Buyer Beware Is this the Extortion Scam Story?

What happened: AntiDolos tried to extort me by publishing bullshit review of a project where I am Co-Founder and if I pay $1000 they would give us a much higher rating. In his review that is not public yet he made a lot of false accusations, from having fake team members to faking partnerships which is just not true. Article is not yet published on their website and we got preview version of it and I guess they wanted to wait and see whether we gonna give them $1000.Website:
User: AntiDolosBackstage website of his claims is that we (Backstage) are falsely advertising partnerships with parties that we have no connections whatsoever and that’s simply not true.? example, this is a tweet from Haash verified official account with 5.6 million followers where they mention Backstage as a place where you can buy VIP Meet & Greet tickets for their North America tour.Backstage marketplace the top right corner you can see Backstage logo as we are partners with Aspendos which is an ancient theater in Turkey that hosts shows of top world stars like Placido Domingo.? UFC fighter Kelvin Gastelum published on his official Instagram account with more than 500k followers about being Backstage ambassador.? message where AntiDolos asks $1000 for higher rating?
His telegram username @Antidolos_adminOne of the more ridiculous claims is that we “don’t have token yet” while we actually wanted to fully develop business before launching the token and that’s exactly why so many tokens failed-they have nothing behind it while we have a real business that is already bringing revenue and we are not in hurry to publish token and dump it on investors like majority of others are doing.? could go on but I think that this is enough to prove that AntiDolos has no clue what he is talking about, didn’t make a proper research and has no honest intention to protect the community.
I couldn’t even care less about his review if he didn’t try to actually extort me and that’s when I decided to publish this so the same thing won’t happen to others.If you want to do your own research about Backstage, you can start here:

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