Aveling Homes – Is He Paid a Penalty by ACCC for Fake Reviews? !

Aveling Homes
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Aveling Homes has proven to be a shady, fraudulent company which relies on fake reviews to gain customers. Read more on Gripeo.
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Aveling Homes has been exposed as a fraudulent company that relies on lies and deceitful marketing to gain customers.

Aveling Homes is a fraudulent company that posts fake reviews to bolster its image and attract new customers. They were fined by ACCC for their illegal activities.

They were paying websites to add fake reviews on their listings so they would seem like a legitimate company.

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It is one of the many fraudulent firms which post fake reviews to bolster their image because they don’t have proper customer service. Many firms which engage in such behavior tend to have a lot of disgruntled clients as well.

The following Aveling Homes review explores their fake claims as well as their deceitful marketing practices:

Exploring Their Shady Claims:

It is a residential building company that has operated in Western Australia since 2009. During the relevant period, Aveling Homes operated two home-building businesses, Aveling Homes and First Home Owners Centre.

Aveling Homes operated an official website and a review website for each business. Aveling Homes is a home builder in Perth dedicated to providing customers with quality homes and the highest levels of customer service. Understanding that few decisions are as important as buying a home whether you are a first-time home buyer or a property investor, they have a group of experienced professionals who work closely with you from the initial consultation to the final construction of your new home. Focused primarily on delivering exceptional value for customers’ money without compromising on quality at any stage. 

2/12/2023 Update
As of now, Aveling Homes has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Michael Aveling – Michael Aveling is a Cheif Executive Officer of Aveling Homes. He started Aveling Homes in 2009 in partnership with Zorzi builders, who have been awarded the most luxurious home-building companies in Australia. Before starting his career with Zorzi builders, Michael spent over 20 years building homes for first and second-home buyers through Perth.

A word by Michael Aveling “ Whether you’re building your first home, upgrading to a larger single-story residence or moving up to two stories, your journey with Aveling Homes will be one that is centered around quality – because we believe everyone is entitled to quality regardless of where they’re at in life.”

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Aveling Homes Reviews – Claims Made by the Company

Aveling Homes focus heavily on customer reviews as they have a separate column and a portal dedicated mainly to customer reviews.

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Aveling Homes Fined by the ACCC for Their Deceptive Marketing

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A Perth-based home building company that allegedly created misleading review websites for their products is being taken to court by the consumer watchdog, but the company has denied any wrongdoing.

Aveling Homes is being sued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in the Federal Court for engaging in deceptive business practices.

The building company, which has its headquarters in the Perth suburb of Stirling, is accused of creating websites that gave the appearance that they were associated with an unbiased third-party review agency.

Some of the key points: 

  • Aveling Homes’ websites allegedly made to look like companies had overwhelmingly positive reviews.
  • ACCC alleges sites were run and filtered by the company, and not independent
  • Aveling could face fines of more than $1 million if guilty of deceptive conduct

Words of an ACCC spokesman “ It would be alleged the company filtered out all unfavorable or negative reviews on the website.”

“He further mentions that Aveling created review websites that represented they were independent of Aveling and that the appearance, layout, and features gave consumers the overall impression that they were affiliated with an independent, third-party consumer review website when this was not the case,”.

Words of ACC’s Deputy Chair Michael Schaper “the potential for harm from the alleged conduct by the company was significant. Buying or building a home is one of the biggest purchasing decisions for Australians,”.

He further added, “ Online reviews are increasingly being relied on by consumers and they should be able to trust that those reviews are independent, unbiased, and accurately reflect the range of consumer feedback received.”

Words by Sean Quartermaine, the company’s sales and marketing manager issued a statement in which he and the organization vehemently denied any wrongdoing and vowed to vigorously refute the accusations.

Aveling Homes – Customers Mislead by the Fake Reviews

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One online reviewer, “Kristy,” claimed that picking Aveling to construct her home was a mistake.

Her Words “ I chose Aveling Home(s) because of this website!! I saw many good comments so I choose (sic) this company.” “Now I have been waiting more than two months and the land is still the same, it means they didn’t do anything … if they can’t do it why they took my money???”

