Barry Lall aka Dr Bharat Lall – Molested Multiple Women

Barry Lall aka Dr Bharat Lall lost his medical license after several women exposed his sexual misconduct. 

In 1992, the state attorney general of California had alleged that Dr Bharat Lall partook in sexual misconduct while treating 5 female patients. Also, the state attorney accused Bharat of gross negligence. 

Initially, Barry Lall refused to respond. 

However, when the case garnered some public attention, 5 more women approached the authorities with similar allegations. One of them included an extremely recent incident at the time. 

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In total, the current CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA had 10 victims of sexual misconduct and negligence behavior. 

His first 4 cases took place when he worked at Kaiser and one took place at Scripps Ranch Medical Clinic. 

In those cases, the victims alleged that he used to administer a massage when he stood between their legs. Also, Barry Lall pressed his body against them when they were only wearing paper gowns. 

Furthermore, 2 victims criticized the officials working at Kaiser. They alleged that the officials were too slow in handling their complaints while Barry worked at the Claremont facility. 

One victim said that Kaisser tried to give Barry Lall the benefit of doubt, putting their patients in danger. The victim had come to Barry for neck pain treatment. She had been through a car accident. 

Instead of receiving treatment, the women faced molestation and negligent treatment from Dr Barry Lall. 

LeeAnn Heck, the fourth victim of Barry Lall said that if there had been several complaints against Barry, it should have never happened to her. Yet, it did. 

Many of Barry’s victims complained that if Kaiser took the necessary measures than many women wouldn’t have faced the sexual misconduct. 

How Did the Hospital Respond to Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Barry Lall:

Barry Lall

When the victims of Dr Bharat Lall complained that the hospital didn’t do much to stop his sexual misconduct, they responded. 

They said they looked into every complaint. However, they needed to stay fair to Barry as awll as the patients. 

Furthermore, they highlighted that after the first complaint against him, it took two years for another one to come up. 

After concluding their investigation, the Kaiser officials had suspended Dr Bharat Lall. 

Jim McBride, the spokesman of Kaiser at the time, said they evaluated the complaints and started their investigation in a timely manner. Moreover, they claimed to warn him against such behavior. 

Court records say that whenever a complaint was reported to Kaiser, Lall’s supervisor would discuss it with Lall. However, one victim shared that she found out from the attorney’s general office that the hospital prohibited Barry Lall from examining female patients without a nurse present. 

In his first 5 cases, there was no nurse present during the examination. Clearly, Kaiser didn’t take the complaints seriously. Or, it failed to enforce its regulations. 

In any case, it was the female patients of Dr Bharat Lall who suffered the most. 

Heck said that she pursued the case because she didn’t want to find out Lall had raped someone. She filed a malpractice lawsuit against Lall and earned $25,000 in damages. 

More of Barry Lall’s Sexual Misconduct at Another Medical Facility: 

After 5 different women filed complaints for sexual misconduct against Barry at Kaiser, he left. 

Later, he joined Scripps Ranch Medical Clinic. 

Apparently, he didn’t stop molesting his female patients. According to court records, a female patient complained that Barry straddled the examination table after she had put on a paper gown. Then, he began massaging her buttocks. 

During the examination, he directed to sit on the edge of the table and spread her legs. Then, he stood close to her and pressed her body against her. 

While staying in that position, Barry Lall reached around her, massaged her back and sides and kept pressing against her pelvis, according to the complaint. 

After receiving a fresh complaint of molesting a patient, Barry’s attorney said he would take a leave of absence from the medical industry. 

According to a settlement, the medical board revoked Barry’s medical license in 1992. Since then, he hasn’t practiced medicine. 

Instead, he began focusing on the hospitality sector. 

Where is Barry Lall aka Dr Bharat Lall Now? 

Currently, Barry Lall aka Dr Bharat Lall is the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA. He claims to have started his hospitality venture after developing an interest in it. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he started Pinnacle Hotels USA with 2 of his colleagues. Between 1993 and 1996, he had rebranded hotels and overhauled over 35 properties. 

Furthermore, he now oversees over $250 million in property holdings. 

Pinnacle Hotels has a portfolio of 9 hotels with over 1700 rooms in total. 

Certainly, he didn’t face much difficulties in transitioning from the medical industry to hospitality. 


According to court records, Barry Lall has sexually molested at least 10 women as a doctor. However, he didn’t face much repercussions for this behavior. 

Also, the complaints highlight that he was a negligent doctor. Now, he has rebranded himself from Dr Bharat Lall to Barry Lall so people wouldn’t remember his past of molesting women. 

However, it’s important to highlight such issues, especially for other women. 

Another example of a rich and powerful who sexually harassed multiple women but faced no cosequences is Stephen Bittel. Numerous women came forward recently to highlight how he used to offer money to his subordinates for a ‘private meeting’. 

Similarly, you have Juan Monteverde, a hotshot lawyer who claimed he didn’t rape his colleague because he “couldn’t get it up”. 

It’s vital to raise your voice against such misogynists and Bharat Lall is one of them. 

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According to court records, Dr Bharat Lall aka Barry Lall used to molest his female patients when he practiced medicine. Now, he runs Pinnacle Hotels USA and hasn’t faced any repercussions for molesting multiple women. Beware!

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