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Apex500 is a company that claims to give the best trading results in the market and have multiple clients across the world. Read the full review on Forex Scam.
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Apex500 is a company that claims to give the best trading results in the market and has multiple clients across the world. The venture states to have top-notch trading tools. There are no trading activities taking place in these activities. 

Apex-500 claims to operate in full transparency. However, they do not reveal the individuals behind the company. The company offers top-notch security. So, as per the company’s statement, the investors do not have to worry about their funds. Unfortunately, the platform has not declared the bank name that deals with the funds. Hence, your money is not secured and you can be at loss.

Apex500 has several accounts that investors can choose from. The firm also offers account insurance. Do not trust an offshore company, you will often be in regret it. Review

The firm claims to have an award-winning trading interface. Anyone can use it regardless of their investment funds. The available assets are; cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, energies, commodities, and indices.

Did You Know?

CFD (contract for differences) is an advanced trading tool and a contract between an investor and a CFD broker to exchange the ‘gap-value’ of a financial entity, that can be securities or derivatives. 

Apex500 is a venture that assures clients their withdrawal requests shall be handled in time. However, we are yet to encounter anyone that has successfully cashed out. 

In regards to security, the platform only has an SSL certificate to show. The clients’ data is not secure. Scammers tend to share information with third parties without their permission. This can put you in trouble.

Choose a company that is genuine and offers the best trading services. These companies have reputable names in the industry and are in the market for years.

How Does Apex-500 Operate?

All Ponzi schemes operate in the same manner. The company shows advertisements in attractive style to fascinate more customers. Trading conditions are fantastic. They promise quick reserves and assure you to work with a professional team. 

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The moment you share your data, their sales reps get busy. They will call you endlessly, convincing you to deposit funds to become rich overnight. These are tactical and prolific scammers. Once you will proceed and deposit your funds, the money will be available on your dashboard, but you won’t be able to withdraw

You will start taking follow-ups, the scammers will get irritated and the artist will cut off. They won’t respond to your calls. Eventually, the website will get down. You cannot go after the fraudsters as they have not revealed their real names.

Trading Conditions and Accounts

The company offers a web-based trading platform. The interface does not have attractive features. Moreover, it is outstanding with the MetaTrader. 

$250 is the minimum amount one can deposit. It is in line with the market standard. Apex-500 offers investors and offer services that are not profitable or attractive. EURUSD pair grants clients a spread of 3.5; opening a trade is extremely expensive. There are reputable firms that give traders 1 pip and below.

The leverage range from 1:30, 1:50, and 1:100. The latter limit is beyond what the regulatory bodies permit. Hence, investors attract more risks.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Apex-500 offers multiple payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Yandex, and Qiwi. The only secure option is bank cards. However, we do not recommend trading with this offshore unlicensed platform.

The venture uses bonus strategies to attract its clients. The lucrative range from 25% to 100%. Do not be glad because the requirement that you have to meet to cash out is outrageous. Scammers use this tactic to limit investors from withdrawing money.

There are far better investment schemes that can help you earn passive income. Legit companies provide complete security for your funds and offer a swift withdrawal process. Such companies won’t have hidden charges.

Regulation Status of Apex-500

The platform seems to be operating from Seychelles. Their phone number is from the United Kingdom. This is one of the countries with strict rules for investment ventures. A company must be regulated for it to collect funds from members of the public.

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Seychelles also has lenient rules for brokers. The final financial agency of the company is Seychelles Financial Service Authority (SFSA). The operating capital is $50,000 and is registered in the country. They must also have two directors and two shareholders. Sadly, after checking whether the company is on the list of licensed ventures, we found nil results.

The drawback is that the shareholder can also be the director. Apex-500 does not safeguard the funds of investors. Traders will not receive compensation once the broker collapses. If you invest with a platform, run its business legally in the United Kingdom, and have an FCA license, you will receive considerable compensation. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

The reallocation of Apex-500 is still a big mystery. The people behind the scam have done a perfect job to ensure they remain discreet. The address that the platform features are fake.

Scammers would not be naive to live their data. The authority would come after Apex-500 unlicensed offshore and put them behind bars. It is safe if they remain anonymous. There is no customer support in this entity. 

Why would anyone risk trusting their funds with a company that lacks the decency of being transparent? Who will resolve any issue that you face? We suggest you refrain from doing business with this murky scheme.

Furthermore, we are yet to see endorsements from existing clients. After spending quality time researching, we did not find anyone who endorses what they have earned. We suggest that you watch out for these kinds of platforms in the market. 

The Domain Insight

Given the promises that Apex-500 makes, we expected to see more traffic coming their way. Sadly, the number of visitors to the firm is deficient. This proves that no one is interested in their services. 

The domain name has also been recently registered. Apex-500 targets being in the market for only one year. This is proof that you cannot rely on the broker for long-term services. Ponzi schemes rarely make it past a year. They are either exposed or run out of funds and have to close down their business.

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Final Verdict

Apex-500 is a company that you should approach with caution. Giving them the benefit of the doubt will only leave you in bad shape. There are no trading activities on the platform as we are yet to see a legit trader who has earned using their website. 

Investment is a serious matter that you should not rush without thorough due diligence. Otherwise, you will lose everything in the blink of an eye.

3.1Expert Score
Approach with caution

The venture is not reporting its daily trading activities to anyone. Hence, it is easy to manipulate data. It may appear as though you are winning, while in reality, you are only losing funds to the con artist.

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