Ayala Plastic Surgery – Ignores Patients and Botches Surgeries

John Ayala, MD runs Ayala Plastic Surgery in San Antonio. It’s a plastic surgery clinic notorious for botching procedures and making the lives of its patients miserable. 

The place has a ton of complaints online where patients share the horrors of going there. Obviously, John doesn’t want you to find out about the reviews people have posted on Ayala Plastic Surgery. However, it’s vital that you know about them. 

For example, one patient complained that John used the adhesive she was allergic to even when she had informed him beforehand. He didn’t care about her allergy and used the adhesive regardless. The result? She ended up with terrible rashes around all of her wounds. 

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

That’s just one experience. There are a ton of complaints against Ayala Plastic Surgery online. The following are some of them:

Patient Miscarried and John Ayala Behaved Horribly 

Ayala Plastic Surgery review

This poor lady had a miscarriage but John didn’t care at all. He didn’t reassure her or behaved personably. John claims to be one of the top rated plastic surgeons in San Antonio but this review alone exposes the truth about him. 

Rash Around Wounds, Bottomed Out Implants, and a Lump Above the Belly Button

Ayala Plastic Surgery review

This patient had a frustrating experience with Dr. Ayala. One of her breasts was lower than the other because of previous implants. John promised her that he will fix the problem. The reviewer also wanted a mini tummy tuck so she informed him about the same. She also told Dr. Ayala that she is allergic to adhesive. 

Yet, he closed off the incisions with adhesive. This resulted in developing rash all around her wounds causing them to swell up. 

The reviewer shares that her scarring became worse because of the allergic reaction. Moreover, both of her breasts bottomed out and she now has to get a revision procedure to fix them. 

Her nipples now point up and she can feel the implant at the bottom of her breasts. Also, she complains that a lump has developed above her belly button. Once she paid for the surgery, Ayala Plastic Surgery stopped calling her. Because of these reasons, she doesn’t recommend this clinic to anyone. 

Breast Augmentation Resulted in Major Scarring and Infection

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This was a painful read. The reviewer says that she thought the staff was great at first but when the payment was paid for, they changed. 

She had a breast lift and augmentation. They happened in two surgeries. The first one left part of her nipples in the incision below her breast. It also resulted in horrible scarring and the dog ears had a lot of infections. Instead of correcting the issue, Dr. Ayala blamed her for the infection. 

Later, both of her implants became encapsulated. She had to pay him to fix these issues and had the second surgery 6 months after the first one. 

The corrective surgery didn’t give her positive results. Her breasts are of varying sizes now and the shape of her nipples is also different from each other. The procedure left her with constant pain and made her arm asleep most of the time. 

John Ayala, MD didn’t even call her even though her first surgery had so many issues. 

Stitches are poking out of her breasts similar to fish lines and the right breast is in major pain. To fix these issues, the reviewer asked for her records from Ayala Plastic Surgery so she could give them to insurance and get them fixed. The clinic asked her to pay an additional fee to give her her own medical records. 

All in all, it was a horrible experience for this poor lady. She says that she waited 29 years to have the money for the procedure, which cost her around $20,000, but the results were terrible. 

This reviewer has shared her experience on other platforms as well: 

Ayala Plastic Surgery review
Ayala Plastic Surgery review

Update on the complaint:

Ayala Plastic Surgery review

She later gave an update on the review. After she had posted her review, Ayala Plastic Surgery contacted her and said that Dr. Ayala wanted to make things right and he was sorry. However, he never said it personally even though he has the contact details. 

On top of that, she requested to put the apology in writing to know for sure that he was apologizing. That never happened. The clinic also requested her to take down her review but she refused. 

She didn’t want anyone else to go through what she did. That’s why she kept her review up. 

The pain in her breasts has gotten worse and one side is already sagging after the lift and she feels as if the other implant will pop out of her chest. She ends her review by saying that nobody deserves the pain and results she received. 

Took Money for Surgery then Refused to Perform It 

Ayala Plastic Surgery review

Cynthia here wanted to get a Mommy Makeover from Dr. Ayala. She had done all the preparations and had paid him advance. However, after receiving the payment, Dr. Josh Ayala’s clinic told her that her heart isn’t healthy enough to undergo that procedure. 

They told her to see a cardiologist. Cynthia spent $3,000 copay for cardiology tests but there was nothing wrong in her heart. 

It took her months to get the money back from Dr. Ayala. They even tried to keep $500 to themselves even when they didn’t do anything.

In Case You Don’t Know About Ayala Plastic Surgery – John Ayala, MD:

Ayala Plastic Surgery is a clinic based in San Antonio, Texas. Their address is 4499 Medical Dr #301, San Antonio, TX 78229, US. John Ayala, MD is the person running this clinic. 

He claims to be a renowned plastic surgeon with expertise in various cosmetic procedures for body, breasts, and face. However, his clients complain that he has terrible bedside manner and focuses more on the money than the patient. 

As you must have read in the above reviews, Ayala Plastic Surgery isn’t that great of a place. According to the complaints, its staff also behaves very selfishly. 


The Ayala Plastic Surgery prices might be sky-high but their service and quality is nowhere near the cost. Dr. Ayala has too many problems to count. For starters, he seems to be a doctor who puts money over his patients. That’s something you wouldn’t want to see in any surgeon. 

There are a ton of clinics that offer plastic surgery specials in San Antonio. You don’t have to stick to an option with so much notoriety. 

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Don't Hire Dr. Ayala

The Ayala Plastic Surgery prices might be sky-high but their service and quality is nowhere near the cost. Dr. Ayala has too many problems to count. For starters, he seems to be a doctor who puts money over his patients. That’s something you wouldn’t want to see in any surgeon. 

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Took money for surgery but didn't perform the procedure
  • Failed breast augmentation caused infection and scarring
  • Gave a lump, rashes, and bottomed out implants
  • Never took any responsibility

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  1. Make sure none of your relatives gets involved with this inexperienced doctor and gets his face and body destroyed.

  2. Many of the women faced irregular breast size and were terrified after the treatment.

  3. You can search for some other medical center for getting treated, but avoid coming here, after going through the reviews I can assure you this place is not the right one.

  4. None of their patients were satisfied with their treatment and were complaining about their services and the problems they provided them, horrifying.

  5. One of the reviews made me terrified, where he got some lump above the belly button and rashes over the body, the terrible condition of the patient, and full wastage of money.

  6. A waste of time and money, this clinic is the worst service provider.

  7. I would never visit this place for any kind of treatment, I have seen several horrifying incidents at this clinic, so make sure not to add any bad memory to your life.

  8. They have provided the worst medical assistance to their patients and made them suffer for a lifetime, not taking the allergic pieces of information seriously and making them go through unnecessary pain, disgusting and horrible.

  9. Avoid this firm for any treatment.

  10. I will request you don’t take any form of treatment from this clinic and the doctor will make you regret being with them, I have met several members who have ended up having wounds and rashes, they have got the team’s most unprofessional, and inexperienced doctors, so want to risk your health, most welcome.

  11. My god the doctors can be this much careless that they applied the adhesive which was allergic to the patient, even when he had told them about the allergy, I would never trust such a careless team for any sort of treatment.

  12. People never want their past to be shared with people, it is obvious none of us would do the same, but when it comes to exposing some shady business it is very important to make others aware of the reality of any particular firm. Otherwise, they will never stop their nefarious business and keep proceeding after scamming their people.

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