Additionally, the ACCC asserts that Mr. Quartermaine knew about the business’ actions. Declaratory relief, monetary fines, injunctions, corrective notices, a compliance program, factual findings, and expenses are what the ACCC is requesting. Aveling may be fined more than $1 million, according to Mr. Schaper, if found guilty of misleading behavior.

Aveling Homes- Fake Shine of Online positive reviews 

Online reviews might help you decide what to buy or what company to hire. You should be able to trust that these reviews reflect the honest opinions of people who actually used a product or service. Unfortunately, some reviews are fake, deceptive, or manipulated and that hurts both people and honest companies.

How do you deal with fake online reviews?

  • Always apologize and thank the consumer for their feedback.
  • Keep responses appropriate and never place blame or argue.
  • Invite the unsatisfied reviewer to continue the conversation offline.
  •  Politely bring attention to fraudulent reviews with facts.
  • Ask the reviewer to delete the fraudulent review.
  • Try to get the fake review removed.

In the case of Aveling Homes, fake reviews From the 113 evaluations posted by customers on the independent website Product Review, 58 of them gave the business five stars. 48 of them have never written more than one review. The ABC met with a reviewer who seemed to have actually used Aveling to build a house and had good things to say about the company. A request for comments from others has not received a response.

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Aveling Homes – Aveling Homes penalized $380,000 for misleading review websites


Aveling Homes Pty Ltd (Aveling Homes) was fined a total of $380,000 by the Federal Court for engaging in conduct that could have misled the public in connection with two online review websites. Mr. Sean Quartermaine, group sales and marketing manager for the organization, was made to pay $25,000 for knowing involvement in the behavior.

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Aveling Homes is a Perth-based home-building company that operates and controls the review website and until 3 February 2017 also operated and controlled the review website

After actions taken by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Federal Court determined that during some time in 2016, Aveling misrepresented each of its review websites’ affiliation with and independence from the builder. Sean Quartermaine, group sales and marketing manager was penalized with a $25,000 fine for knowing involvement in the behavior.

Words by Rod Sims  “Aveling Homes held back bad reviews from its review website to give a more favorable impression of its services”. “Consumers are increasingly relying on online review sites to assist with their purchasing decisions. They are entitled to expect that review sites are independent and unbiased.” “Companies publishing customer reviews online must be clear with consumers whether or not they accurately reflect the full range of consumer feedback the good and the bad,”

The Court also discovered that Aveling Homes’ goods and services obtained higher overall star ratings and reviews on review websites than they would have if all of the reviews Aveling Homes had received had been made public. Mr. Quartermaine created the functions and aesthetics of the review websites that led to the unlawful behavior. Aveling Homes promised the court that it would refrain from similar behavior for three years and that it would pay some of the ACCC’s expenses.

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Aveling Homes- Using Illegal Practices to Bury Negative Press

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), enacted in the United States in 1998, implements two International Intellectual Property Organization accords from 1996. (WIPO). It makes it unlawful to create and distribute tools, technologies, or services that are designed to get around restrictions on access to copyrighted content (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM).

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Aveling Homes Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aveiling Homes? 

Aveling Homes is a residential building company that has operated in Western Australia since 2009. During the relevant period, Aveling Homes operated two home-building businesses, Aveling Homes and First Home Owners Centre. Aveling Homes operated an official website and a review website for each business

Where are Aveling Homes Situated?

Aveling Homes is situated at 42 Cedric St, Stirling WA 6021, Australia.

What did Aveling homes do?

Aveling Homes, a Perth-based home builder, was fined $380,000 for engaging in behavior that could have misled the public in relation to two online review websites.

Aveling Homes- Conclusion

Aveling undertook to the court not to engage in similar conduct for a period of three years and agreed to contribute to the ACCC’s costs. In a statement this afternoon, Aveling mentioned that the website was established in 2014 to publish a selection of customer testimonials.

In the statement by the company– “These are verified reviews completed by clients who have built with us. We acknowledge that we did not post all positive and negative reviews on this website,”. “We now appreciate that some consumers were likely to have gained the wrong impression that the website was operated independently of Aveling Homes or was in some way associated with” 

3Expert Score

Aveling Homes has proven to be a shady, fraudulent company which relies on fake reviews to gain customers. They lie to their potential clients hoping they would gain new victims.

