Ariel Ourian, MD – Posting Fake Reviews to Gain Clients

Would you trust a surgeon who lies to people to promote himself? If you want, then you can’t trust Ariel Ourian MD. He is a plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California who has posted numerous fake reviews on his business profiles to attract customers. 

His clinic is located at 421 N Rodeo Dr g8, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US, and its contact number is 310-424-5424. Ariel’s Instagram handle is @thebreastdoc. Although he has a Beverly Hills location, it seems he lacks the skills or expertise to run a clinic. 

That’s because almost all of his clinic’s profiles have at least half a dozen fake positive reviews. Not only is this unethical to post fake positive reviews but also very dangerous. 

It’s misleading marketing. 

The following review will shed more light on exactly how Ariel Ourian MD is duping consumers and why you should be wary of him: 

His Fake Reviews On

We’ll start with Ariel’s profile on For those who don’t know, is a prominent review website in the medical industry. It helps consumers find good doctors and surgeons by providing them with “self-verified” ratings of their patients. 

However, these “self-verified” ratings don’t need to be from actual patients. 

Sometimes, shady elements can try to manipulate such platforms as they usually do. They do so by posting fake positive ratings on the website. 

The reviews of Dr. Ariel Ourian on are fake as none of them share any detail. He has only received 5-star reviews from his patients on and none of them have shared one word on why they gave him such a rating.

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Now, if there was one review with 5-stars but no text, it might have been understandable. But in the case of Ariel Ourian, MD, all the reviews give him 5 stars and none of them have any text. 

Do you think it’s possible in the practical world for a plastic surgeon to receive 5-star reviews only? At least one customer would give him 4 stars or maybe 3 if not 1?

Certainly, this makes his seem quite attractive. 

However, this isn’t the only place where Ariel has posted empty 5-star reviews to bump up his rating. He has used this exact tacting on

Did You Know?

In the year 1998, Jeff Arnold started ‘WebMD’, which is famous for its publications on human health and well-being. The web page also shares crucial information regarding drugs being one of the important healthcare information providers.

Fake Reviews of Ariel Ourian, MD On

Just like on, Dr. Ourian’s rating on is a stellar 5 out of 5 stars. So far, he has received 41 ratings on this website and all of them are perfect.:

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On, they were at least showing “self-verified ratings by a patient”. Here, all you get is several 5-star ratings with zero explanation or attribution:

ariel ourian, md

Now, numerous people can’t post empty 5-star reviews on a single clinic. At least one of the 40+ people would have something to say, wouldn’t they? 

Dr. Ourian’s marketing team is lazy or doesn’t get paid enough to post these fake ratings. Maybe he is telling his staff to post these ratings and they don’t want to. 

These ratings are fake as most of them are posted on the same day. Furthermore, this isn’t the only business profile where you’ll see Ariel Ourian receive numerous perfect ratings. 

He has spammed as well:

Fake Reviews Of Dr. Ariel Ourian On and Google

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Now, on, Ariel Ourian, MD has a small profile with only 5 reviews at the time. Note that all 5 of these reviews give him a perfect 5/5 score. 

He has a claimed profile on Yelp which means he controls the page. 3 out of the 5 reviews he has on the page are extremely suspicious.

If you look at the accounts which added these reviews, all three of them are temporary accounts. 

This means someone created an account, posted a 5-star review on Dr. Ourian’s Yelp page, and abandoned the account. Furthermore, it happened three times. 

What was the last time when you created an account on Yelp only to post a 5-star review on a business and then left the account? 

Unless someone is getting paid for doing all this, they won’t put in so much effort.

ariel ourian, md
ariel ourian, md

Also, only one of these reviews is saying something. The other two only give him empty ratings. 

Just like his 5-star reviews on other websites, these 5-star reviews don’t share a single word. Keep in mind that Yelp is known for people posting long and detailed reviews. 

On Google, it’s the same story. 

Ariel has a stellar 5 out of 5 ratings and most of the reviews are from suspicious profiles. These profiles have posted an ambiguous positive review on Ariel’s profile but haven’t posted anything anywhere else. 

How common is that?

ariel ourian, md
ariel ourian, md

Keep in mind that it’s extremely easy to buy such reviews. There are a ton of vendors who sell fake positive reviews to help shady businesses like Ariel Ourian, MD. 

Usually, such vendors are only a Google search away:

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Why Has Dr. Ourian Added So Many Fake Reviews?

Having fake reviews on one’s business listings can do wonders for their operation. In the case of Dr. Ourian, it helps him seem like a credible and experienced doctor

Skilled doctors let their word speak. They deliver great results and let their happy patients tell the tales to other prospective clients. 

In the case of Dr. Ourian, he has to post fake reviews to get that kind of attention from his prospective customers. This suggests that Dr. Ourian is not as skilled as he claims to be.

Also, these fake reviews can help him deceive gullible consumers. Very few consumers check such small details and even fewer identify suspicious details like “fake reviews”. Most people would simply look up “Ariel Ourian, MD”, see the 5-star reviews, and book an appointment. 

Certainly, they wouldn’t get what they expected and it would be a disappointing experience

I can say that with certainty because no reliable surgeon resorts to posting fake positive reviews to get clients

Another shady surgeon who uses this method is Dr. Steven J White who has received complaints of racism and botching procedures. 


Ariel Ourian, MD is an unskilled surgeon who resorts to unethical marketing strategies to promote his business. He lies constantly to get new customers. 

Considering that he is a plastic surgeon, you should avoid him. There must be something seriously wrong with his service if he has to pay people to praise him on multiple platforms. 

Either he is extremely insecure or extremely incompetent. In both cases, he is not a reliable surgeon.

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Ariel Ourian, MD uses fake positive reviews to make himself look better. He lies constantly and thinks he can get away with it. There are numerous fake reviews posted on his business listings on various platforms.

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