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Barrett Plastic Surgery – Botched Surgeries and Negligence Review 2024

Barrett Plastic Surgery is a notorious cosmetic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills run by Dr. Daniel Barrett. 

It has received hundreds of complaints for botching surgical procedures and delivering horrible results. Clients of Dr. Barrett complained about his greedy and unprofessional demeanor. Several of them have highlighted how he only cares about money and doesn’t care about the results he delivers to his clients.

Hence, before you trust him with your beauty and hard-earned money, it would be best to go through some of the following Barrett Plastic Surgery reviews: 

About Dr. Daniel Barrett:

Barrett Plastic Surgery is a clinic located in Beverly Hills, California. Its address is 9701 Wilshire Boulevard ML1, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, US, and its contact number is 310-598-2648. 

Daniel offers a plethora of services to his clients including: 

  • Dermal fillers
  • Botox
  • Chemical peels
  • Non-surgical butt lift
  • Labiaplasty
  • Mommy makeover
  • Breast reduction
  • Mini tummy tuck
  • Double bubble correction
  • Breast lift
  • Nipple augmentation

And plenty of other procedures.

Dr. Barrett claims to be a specialist in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the body, face, and nose. Also, he claims to provide his clients with natural results with minimal downtimes. 

Daniel earned his Bachelor of Science degree from James Madison University while his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. 

On paper, Barrett Plastic Surgery seems like the perfect cosmetic surgery clinic in the region. However, the various reviews of the place tell an entirely different story. In the next section of this review, I have shared some of the numerous complaints this place has received: 

$23,000 Breast Surgery Left the Client with Severe Infection and a Hole Under Her Breast

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The reviewer hopes that her review will save someone from going through the heartache as she went through because of this clinic. She paid over $23,000 for two breast procedures and her results are horrible. Dr. Barrett botched the surgery

She has shown her pictures to several of her surgeon friends and they all told her that she should report this incident for negligence. 

Moreover, she points out that Barrett Plastic Surgery put her on the back burner on multiple occasions. Her first surgery was a nipple scar revision which didn’t go well because Daniel performed it on her breasts which required a full lift. 

This caused the nipples to stretch, creating a wrinkling scar effect. Then, he recommended a full lift by saying that the reviewer wasn’t a suitable candidate for nipple surgery right from the start. 

The reviewer points out that it would have been better if he had said this earlier. Later, she returned for her full lift. Barrett performed the procedure and the reviewer started experiencing different complications. 

Her first problem was a severe allergic reaction which other surgeons believe was either an antibiotic or mastisol reaction. The reviewer has shared images of this infection along with the review. I have attached them below. 

When the reviewer called the clinic to find out what she should do about this issue, they didn’t do anything. Then, they recommended she take ‘Benadryl’. They left the reviewer with a blistering body for days. 

She highlights that it felt as if she was burning from the inside. When she discussed this issue with other doctors they pointed out that it should never happen. They told her that Barrett Plastic Surgery should have called her in and cleaned all the mastisol properly while taking off the Keflex immediately. 

A few months later, a huge bulge of excess skin formed at the bottom of her breast. Turns out, she wasn’t a candidate for a lollipop lift as well. Dr. Barrett told her that she needed skin removal surgery after the breast procedure. 

The reviewer points out that it was the second time when she wasn’t the right candidate for a procedure. She should have received a full anchor lift instead of the lollipop lift. 

A year later, holes started to form under the breast of the reviewer. They were forming in her right breast, clearly because of an infection. Daniel should have taken care of it or referred her to a wound specialist to avoid further complications. 

The reviewer points out that she was at risk of losing her entire right breast because of this infection. These holes happened 2-3 times along the incision line. 

Moreover, the clinic didn’t help the reviewer at all. She highlights that Dr. Daniel Barrett is not a breast expert. 

Who is a Plastic Surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.


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2 days after posting her original complaint, she posted a post-op update. They told her that it was only contact dermatitis. She highlights it was the most painful experience of her life. 

Below are the pictures the reviewer shared along with her review: 

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Barrett Plastic Surgery Made the Breasts Smaller Instead of Making them Bigger, Refused to Take Any Responsibility

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Teresa says that she had her first surgery at Barrett Plastic Surgery and she regrets it. She had been following Dr. Barrett’s work for quite a while and decided to give the place a call. 

The front desk staff told Teresa that their breast augmentation procedure costs $8,500. So, Teresa booked her $300 consultation. Daniel took her measurements and told her that she was 400cc. 

