Ashley Lovelace Funeral

Ashley Lovelace was a social media star from America who gained massive popularity through her Instagram handle (@misslovelacee). Miss Lovelace used to share cute pictures on her social media accounts and she amassed a following of millions.

Ashley Lovelace Funeral

As a small child, Ashley Lovelace discovered her talent for singing and fashion, she used the internet and social media to show her talents to a wide audience. She started her journey on Instagram in June 2018, and soon she started gaining popularity for her modeling portraits and videos. Within a few months, Ashley gained more than half a million followers.

However, Ashley Lovelace passed away on 21 January 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her mother made a public announcement on Ashley’s Instagram page. Reports suggest Ashley was going through a rough patch in her life and even indulged in self-harm. She was suffering from a serious case of depression and her fans blame Tyler Edmonds for pushing Ashley to take her life.

Did You Know?

Tyler Edmonds accepted that he murdered someone at the age of 13 and after that he was in prison. In an interview Edmonds describes his experience in cell and says that he can never forget the past.

Ashley Lovelace
Full NameAshley Lovelace
DOB7 November 2002
BirthplaceArlington, PA
Death21 January 2019

Who even is this Tyler Edmonds, how can someone be so ruthless and evil? Well, Tyler identifies as transgender, he is a cashier at a White Castle and makes amateur adult films. He openly bullies others and one of his victims were none other than Ashley.

When he came to know about Ashley Lovelace’s suicide, he showed zero remorse, instead, he mocked Ashley and said he is proud that he became the reason behind her passing.

If somehow that does not make your blood boil, then read on. Soon after Ashley’s passing, Tyler changed his Instagram bio to “Yo roaches mad about Ashley get over it and yes I’m the reason why she was gone. I love to bully and can’t wait to bully more.”

Ashley’s fans and the community heavily criticized Edmond’s actions but instead of repenting them, he stroked his ego and used it to gain fame.


Please don’t spread hate on social media and don’t bully others. Lovelace’s passing was a great loss for the community. She had a great life ahead of her, but toxic bullies like Tyler blinded her with hate. I hope her soul rests in peace.

I made this post in hopes of spreading awareness against Cyberbullying and depression. It is something that we all should take seriously. If you have suspicions that someone you know might be facing these issues, then please do your best to help them or get them to help. You might just save a life.

Please go over to Ashley’s Instagram page and show love to her family.

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Miss Lovelace – YouTube

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  1. I now heard and saw this and this is very bad and I’m sorry for your lost and she is also really pretty and my mom told me her cousin killed her self because of bullying and I’m now being targeted but for the sake of my family and Ashley I’m holding on

  2. I think she died at a really young age. And I see a pretty girl having to die a due to young age.I wonder why she was getting bullied

  3. I see a girl that left her family in tears
    When you see people kill thereself I just think of all of the that do it.
    I wonder how much pain she had to be in.

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