Aquila Holdco Limited: A Chinese Ponzi Scheme. The Truth Discovered (Update 2023)

Aquila Holdco Limited is a Chinese Ponzi Scheme that has unreliable trading criteria. Let's find out the entire truth to make you aware of such fraudster companies.
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Aquila Holdco Limited is a Chinese Ponzi Scheme that has unreliable trading criteria. Let's find out the entire truth to make you aware of such fraudster companies.
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On their website, Aquila Holdco Limited omits to list ownership or executive details.

On October 29, 2022, the domain name “” for the website of Aquila Holdco Limited was registered using false information.

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Aquila Holdco Limited offers information regarding the company’s incorporation in New Zealand in an effort to appear credible.

The place where Aquila Holdco Limited was incorporated has nothing to do with the business. Furthermore, simple incorporation in any country has little significance for MLM due diligence.kzDep33TO n9urZQBbrON6swXPCHZ 6vIE2ZXR gdJQJNhDnVWCCtYKwoXexZWthCsOUEzrFj1mqwkcHLQg9qb5Y

It is as easy as providing false information, paying a price, and receiving a certificate, which Aquila Holdco Limited obviously makes available on its website. A link to Bofbot Limited’s Instagram account can be found in the website code of Aquila Holdco Limited.
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Bofbot Limited was a defunct Ponzi scheme that offered up to 4% per day in interest. Bofbot Limited pretended to be based in the UK rather than New Zealand.

In the website source code of Aquila Holdco Limited, we also locate the simplified Chinese symbol  “漏”:
9hlGAHx4uAXX9UvhdNV6cACbejBTrNLU21QqnR2im8rqyQQ1vYwmjqjZjm GDdKdb9YK vOFJGpxaTJl5VctjjYhGG0G8IRYd7k0jT6CSFK5ItpbkhOsn5hn4aJ0yj6e7cfjNotl DmWIk1j5NBhy5g

This definitely implies that Bofbot Limited and Aquila Holdco Limited are the fraud schemes of Chinese fraudsters.


Although I can’t be certain, the standard Chinese Ponzi playbook calls for the business to be conducted out of a country that borders China or Southeast Asia.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

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Products of Aquila Holdco Limited 

Aquila Holdco Limited does not offer any goods or services for retail sale. Only the Aquila Holdco Limited associate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Compensation Plan of Aquila Holdco Limited 

Affiliates of Aquila Holdco Limited may make cryptocurrency investments with daily yields of up to 3.1%:

Investment RangePlan DescriptionReturnsDuration
$10 – $10,0001.1% per hour for 24 hoursVariable24 hours
$50 – $4992% per day for 30 daysVariable30 days
$500 – $50,0003.1% per day for 30 daysVariable30 days

Aquila Holdco Limited provides referral commissions on cash deposited down three tiers of recruitment (unilevel):

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5% at level 1 (affiliates that were individually recruited).

Level 2 is 2%, and Level 3 is 1%.

Aquila Holdco Limited Membership

Affiliate membership with Aquila Holdco Limited is free. Participation in the associated income opportunity requires a minimum initial commitment of $10. Various cryptocurrencies are offered for investment by Aquila Holdco Limited.

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Now, it’s clear that Aquila Holdco Limited is a  Ponzi scheme that targets unwary people and takes advantage of them till their investments run out. By building new websites and phoney businesses, the scheme’s perpetrators will probably continue to draw people in with their script.

The cover story of the plan concerns Bitcoin trading. They guarantee huge daily returns of 26.4% and offer to trade on behalf of investors. An investor apparently only needs to verify their account balance each day and withdraw their money whenever they choose.

However, when considering this procedure logically, it is clear that the claimed returns are not realistic in any real-world business environment. If at all, legitimate companies that are capable of making such substantial daily earnings would never give away access to such benefits.

Similar to its forerunner Bofbot Limited, Aquila Holdco Limited is anticipated to use the money from new investors to pay out withdrawal demands from previous participants. More people are drawn to invest as a result of the recycling of money’s appearance of success and profitability.

Like many Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Ponzi schemes, the failure of this one depends on the addition of new members. They can continue making payments to the initial investors as long as they can draw in new investors. However, as new hiring slows down, capital inflow likewise declines.

There is a chain reaction as a result of the decline in new investments. The scheme can’t meet its promises to refund money to shareholders, both new and old if it can’t raise enough money to do so. The program eventually collapses as a result of running out of Return on Investment (ROI) income.

Ponzi schemes are fundamentally unsustainable because of the basic mathematics underlying them. The system can only last so long with its reliance on ongoing hiring and new investments. The method comes to an end whenever the number of new recruits is no longer enough to support the payments to previous investors.

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Most participants in a Ponzi scheme suffer severe repercussions when it fails. Financial losses are experienced by the majority of those involved since the claimed profits cannot be sustained and the funds spent by later participants are utilized to reimburse earlier participants. The bulk of the people taking part are left with losses, with the exception of those who were able to withdraw their money early.

In conclusion, Aquila Holdco Limited’s business model is a classic Ponzi scam that lures investors in with the promise of great returns while using the money from newer victims to repay older ones. 


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Aquila Holdco Limited, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

However, due to the underlying mathematical errors in the scheme’s architecture, this unsustainable model is doomed to fail once recruiting stops, resulting in a loss of funds for the majority of participants. To avoid being a victim of fraud, it is essential that people be cautious of such strategies and only make investments in real and open opportunities.

Finally, I have the screenshot of the reviewers that will support my article as they had a bad experience with Aquila Holdco Limited. You can have a look at it in which the reviewer is calling the company to be a liar.
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Aquila Holdco Limited: A Chinese Ponzi Scheme. The Truth Discovered (Update 2023)
Aquila Holdco Limited: A Chinese Ponzi Scheme. The Truth Discovered (Update 2023)

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