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Basset & Gold

Check out our detailed Basset & Gold review, and find out why investing in Basset & Gold is financial suicide.

Basset & Gold is offering unregulated corporate bonds with very luring returns. For up to a time period of 5 years, you can get up to 7.46% every year for bonds, which will pay a monthly income. A 7.7% per year interest rate for their five-year bonds (interest is rolled up). On their cash bonds, you can get 3.14%, these pay interest twice annually and can be redeemed after giving a 30 days’ notice. Their one-year Pensioner Bonds give a 4.32% PA for individuals with ages of 55 and above.

Basset & Gold’s offers might sound like the best deal in the world, however, before making any rash decisions, let us see who is the genius behind such an unbelievable deal. (Sarcasm intended)

Brains Behind Basset & Gold 

If you go on their website, you won’t find any information about the owners or the directors. 

Digging through official Companies House’s listings, we find that Basset & Gold is the sole property of B&G Investments Ltd which is registered in Seychelles. 

After doing some more research, we found that this company is actually owned by Christian Spiteri & Michael Bonello. 

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Their company address is 52/1 Tigne’ Seafront, Sliema, Malta.

We tried to do a background check on both these individuals, but didn’t find anything of significance. 

Dror Sordo & Daniel Smith are the official directors of Basset & Gold.

Mr. Sordo has an interesting past, as he was the Executive of PlusUK500, which was a very shady operation and was popularized as a place to gamble on the financial markets. He left his position as the Chief Executive in 2013.

Investing in Basset & Gold is Financial Suicide

Every investment offered by Basset & Gold is some form of an unregulated corporate loan and if the company defaults, then you lose 100% of the money you invested. This is not a safe investment! However, the representatives from Basset & Gold are going to try their best to reel in as much money from you as possible, without telling you the real risk behind their scheme.

Basset & Gold lacks transparency about how they manage the investor’s money and how exactly they increase its value. If you scroll down on the Basset & Gold’s website, you’ll find the following disclaimer, which is simply disgusting:

Investment through the Basset & Gold  Fixed Income Bonds involves lending to companies or individuals and therefore your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults.

In other words, Basset & Gold doesn’t guarantee any returns and you can lose all the money you invest with them.

Basset & Gold Review Conclusion

Avoid investing your money with Basset & Gold. The owners and directors have a shady background, they lack any regulation, and have built a fake reputation online. It is a scam operation and should be treated as such.

This investment opportunity should only be considered by high net worth individuals/investors who can risk losing 100% of their investment. However, others should steer clear from Basset & Gold.

They market themselves as being asset-backed. Before trusting the company’s word, investors should investigate and make sure that 

  1. Security actually exists
  2. If the company defaults, the security can be sold without much issues and can cover 100% of the investor’s money.
  3. The fees and charges on the security are recorded legally and are legit.

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