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Antonio Centeno

Antonio Centeno runs Real Men Real Style, a company with shady practices and suspicious reviews. Read the full here report on Gripeo.
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The internet has helped many people in building digital businesses. The luxury of working from anywhere and having flexible work hours attracts many people in this field. While some strive to make an honest living, others use malicious measures to make their money. Antonio Centeno falls in the latter category.

He runs Real Men Real Style. A digital media company that claims to teach men about style and gives fashion tips. While his website seems great, it isn’t really a good place for any person to get his knowledge from. Antonio is publishing trashy content through his blog and channel to attract victims for his scam. He manipulates people into buying his information products. While he makes a hefty sum with every purchase, the buyer doesn’t realize that he has made one of the worst blunders he could ever make. The products are just like the blog, useless.

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You would feel like you have wasted all of your time and money for nothing. Whether you buy his book or his consultation both of them are filled with trash.

Antonio Centeno Scam Explained

How he is running his scam

Antonio teaches men about style and how to get respect through their looks. Some of his advice even seems genuine. This guy also has a huge blog and a strong YouTube channel. His blog has thousands of visitors, his YouTube channel has more than 2.4 million subscribers and his Facebook page has over 50,000 followers. Due to these staggering numbers, his brand seems authentic and reliable.

People don’t realize the level of BS Antonio is giving to them because they get distracted by his huge following. It’s true that Antonio has been running RMRS for a long time but it doesn’t mean it’s good. His information products are trash, I have experienced that myself, and the content he puts out everywhere doesn’t add any value to the readers. It is just a bunch of usual advice which he keeps spreading around in different forms. From afar you might think he is doing content marketing but as you get closer you realize he is just a misleading marketer. That guy doesn’t give a darn about his followers. His advice is just a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t help you in improving your fashion.

Even with terrible content and advice, he is able to attract more people to his brand since the beginning because of the way he markets his content. You can visit his website and see for yourself.

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He knows how to catch your attention. He knows about marketing, that’s for sure. What he doesn’t know about is fashion yet he still tries to give advice on this matter. Imagine a person looking for some advice on how to look good. He comes across Real Men Real Style. He opens their blog, reads a few articles and realizes that he is getting some value out of it but that’s not enough. So he looks for more ways to get knowledge where he sees no information product except a free class.

Surprised to see so much free stuff, he signs up for the class which mostly consists of random blabber without providing any concrete advice. This supposed class lasts for around 2 hours. This guy, who wanted a few tips about looking good has until now invested a lot of his time and energy into RMRS. He really wants to find out something useful. But so far, he hasn’t found anything of use. When the class ends, he comes to find out that he’ll get real advice from a paid information product (a book or a course). What do you think this guy would do? He would buy the book in the hopes that he can get some value. Now, Antonio’s books aren’t any good too and I’ve discussed that issue later in this article. My point is, Antonio claims to help men with their fashion problems but does nothing of the sort. His website, his social media accounts, his content, they all are full of claims and fluff.  He hasn’t studied fashion, he has never been in the fashion industry and he doesn’t have the qualifications to prove his claims of being an expert. He lures people by giving them a tiny bit of advice and then makes them buy crappy products. It’s deceptive and misleading. People don’t realize all of this because they either think they were too dumb to understand anything or their sense of fashion is weak. Both these cases are untrue because the reality is they weren’t supposed to get any advice from the products at all.

I know all this because I am a victim of his deceptive marketing strategies as well. I wouldn’t have risked paying him thousands of dollars and end up getting nothing in return. The worst thing about all this is that his audience doesn’t have a clue of what this guy is up to. They hope they will get some knowledge and end up with nothing.

His Consultations are Full of Trash

Antonio knows a lot about social media marketing and running a scam. This knowledge helps him in luring people into his trap. If you lie to people about your expertise and claim to be something you aren’t, you are a scammer. And that’s why Antonio Centeno is. I came across this guy on YouTube when I was looking for grooming advice. I’m in the tech sector and in the initial years of my career, I spent most of my time working with startups.  Everyone knows how it is when you’re working in a startup. There’s a small office, a few guys, and long work hours. There was never any demand for wearing suits and ties. Because I never needed to wear that stuff, I never bothered to read about it. My usual attire consisted of t-shirts and jeans which were sometimes replaced by joggers. But after a few years of working with a few startups, I got a great job offer in a major company. And I wanted to join those guys.

When you haven’t worked in a corporate office before, you get anxious. No one from my family has experience in this field too. They are either small businessmen or farmers, which forced me to look up grooming tips online. I didn’t want to spoil my reputation by wearing the wrong tie or having a loose collar. Anyway, when I looked up grooming tips for men on YouTube, I saw one of his videos. This guy seemed genuine and interesting. I wouldn’t lie, I thought he is a real expert who knows what he’s talking about. So I watched some of his more videos on relevant topics. I realized that the entire videos were mostly filled with fluff and useless stuff. There were only a few sentences that were really useful in the entire videos. I wanted to find out more so I visited his website. Now, I’ll take a detour to say that this was the biggest mistake I ever made. If I hadn’t taken any interest in Antonio’s content beyond a few videos, I would’ve saved a couple of thousand dollars and a lot of my time.

