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Atmantan – The Most Toxic Detox Centre in India

After recently having been separated from my 10 year old marriage, i was absolutely shattered and devastated. My lifestyle, appetite, outlook and perception towards almost everything took a hit. I started doubting myself as an individual , i tried to realign and recalibrate my mind but failed miserably almost every time. I have been living in the United States for over two decades and a lot of my friends started pushing me and started encouraging me to travel , as they say – travel is the healthiest addiction. I thought maybe i should travel or go to some other country for a few months and reconnect with my inner self. I started googling wellness and therapy centres across the globe and happened to see that India out of all is a very popular place for such stuff. I researched a lot and came across a lot of names. But the one name that always kept hammering everywhere was – Atmantan in a city called Pune in Maharashtra, i saw their websites, the reviews online , the photos, services and almost everything under the sun. It seemed very impressive and credible and i even called them up and they spoke to me in an extremely professional and friendly manner. It all seemed wonderful , they were charging me around $15,000 , i found the price very steep but i always believe that nothing is more important than ones own well being and at that vulnerable point in time i didn’t think twice and agreed to go. I got super excited, gave my fish bowl to my best friend who also happens to be my neighbour, packed my bags and literally took off in 72 hours.

My Experience at Atmantan

I was greeted very well and for the first few hours it felt like the best decision of my life. Soon after, when i went for lunch, they took very long to bring my entree , and when it came and i had the first bite, it was absolutely bland and uncooked. When i raised a complaint and spoke to person incharge, he started defending himself by blaming me that this is an award winning cuisine and that there cannot be anything wrong at all with their food. There is no concept of hospitality , logic or customer service. I was appalled and extremely perplexed seeing this arrogance and sheer attitude. Never the less, because i was jet-lagged and hungry i had no option but to eat whatever i was given.

The Atmantan Sales team had bragged way too much and had set my expectation so high that this one instance wasn’t enough for me to realise the trap i have fallen into. I crashed into my bed as soon as i returned to my room as i was exhausted after a long journey. The view from the rooms are fantastic and definitely very scenic. The next morning i wake up to a lot of commotion and noise, and i see people not even following COVID protocols, their staff has no sense of hygiene and Atmantan DOES NOT maintain any quality standards when it comes to sanitisation and hygiene. I started to realise the blunder i might have committed, the state of mind i was in, the last thing i would want is a $15,000 financial setback.

I tried talking to the woman who i had been in touch with, she kept giving me some or the other random justification and never did anything to actually improve on those points. They never accepted ANY of their flaws and always kept refuting. The food was constantly pathetic all through out , many other people i spoke to over there were facing similar problems so atleast in my mind i got validation that its not just me who has a problem. I escalated the problem to the General Manager as well, he too kept refuting and failed to acknowledge any drawback or fault. From pathetic food to terrible quality of service to shocking levels of hygiene, i was literally fed up and started feeling trapped and helpless. They refused to give me any kind of refund or compensation, they took the entire money upfront and i had no option but to pack my bags and leave. I did not want to go back to the united states after getting even more disturbed than i was earlier, i found another place in the Himalayas called Ananda and i called them. They were extremely sweet and did not ask me for any money upfront. I went there and finally found what i was looking for. Anyway, that is not the point i am trying to make.

While i was there i realised how big of a scam the Atmantan Wellness Resort is. It is duping people left, right and centre, specially the ones who are emotionally vulnerable. I was shocked to see how they are trying to cover up everything by heavily advertising and marketing. After the traumatic and disastrous experience i had, i feel its my moral duty to warn as many as i can and create awareness about this scam and the con artist’s at Atmantan Wellness Centre.

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Negative Reviews and Complaints on the Internet

I did a lot of research about them after i left and somehow managed to find a lot of skeletons in their closet, have a look for yourself –

Review from Jai Kalra –

Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 1.19.59 PM

Review from Arpit Kumar, Haleem Khan and Prachi Saini –

Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 1.21.14 PM
Disgruntled Atmantan Employee Review
Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 1.21.44 PM
Atmantan Employee Review
Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 1.21.22 PM

One of the most Disturbing Reviews Ever

Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 1.21.35 PM
Shocking Atmantan Review

I can completely relate to each and every review. The staff at Atmantan is ONLY eyeing your pockets and nothing else, your health is nowhere on their list of priorities or objectives.

Their own employees are complaining against them, yet they have somehow managed to flood google with fake positive reviews so no one sees the underlying dirty, dark secrets.

