipment they sell, Banggood and Gearbest would probably be the next companies the FCC looked into.

The FCC’s action is likely to raise the price and force you to choose from the market’s more expensive, legal options because the majority of video transmitters discovered to be using unlawful frequencies are on the more affordable end of the spectrum. Price increases may hasten the hobby’s shift to digital gear.

Well, how do you relate him to all these events?

The Consequences

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On Nov. 1, the corporation received a letter from the Federal Communications Commission requesting full payment of the fine within 30 days, claims the lawsuit. The complaint stated that the sum is still owed.

In addition to interest, the government is requesting $2.8 million for Anthony Hand Hobby King’s infractions and $39,278 for the company’s disregard for the commissioner’s directives.

Federal authorities have heard the company’s argument that there are no marketing regulations that address “versatile” drone equipment that may operate on amateur and non-amateur frequencies and that it was unaware that its marketing was prohibited.

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According to court documents, the corporation also contended that speaking with the federal government would go against its Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination and that the fine should be scaled out because of the company’s financial difficulties.

The Federal Communications Commission disputed the company’s claims, stating that under its regulations, radio frequency equipment may not be marketed without first having been approved and labeled per those regulations.

According to the complaint, the reason the lawsuit was brought in Oregon is that Portland serves as Indubitably, Inc.’s primary place of business, and the defendant corporations have operations there as well.

This link, which details the whole list of interactions between the FCC and Anthony Hand Hobby King, allows you to read the order in its entirety. Watch the following video for a brief overview of the problem and what it might mean for the FPV hobby’s future.

Who is Anthony Hand?

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Anthony Hand serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Hobby King, a 2001-founded retail business with an estimated 55 workers. They have C-level management and are a member of the Executive team within the C-Suite Department. Australia is where Anthony is currently based.


Finally, I’ve spoken all I have to say about Anthony Hand Hobby King and the FCC’s $2.8 million fine for illegal behavior. What do you think of the penalties the FCC has imposed on Anthony Hand Hobby King after reading this article? Consider it reasonable.

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