ATM Together – The Violent History of Paul Alex

ATM Together is an ATM automation service provider whose CEO has faced charges of assault. 

Paul Alex, the founder and CEO of ATM Together, used to be a police officer before this venture. 

He was even in the news for assaulting others. 

In 2021, Fort Lauderdale media reported that he was facing a lawsuit for punching a man multiple times when he was on the ground. 

Apparently, Paul Alex left the arrested man bruised and bloodied. 

Body camera footage revealed that the ATM Together founder had punched Mr. Moore outside the Wharf bar in Fort Lauderdale. He knocked the victim back.

Mr. Moore told the media that all he could remember was getting a sucker punch. After that, everything went blank. 

Mr Moore kept telling Paul Alex that he was leaving but he never let him leave. 

Allegedly, a woman had an altercation with the group Mr Moore was with. So, the security threw them out. 

However, when they were leaving, Paul Alex and another officer stopped them. 

At the time, Paul was working an off-duty security job there. 

“He was Saying Racial Slurs” – When the ATM Together Founder Beat Up an Unsuspecting Man

ATM Together

Paul claimed that he found Moore in a brawl. Also, he claimed Moore was using a racial African American slur and punchedd Alex in the head. 

However, Mr Moore and his lawyer rejected these allegations. They said the video shows everything that happened. 

According to the video, Mr Moore did nothing. He was holding his jacket and suddenly received a right hook from Paul Alex, the founder of ATM Together. 

Then, the video shows Mr Moore curled up on the ground. Paul kept punching him. 

He punched him at least 5 times when he was still on the ground. 

Moore said he couldn’t comprehend why Paul Alex assaulted him. 

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time the ATM Together founder received a complaint for use of force. 

In 2019, the ATM Together founder had shot a man at Fort Lauderdale’s main bus terminal. The State Attorney’s office is still investigating the matter. 

According to Ft Lauderdale police, the ATM Together founder has used force in over 80 incidents since he joined the force in 2015. The police department cleared him every time. 

In one case, Paul had delivered “knee strikes” to a suspect’s abdomen to place him in custody. Similarly, in another case, reports reveal he leg sweeped a suspect, making him fall. 

If you’re interested in learning about the violent history of the ATM Together founder, feel free to check out the following document: 

More Information on ATM Together: Services, Team and Reviews

ATM Together is an ATM automation service which claims to help its clients get the best real estate for placing an ATM. 

Paul Alex is the founder and CEO of this firm. Other notable people here include Nick Woolery (Sales Consultant) and Florian Ruhstaller (Marketing). 

The company claims to help their clients set up their first ATM location. Also, they claim to provide their clients with expert guidance. 

So far, there aren’t any ATM Together reviews available on the internet. Hence, it’s difficult to verify the authenticity of their claims. 


After going through the above points, it’s evident that ATM Together is a venture by a man with a violent past. 

I suspect many policemen are able to rack up nearly 100 use of force incidents within 3-4 years. 

He has even shot a man in the city’s main bus terminal. Certainly, it doesn’t inspire confidence in the company. 

It’s important to be wary of violent men. For example, Scott McCoy of Cold Spring Partners lost his previous job when he beat up a subordinate.

Due to these reasons, I don’t recommend doing business with ATM Together.

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ATM Together is an ATM automation service provider founded by Paul Alex. Paul has a history of being violent towards others. He even shot a man while on duty. All of this suggests you should be extremely cautious while dealing with ATM Together.

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