After the consultation, the staff gave her a quote that was substantially higher than the original quote of $8,500. She asked them if they could honor their original price but they refused. 

Note that Teresa had called them in June to enquire about the price and her consultation was in August. She was baffled to see that the price of one procedure had increased so much in such a short period. 

Teresa doesn’t disclose how much Daniel charged her but she points out that he is overpriced and overhyped. 

After her surgery, Daniel called her and she told him that her breasts look small. In response, he said ‘Well you just got out of surgery’ and shrugged it off like it was nothing. 

On Labor Day, Teresa came back to the clinic and it was jam-packed. She found it odd because it took her 2-3 months to get this appointment yet on this day, he had hundreds of consultations. 

Moreover, Teresa didn’t get a room. They sent her to a room in the back by herself. 2 months had passed since the procedure and Teresa pointed out that her breasts still looked small. 

Daniel told her that it takes 4-6 months to up to a whole year to see full results. 

She highlights that she went to a party later and nobody noticed anything. Teresa told her friend that she had a boob job but they wondered why they were so small. Certainly, this wasn’t the response Teresa wanted to hear. 

4 months after the procedure, she called the nurse and asked why her breasts hadn’t gotten any bigger. The nurse told her that she was in a recovery stage and that they will drop and fluff in 6 months. 

A month later, Teresa called the clinic again. This time, a different nurse picked up the phone. When Teresa shared her concerns with her, she told Teresa that she should have received her results within 4 months. A few days later, Rosalyn (a nurse) called Teresa. Teresa told her that she was disappointed with her results. 

Rosalyn admitted that Teresa’s breasts hadn’t dropped and set up a post-op appointment with Daniel 3 months later. 

8 months after the procedure, she visited the clinic again. There, a nurse complimented Teresa on her body and pointed out that she is quite curvy. In response, Teresa thanked her but highlighted that her breasts don’t show in anything. 

Then, Daniel came in with a laptop that had Teresa’s before and after pictures open. He asked her how she was feeling and Teresa told him that she was sad because of the results she received. 

Also, she asked him why he had measured her at 400cc but given her 350cc implants. He blamed Teresa’s skin for his decision and claimed that it was too tight. Also, he told her that he put 500cc on another girl who doesn’t look natural anymore. However, Teresa pointed out that at least that girl was happy with her results. 

Then, he started claiming that Teresa’s body had too much body fat which is why the implants weren’t so visible. In response, Teresa asked him if he knew that her body fat is unsuitable for 350cc implants, and why didn’t he use bigger ones. 

Note that Daniel’s tone during this entire consultation was quite dismissive and unprofessional. At one point, he was mocking the reviewer. He was annoyed that Teresa didn’t find her results satisfactory. 

At the end of the consultation, he asked Teresa what she wanted and told her that he can get her bigger. 2 days after the consultation, Teresa received a call from Barrett Plastic Surgery. They told her that it would cost her $7,000 to get the second procedure. 

Teresa was shocked. She had already spent thousands of dollars on her original procedure and had had enough of all this. Eventually, she had to see another plastic surgeon to get the results she wanted. 

Below are the pictures Teresa shared alongside her review: 

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$16,000 Breast Lift Left the Client with Inflamed and Itchy Scars, Barrett Plastic Surgery Took No Responsibility

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Here, the reviewer says that no one should go to Barrett Plastic Surgery. She had a breast lift here and it was a horrible experience. She highlights that Dr. Barrett doesn’t care about his patients and how they feel. Instead, he cares more about his influencer status.

Moreover, she points out that Dr. Barrett’s team doesn’t know what they are doing most of the time. Many times, they confused her with post-op instructions and put her through a lot of emotional distress. 

She highlights that Daniel barely sees his clients. Instead of him, you’ll be seeing his ‘medical team’ which consists of random medical assistants aka new college graduates. 

At her 6 week post-op meeting, Daniel didn’t see her. Instead, a 4th-year college student saw her and didn’t even notice that she had sutures left in her breasts. Then, Barrett Plastic Surgery told her to come back in 4 months. 

She noticed that she still had sutures in her breasts when she got home and started showering. At that time, she didn’t review. Instead, she sent them a detailed email expressing her concerns. 

In response to her email, Dr. Barrett and his team were superficially apologetic. That’s because their behavior didn’t change at all after this. 

The reviewer highlights that she paid $16,000 for her breast lift and she has received red, inflamed itchy scars instead of the results she wanted. Also, she spent $300 there on silicone sheets and scar gel. 

When she told Daniel about how upset she was with her scars, he said ‘They are not the best I have seen but they’re also not the worst’. The reviewer was shocked to hear this response. It was unprofessional and irresponsible. 

