Armin Ordodary and Benrich Holdings Scam (2024)

Benrich Holdings

There is an interesting backstory with the Media regarding Armin Ordodary and his Benrich Holdings Ltd fraud. Several parties contacted the Media  after we published a story regarding FSM Smart, requesting or urging us to remove the piece off the internet. We would soon learn more details, and the true narrative would be entirely different. We were advised to ignore the narrative by a good partner since it involved potentially hazardous individuals who could seriously hurt us. Furthermore, Armin Ordodary would merely be a monkey, acting as the frontman for the biggest con artists.

The truth is that Armin Ordodary is more than just a monkey, at least based on the information at our disposal. Even in that scenario, he would still be legally accountable as a director and shareholder of businesses engaged in investment fraud and frauds. He must be aware by now that he serves as the front for con artists and con artists. That leaves him with no justification. According to our Media investigation on Lexbond and FSM Smart ties, he is a part of the fraud group behind FSM Smart and other illicit broker operations.

In order to put an end to the scams that Armin Ordodary fronts for, we would like to learn more about him. Additionally, Armin Ordodary is a director and official partner of the Serbian Upmarkt DOO. Our knowledge from locals indicates that Upmarkt serves as a boiler room for the con artists involved.

Ordodary attempted to have the company’s name changed, according to the Serbian Companies Register. The request for modification has been denied this time by the Serbian Companies Register Authority, although it will eventually be accepted. We would like to know what he does with his companies and for whom or with whom he acts before all traces are lost. Furthermore, he founded BizTech DOO, a new business in Serbia. Ordodary is a director and sole shareholder of this company.

Our Media Research Team has been able to establish connections between Armin Ordodary and the following brands and companies so far:

Brands and Domains

  1. FSM Smart –
  2. FSM Smarts –
  3. NepCore – a white-label broker and/or CRM solution


  1. FSM Smart Ltd – Marshall Islands
  2. Benrich Holdings Ltd – Cyprus
  3. SIAO Ltd – Cyprus
  4. Upmarkt DOO – Serbia
  5. BizTech DOO – Serbis

Armin Ordodary and Benrich Holdings Ltd (As Claimed)


At Armin Ordodary Group, they are dedicated to helping our clients achieve real, significant results. Their heritage, which was founded in 2014 by Armin Ordodary, is based on excellence.

As a leading worldwide strategic consulting firm with a significant presence in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Armin Ordodary Group is what it is today. With pride, Armin Ordodary serves as the company’s global general counsel. Their specialty is providing customers with strategic guidance. Many of their clients are managing unprecedented upheavals in their industries and are looking for fresh perspectives on urgent business issues.

Their overarching goal is still to enable client success. They analyse these problems via distinct perspectives, searching for ground-breaking ideas and revolutionary answers. With our impartial, data-driven approach, they help their clients discover important business realities.

Steer clear of Benrich Holdings Ltd since it isn’t overseen by a reputable regulator

That being said, only because a broker is regulated does not ensure that your money is secure. The key distinction is the organisation that oversees the broker.

Three groups of regulators were identified by our brokerage experts:

  1. superior
  2. middle-class
  3. Low-class

Top-tier regulators are self-regulatory or regulatory bodies that implement, monitor, and uphold the highest standards and regulations to guarantee that brokers under their supervision don’t commit fraud. Fair pricing, transparent transaction execution, and a controlled trading environment are just a few of the highest regulatory criteria and practices that a broker must uphold when it comes to oversight by a top-tier regulator.

In comparison to top-tier regulators, mid-tier regulators typically operate in less complex legal and regulatory environments and have less severe oversight, which could lead to a less complete level of protection for investors.

Brokers under the jurisdiction of mid-tier authorities are usually subject to less stringent financial and operational restrictions, which may lead to less meticulous operations or a higher probability of fraudulent activities.

The least thorough supervision of brokerage companies is typically provided by lower-tier regulators. Low-tier authorities that regulate brokers usually have less stringent regulations and enforcement of compliance. Customers have few protections because these regulators frequently offer little to no compensation funds or methods for protecting investors.

Brokers regulated by lower authorities are likely to use systems that put them in conflict of interest with their clients, unfair pricing tactics, and opaque transaction execution techniques. Dealing with brokers who are subject to low-level regulatory bodies increases the likelihood of running into dishonest brokers or even fraud or scams.

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