Let’s get back to where I was, his website. So, when I visited his website, it seemed very attractive. The visuals were appealing so I browsed it a little. Most of the website is filled with similar advice on different topics that makes it dull and boring. I realized I was getting the usual information on his site which I could’ve gotten from anywhere but I read about his consultation in one article.

Now I was more interested than before. Also, this is another reason why his entire business is based on a scam and fishy tactics. This guy doesn’t list the price of his course or consultation on his website. I’m pretty sure he has kept the cost of his consultations hidden so he can charge whatever amount he pleases. I didn’t think about any of this stuff at that time. I was only concerned with getting quality advice about male grooming. I examined his website and realized that I will have to contact the guy, which I did within a few minutes. I got a reply from the guy a few hours later. I discussed the consultation fees and he was acting all interested and caring at the time. This all is just an act to make the customer feel like he’s in control. He wants you to think that he is a caring professional and not a scumbag. He was talking to me like a friend and I felt really comfortable. I asked him about the consultation fees and he told me a big sum. I can’t share that because it is covered by NDA. But I can say that it was around a few thousand dollars. He took an advance payment before giving me any consultation. I thought he’d meet me but instead, he just did everything on a video call. That could be acceptable but when the consultation started, it was just pathetic. I had bought around 30 minutes of his time according to him. On the video call, he first asked me what I like to wear, where I wear it, and some other things about my attire. I tried to keep it short but it took me around 10-15 minutes to answer his questions alone.

Then he started saying stuff. First, he told me that my entire wardrobe is wrong. He kept going on about it. I was getting impatient but I thought that’s how he works so I didn’t say anything. Again, he kept going and ADVISED me to buy his book and get more expensive clothes. That’s it. He didn’t tell me what kind of tie I should wear, how should I wear it nothing. He just avoided all of these topics and ended the video call without giving me a chance to retort. I can’t express the amount of frustration I felt at that point. This guy scammed me and I was a fool to think he’d be any helpful. I was in shock for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe that I was scammed. I had filled the pockets of a con artist and the realization was very painful. It hurt me so much that I wasted a couple of thousand dollars in a snap. I should have waited for a couple of days, I should have looked someplace else. But I thought Antonio was the right choice and paid him. It was a huge mistake. After that day, I have been alerting my friends and relatives about Antonio and his scam. I just realized that sharing my experience would only help others.

The Book

His Book : A Waste of Time

Antonio markets his book ‘Dress Like a Man’ in many places. When I had a terrible experience with his consultation, I thought of checking his book’s reviews. I found plenty of negative reviews there. Just like I explained his content quality, the reviews explain his book in a similar fashion.

Like one reviewer has just put everything bluntly. He says that the book only recommends you a bunch of stuff to wear. It doesn’t tell you how you should wear it such as what are the right things to wear in a party, or in a meeting? The book is supposed to be a style manual but it doesn’t provide any information of that sort.

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I have the same problem with the content of the RMRS blog and social media channels. He gives generic advice which is quite useless. But people like me, who have no idea of styling as a man, get fooled because we think he might be offering something valuable in his paid products.

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Here’s a funny thing. RMRS has plenty of clients but it doesn’t have any reviews apart from a few testimonials on his own website. Professional consultants tend to maintain a presence on review websites but Antonio doesn’t want to take that risk. He knows that if his products and consultations start getting real reviews, he won’t last a day. His brand will die so quickly that he wouldn’t even be able to sense it dying. He could’ve at least kept his business on BBB or Trustpilot but he won’t take this risk. All he has is a bunch of so-called client testimonials. There’s no proof that those people are his real customers and seeing the kind of marketing tactics Antonio employs, it’s highly probable that most of those positive reviews are fake.


Summing it up

If you’re a follower of Antonio, this entire review might have been a shock for you. But you’d also notice that all the points I have discussed here are true. Antonio isn’t providing any valuable information to his audience. He keeps repeating the same stuff over and over again. He has created deceptive sales funnels to convert his audience into a bunch of scapegoats. It’s unfair. He is taking advantage of his audience. I just hope my experience and the experiences of other people I shared here will help you make an informed and safe decision in the future.

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  1. I can agree with most of your article. I’ve watched his videos and find them to be, in most cases, simply ridiculous. He obviously know very little about style based on some of the stuff I’ve seen him say and wear. His videos are very repetitive. With a number of youtubers that provide quality style content, I find it sad that there are followers taking style advice from his channel, not to mention having to listen to a lot of regurgitated information he simply gets from other sites.

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    depending on the time consultation takes place, at times placing an actual pre-set price is difficult. I’ve noticed many fees on the website there, and just like any industry, you have to know about getting into that company or line of products before you get into it. Otherwise with some purchases we make we’re satisfied even before we never heard of it before.

    I’ll give one star only because it is required, and I’ll give the actual star for at least writing a lengthy article.

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