Daniel told the reviewer to use silicone sheets and the same scar gel that she had bought and used earlier. It never occurred to Dr. Barrett or his staff to offer a complimentary or discounted scar treatment after what they had put her through. 

The reviewer specifically asked for discounted scar gel because the scars were their own mistake. But they refused. 

The reviewer points out that every time she left Barrett Plastic Surgery, she was on the verge of crying. They had ruined her breasts and it felt as if they didn’t care. 

On her last visit, she hoped that they would make her feel more secure and work together to fix the scars. That didn’t happen. Instead, when she shared her concerns with Dr. Barrett, he offered her another scar gel. 

She points out that the people at Barrett Plastic Surgery only want money. Daniel didn’t even have the decency to offer the scar gel at a discounted price. When she pointed this out, he got infuriated and said, ‘What makes you think we need to give you scar gel for free like it’s our fault?!’

Again, the reviewer didn’t expect to get such a terrible response. She had paid them to fix her breast and the scars looked botched. Then, Daniel started saying how the reviewer knows nothing about how he does plastic surgery. 

Then, the reviewer told him that she had shared her concerns before and it felt as if nothing had changed. To this, Daniel responded by saying that things did change as he was now seeing her on every appointment. 

Again, it was an unexpected response. Wasn’t Dr. Barrett supposed to see her every time? 

The reviewer says that after botching the procedure, Daniel shouldn’t be the person to be offended. Instead, it should have been her who got offended by his terrible behavior. 

Lastly, the reviewer points out that the entire team of Barrett Plastic Surgery is superficial and it didn’t care about her at all. She wonders whether they would have treated her like this if she was an influencer. The reviewer had told him right to his face that if she had known this is what she’ll get, she would not have done her boobs here. 

Daniel said that he was sorry she felt this way. Later, he offered to do another procedure to remove the scars. However, the reviewer didn’t want to go through the emotional turmoil again. 

Now, she will have to spend additional money to fix these scars which shouldn’t have been there in the first place. 


Later, the reviewer added an update to her complaint. She shares that in her initial consultation, Daniel had told her that he would be able to deliver the exact results she wanted. 

However, just 5 minutes before the procedure, when the nurse was poking a needle to get prepped for anesthesia, he told her, ‘By the way, there is a possibility that you will have areola overlap and it wouldn’t be a perfect circle.’ 

The reviewer was shocked to hear this, particularly at that moment. She couldn’t back out of the surgery at that time anyway. So, she urged him to do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

6 months later after multiple appointments, Daniel never mentioned to her that he was never capable of avoiding this problem. What’s worse is that she never knew and asked because her scars were covering it up. Hence, she had no idea that the issue even existed. 

She thought that the extra areola was part of the scar not because Dr. Barrett couldn’t effectively reduce her areola as he had promised. Hence, she now has a line of extra areola under her nipple. 

The reviewer shares that she gets more pissed whenever she thinks of her experience with Barrett Plastic Surgery. It’s horrible that he never brought up this issue during her post-op consultations because he knew it would make him look bad. Moreover, it was extremely unprofessional of him to bring up the issue at the very last minute. 

Now, the reviewer says that she can’t even go back to him and ask him to fix the problem. That’s because he will do nothing without asking for more money just like he did nothing for her itchy, inflamed scars.  

Botched Otoplasty Damaged Hearing, Hampered Looks, and Ruined the Life of the Client

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This was an extremely painful read. Ajith received an otoplasty from Dr. Daniel Barrett and he overcorrected the ear. Here, the reviewer didn’t want Daniel to modify the shape of the ear but now it’s beyond recognition. 

Now, the ear in question has become weaker. It has lost its shape and ruins the overall symmetry of the face. Moreover, Ajith points out that it has been 6 weeks since the procedure but the ear has become almost dead. 

He highlights that the ear looks jagged after surgery and the damage is irreversible. There is less than a 1 cm gap to the conchal bowl and the ear is now too close to the head.

Also, he points out that Dr. Barrett never disclosed the risks of the surgery properly. Had he known that he can get such a crooked ear, he wouldn’t have opted for the procedure in the first place. 

He highlights that the antihelix is completely gone. Hence, the ear has lost its natural shape. 

Later, the reviewer shared an update on his complaint that the terrible results of this procedure have caused him severe depression. It also caused his wedding to get canceled. Moreover, Dr. Barrett refused to take any responsibility for butchering this guy’s ear. 

