Antonio Colasante – Fraud, Arrest and Omnia Servitia

The authorities arrested Antonio Colasante of Lanciano for issuing inflated invoices. He is the same guy who has been managing the lavanolo service in all Molisian hospitals. 

It’s worth noting that Antonio runs Omnia Servitia. He wins tenders through this company.

Antonio has been able to do this thanks to his wife who administers the same. 

The Prosecutor of Campobasso began investigating him around three years ago. Apart from Antonio Colasante, he found another suspect. 

Currently, there is an 11 million EUR dispute between the company and ASRem, the public health department in Campobasso, Italy. 

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Before the police officers arrested Antonio Colasante, the Moliana health company had begun dissolving the contract with the company of his wife. Keep in mind, Antonio’s wife has been in charge of sterilization and clinical engineering at the Venetian Hospital of Isernia. 

Antonio Colasante was arrested on March 6. 

The authorities were running a major investigation into an inflated invoices scam in the healthcare sector of Abruzzo. 

However, the man they arrested had been managing the laundry services of all Molisani hospitals since 2009. 

He won a contract of several million euros in 2009 and it expired in November 2018. ASRem is not shelling a euro for it today. 

The 11 million EUR dispute began between the Hospital and the Molisana health company when an investigation began under the orders of Captain Antonio Forciniti. 

More Information on Antonio Colasante, the Abruzzo Entrepreneur:

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The investigation found a lot of things. They found that apart from cleaning the sheets and laundry of the hospitals, Antonio Colasante’s company was also handling other responsible for the hospital in Isernia. 

They were able to win a 800 thousand euros tender. 


There is another issue. It’s about the 2005 tender ASRem issued and Antonio’s company won the same. 

According to the competitors at the time, Antonio’s company was not eligible for that tender. So, the invitation for the tender was canceled two years later. 

Apparently, the only eligibility criteria at the time was opening the tender envelopes. Also, Antonio’s company had failed to provide any documentation which made them eligible.

When the investigators found these anomalies, they awarded the tender to another company. 

Then, Antonio Colasante’s company went to the Council of State to get compensation. So, ASRem ended up entrusting an ineligible company with the duty of washing patients’ sheets and hospital gowns. 


Now we get to the third race. Again, the appeals to the Tar for vices in the commission and another unfavorable judgment for Antonio Colasante’s company. To that company, ASRem had given the green light to proceed despite a suspension later confirmed by an administrative judge. 

Antonio’s company won the tender even when the competitors had been trying for years. 

They pulled back by renouncing the effects of the Tar’s first-degree ruling. 

Now the last contract has become regular. 

It has become so regular that Antonio Colasante always gets an additional contract for sterilization and clinical engineering. 

You should be wary of corrupt businessmen such as Antonio. There are several examples of corrupt businessmen abusing their power and position.

For example, Moez Kassam has used his position to ruin multiple companies. Similarly, the founder of Buelna Law Firm APC has received allegations of supporting a racketeering scam.

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Antonio Colasante has been able to win tenders he shouldn’t have. Furthermore, he was finally arrested for running a huge invoicing scam. Beware.

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