Eye Opening Experiences at Atmantan

There is a review from a gentleman called Somantano , i am unable to screenshot it as it is very long, so will just copy paste it here –

We had the opportunity to spend a weekend on Atmantan resort. It was the end of Monsson season and the atmósfera and weather was amazing. The hotel is nice but unfortunately is very far from the price range they charge.
– the last 20km before you arrive the hotel are a real nightmare, unacceptable. I think the hotel should spend some money in a machine to make the road slightly flat.
– Coming from Mumbai we reached at 23:00h, the dinner was over and we agreed on some take away meals. Our 4 courses gourmet dinner was exchanged for two sad veggie sandwich ( even after we requested chicken several times)
– The complex is clearly not well maintained and you find so many details which do not match with the price level and resort expectation.
– Our room had a very soft 16inch mattress which we kindly requested to be replaced for a harder one. They changed it for two single mattresses. The ones they brought were very old ones full of holes, and the one they removed was also in bad shape and broken. On top of that they left the old mattress in front of our room for the whole day… once gain not something you expect when you pay this high price.
– One of the hotel milestone is the outside pool, which was under renovation for over 4 months and they do not advise about that.
– The activities in the hotel are really not at the expected level. While yoga and meditation are an acceptable way to spend some time ( but not specially good ) we touch the ground in what they call cooking class. 45 expected minutes of cooking experience which were transformed in 18 min of quick show and tasting from the chef to produce starter, main course and desert… I really thought that was a joke.
– They provide the guests with a cafeteria kind of space, which have very restricted timing. Difficult to understand, you would expect timings to be respected. Unfortunately, we found ourself running after hotel staff each time we wanted to have a coffee ( by the way, be patient if you want coffee… it will take time…). They do not take care of the food exposed in the counter and we even had to advise them that the food had fungus and they should removed it.
– Last but not less, the food in the hotel. It is great food to be honest, but qty is really not good… we understood it was a healthy hotel model, but it should be an option to be calories limited. Thanks good we had snacks in our suitcases…

Miss Sonali Gogia also expressed her experience in the review below –

I want to be as objective as possible while writing this review as the staff did make an effort to make us have a good stay. They were sweet and polite. Keeping that in mind I still cannot give this resort a good rating for several reasons.

1. they are understaffed: the same person checks you in, is the valet for your car, comes to your room when your key doesn’t work. The waiters are actually running to serve you during meal time. Few concrete examples: during meal time our entire side of the dining room was being served by one guy who was taking our orders. when he seemed totally confused I just joked and asked “is this your first day?”m to which he replied, no my second day. So naturally he messed up our order and was a nervous wreck. I had to actually tell another waiter that you can’t leave this guy alone to handle all the retreat guests. Thats when he revealed they had a group in the other section, so all the staff was tied up there. Now this is typical of resorts, getting groups on low end packages to fill up their rooms. But service to retreat guests who were paying significantly more was compromised

2. You will struggle to get around: so we went in monsoon where it rained non stop. Its beautiful and I don’t mind that at all – but buggys were like never available. Imagine driving four hours to the resort and then having to wait another 30 minutes for a buggy to take you to your room? They don’t have enough buggies and thanks to the groups, the buggies were extra tied up. Didn’t feel like a luxury experience at all. Also tiles were so slippery it was hard to walk around.
3. The spa was overpriced. Average of Rs 6500 for 50 minutes. The treatments were not of that level. And again therapists are always booked out. So again they are understaffed.
4. The decor was absurd, ultra modern and sleek, shiny upholstery in the rooms and dining room, not in sync with the environment or nature.
5. Inflexible and odd rules: They serve no coffee at meal Times. They have a cafe that opens at 10am after the breakfast service is over where you can pay for coffee. When I requested them if I can get a coffee there around 9am since I had already finished breakfast, I was told the dining staff handles the coffee shop, so no coffee. Very odd – either you provide coffee when a customer needs it or then not have it at all if its a health thing. The gym closes at 7pm and when I asked why we can’t work out little longer, I was told we must rest before we eat dinner. So if I eat at 9pm I need two hours rest? The pool closes down eveytime there is a yoga or meditation class in the next room for more quiet. Honestly this kind of thing makes it virtually impossible to relax and do what you want. This place is not Jindal and its not a luxury hotel – its somewhere in the middle and honestly I couldn’t figure their value proposition.

The only thing we enjoyed was the food – the chef was innovative within the healthy guidelines and food arrived fresh and hot and was always tasty. And yes the surrounding hills were lush and beautiful. I loved the location itself. I wish the hotel could be more empathetic to the guests and the overall experience they are providing. You cannot become a luxury destination by charging people more money. we would never return the four families we chatted with during our visit felt the same way.

Lastly, i came across another eye opening review on TripAdvisor

Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 1.33.36 PM
Atmantan Review On TripAdvisor
Screenshot 2021 08 19 at 2.20.56 PM
Atmantan Review on TripAdvisor

You can read the full review’s here –

These are just a few of the negative reviews i came across and i can vouch with confidence that each of the reviewers must have gone through an extremely tough time and it is almost impossible to express it all online. I urge you all not to fall for any of their paid reviews or false advertising. They will cook up some story to defend every negative review and say anything just to convince you to sign up with them. There are many other brilliant alternatives that you can and should choose from. Please stay as away as you can and beware! Spread the word so more and more people know of this scam and we can prevent these scammers at Atmantan from conning and duping innocent, emotionally and mentally vulnerable people.

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Indias's Biggest Toxic Detox Centre

Atmantan is in the business of exploiting emotionally vulnerable individuals who have deep pockets. Their sole objective and mission is to extract as much money as possible for providing lowest standards of quality, hygiene and treatment.

Quality of Treatment
  • Located in a scenic location
  • Ridiculously Overpriced
  • No concept of hygiene
  • Arrogant and rude staff

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