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Barrett Plastic Surgery is not a good place. The clinic has egoistic and greedy leadership which puts too much emphasis on the profits it generates. 

Many clients have suffered permanent damage because of the sheer negligence of Dr. Barrett. What’s worse is that in every incident, he avoided taking any responsibility

Due to these reasons, it would be best for you to avoid this clinic. Luckily, Beverly Hills has a ton of other options for you to choose from. So, you don’t have to stick with this one. 

2 Total Score
Negligent and Unprofessional

Barrett Plastic Surgery is the perfect example of what pride and incompetence does to a clinic. The surgeon has botched numerous procedures and continues to do so. Avoid this surgeon at all costs!

2.8Expert Score
1.2User's score
  • None
  • Has botched numerous procedures
  • Takes no responsibility
  • Greedy
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  1. 0.5

    I went there for a belly tuck procedure, but this place is absurd. They keep the patient’s medical information private and resort to dubious means to safeguard the surgeon, who is unfamiliar with regular operating procedures. They did not follow the surgical instructions I gave them.
    Following the treatment, I was left feeling extremely depressed, with severe edema and continuing bleeding. You should not have come here for the operation since they were completely untrustworthy.

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  2. 0.5

    The appointment scheduling was not done very efficiently. I have to endure a lot of pain to cope with them. The entire procedure took a long time, and the service they provided fell short of my expectations. As a result, I’m having a lot of trouble recovering from the operation and have scars and stiffness around my breast. They were simply harming their patients.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: untrustworthy
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  3. 0.5

    I had a completely negative experience with them because they overcharged me and also bungled the treatment; they had no expertise in the procedure and were unable to cure the wrinkles and didn’t find the volume on my face, whereas I had to deal with various problems thereafter. And the customer service was not replying or providing me with appropriate replies.

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  4. 0.6

    For some reason my review didn’t get through on other platforms so here goes…

    Barrett Plastic Surgery is literally the WORST plastic surgery clinic you can hire in California. Dr. Daniel Barrett is more of a “nice guy”. His behavior changes as soon as you make the payments and commit to the surgery.

    The overall experience was disgusting and I pretty much hated everything.

    Even the surgery didn’t give me the desired results.

    I had to go someplace else. AND that’s my biggest problem with this place. They charge you for the full procedure but their results are subpar. I regret every second I wasted there. Ciao.

    + PROS: None!
    - CONS: Pathetic surgeon No value for money Unbearable The list just goes on...
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  5. 0.75

    Terrible and unprofessional staff. The doctor takes too long to meet with you. No use getting an appointment because they will reschedule you anyway.

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  6. Reply
    Daniel Barrett is a butcher
    June 23, 2022 at 8:07 am

    Dr. Daniel Barrett is not good for breast surgeries. He botched my breast augmentation and left me to fend for myself. I thought he would have the least bit of compassion but no, you’d be mistaken to expect anything from him. They didn’t even provide me with any compensation or complimentary services. Don’t go to Barrett Plastic Surgery!

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: Butcher
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    • I feel sorry for you. You should look for a different surgeon immediately. Judging from the reviews here I highly doubt this clinic takes any responsibility for the botch ups.

  7. 0.75

    Extremely rude doctor…staff doesn’t listen to you no matter how much pain you are in. Not recommended.

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  8. 0.6

    Dr. Barrett acts all nice and stuff on his YouTube channel but the guy is actually twisted.

    He doesn’t see you as a human. No he only sees you as either a patient or a ‘reject’. You know how factory workers throw away defective products out of the lot, the staff at Barrett Plastic Surgery does the same with you.

    If you don’t look attractive or dare I say, fit a certain stereotype, he won’t treat you.

    No matter how small your issue is, he just won’t. I have never felt more conscious about my appearance as much as I did when I sent my photos here.

    The way of their staff talked to me and described me was shocking.

    Maybe the problem is I belong to a minority and most of the patient photos on his website are of white people?? I don’t know. But I won’t recommend Barrett Plastic Surgery to even my worst enemy.

    - CONS: Unprofessional Racist (in my experience)
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  9. 0.85

    What sheer negligence!!!

    I thought the author was exaggerating in the beginning by calling Barrett Plastic Surgery unprofessional but the reviews. Even these words don’t do justice to what these monsters have done to those ladies ????

    - CONS: Ruthless monsters Negligent
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    • Agreed. I believe there should be some way to hold these clinics accountable. We can’t trust the court because these clinics can afford some of the best lawyers and if you lose, you end up paying the attorney fees.

      But there should be some way to hold people like Barrett responsible for their negligence and lack of care towards their patients.

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