  • None
  • Fake reviews
  • Fined by ACCC
  • Deceptive marketing
Aveling Homes – Is He Paid a Penalty by ACCC for Fake Reviews? !
Aveling Homes – Is He Paid a Penalty by ACCC for Fake Reviews? !

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  1. It is very traumatic that people easily trusted the fake schemes and after this, they were cheated by these fraudsters. At last, they were unable to do anything.
    Fraud and deceit abound these days more than in former times.

  2. Many victims were facing lots of problems while dealing with this company. They get easily acess to run their positive reviews and they were showing unethical behavior to their clients. These scammers deserve to be punished more.

  3. Now they are losing the faith of the people because their goals were recognized by many of the people, and people are more aware before dealing with these types of fraudsters and taking those which are more beneficial to them.

  4. What do they claim doesn’t work? These reviews only work for them and help to create a positive image of the company among the people. This site is only a waste of time. They are running their business based on their fake reviews.

  5. These fraudsters’ activities were unable to rectify by the higher authority of the country, and they openly ran their forgery schemes and fake reviews in the market.

  6. The primary motive of this website is to provide fake reviews to their clients. This website cheated many people by promoting its counterfeit schemes.
    As a rational consumer, I would suggest checking the company or website properly before believing their fraudulent schemes.

  7. Don’t trust them, they were promoting their fake schemes and they lie to their clients. They were in the search of new people from whom they maximize their wealth.

  8. A friend of mine made a contract with this platform after seeing the great reviews on their websites, but he suffers great losses because this company was unable to provide him the houses at affordable rates.

  9. These reviews are not verified reviews, they used these reviews only to make more money from fellow victims. These companies used to filter all negative reviews of the people, so, no one can able to find what kind of services they were providing to their clients.

  10. The market is full of scammers. By using their tactics to fool the newbie in the market, they are applying a positive review system to improve the connectivity between the customer and the company.

  11. I’m also dealing with Aveling Homes and wanted to purchase one of the houses which they offer me at affordable prices. But after knowing the intentions of the company, I never contact them. Trust me this platform is never worth it to its people.

  12. People are unable to get proper houses at reasonable prices because they were selling the houses at higher rates and but they claim that they were providing houses to the people at affordable prices. Don’t believe their fake schemes and Try to deal with some other reliable schemes.

  13. Never trust them, they are scamming people based on their fake market strategies. They were only making fake promises to their customers, and potential victims are unable to reveal their faces in society because they removed the negative review about the company.

  14. Aveling Homes hires websites to write fake reviews about the company, so, they can get more customers in the market. They were claiming that they are providing better quality homes with a group of professionals and fantastic customer service to their customers.

  15. Many companies use different promotional techniques to grab the attention of the people, and some of them use fake promotional techniques to gain customers. But in reality, they were doing illegal activities for their fake name and fame.

  16. Avoid Aveling Homes at all costs after they were caught for the fake reviews and false advertisements.

  17. The company claimed that they have verified and true reviews on the site but the company lied about the proofs of verified ones. The reality was that the company was using fake reviews to promote their company and fooling their users for money, the company was also appreciating their work after being caught for the fake reviews charged them.

  18. The company uses fake reviewers for promoting their company and making a profit.

  19. Aveling homes is nothing but a notorious broker selling houses according to your needs, but it’s false.

  20. I was also interested in one of the buildings provided by Aveling Homes but the company was making false promises to their buyers and wasting their time after asking about their needs they were signing deals to provide all the required facilities and environment.

  21. Never trust any of the offers from Aveling Homes due to their previous scams they are never trusted by any of the people in Western Australia.
    They were running their shady business with two names Aveling Homes and First Home Owners Centre, and many of the people were getting frauded by their notorious schemes.

  22. this is a tactic of showing fake interaction between the customers and their firms.

  23. This marketing strategy has worked for many of the firms and this has become a part of many of the platforms for posting fake positive reviews and throwing a positive image of their schemes.

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