AugustTheDuck – An Anti-Karen YT Channel That’s Blowing Up

AugustTheDuck is a commentary channel that recently blew up thanks to the YouTube Algorithm. The channel has a duck as its mascot however unlike most similar commentary channels, AugustTheDuck isn’t 100% anonymous, the creator has revealed his face earlier and even posts publicly online on his Instagram.

A Little About August Bruce: Face Behind AugustTheDuck


August Bruce is the brains behind the AugustTheDuck brand (channel). There is not much information available about the guy, however, one thing is for sure, he has an amazing work ethic. The channel’s success might seem like it was overnight, however, the reality cannot be further from the truth. Bruce had been posting for months before his channel took off and finally got the traction it deserved.

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August Bruce is definitely a jacked guy with a decent life. He seems like an introverted person as he doesn’t have a lot of posts on his Instagram handle and prefers to keep some privacy for his personal life.

Most people were first introduced to AugustTheDuck thanks to another commentary YouTuber called Pancho.

August The Duck Merch: Support The Creator!

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If you want to support the Karen attacking duck, then check out the merch store here.

AugustTheDuck’s Recent Problems With YouTube: The Unfriendly Algorithm

Recently AugustTheDuck’s channel was blacklisted by YouTube for unknown reasons, which caused the channel’s views to drop majorly. Bruce posted a video asking his fans for help, I’ve attached the video at the top in case you want to watch it yourself.

This was quite shocking as The August The Duck channel hadn’t broken any guidelines or even received an email from YouTube’s team.

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One tip I would give to Bruce is to start posting shorts on YouTube, as they seem to get an ungodly amount of attention from the algorithms. The reason behind YouTube’s bias for shorts is simple, they want to compete with TikTok.

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AugustTheDuck: A Fresh Addition To The Commentary Community

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