Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc.® – Harassing Clients, Poor Service

If you’re looking for a medical spa in Newport Beach, California, you might come across the name of Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc.Ⓡ. They have received numerous complaints for mistreating customers and botching procedures. Also, they like to threaten their clients with lawsuits if they post a complaint online. 

Hence, before you book an appointment with them, it would be best to go through some of the reviews of this place:

About Anisa Munshi DNP & Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc.®

Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc. is a medical spa based in Newport Beach, California. Their address is 20072 SW Birch St #230, Newport Beach, CA 92660, US and their contact number is 949-514-8602. 

The place opens from 10 AM to 6 PM on business days. Their owner is Anisa Munshi DNP. Here, you can receive several cosmetic services including Dysport, Kybella, collagen stimulators, Botox, thread lifts, fillers and chemical peels. 

The instagram handle of this medspa is @beautyboostmedspa.

On paper, Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc.Ⓡ seems like a simple medspa but it has received a lot of negative reviews in the last couple of years. The first red flag is the trademarked name of the medspa. 

Anisa has trademarked “Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc”. This is a sketchy marketing tactic which allows businesses to take down online complaints and critical reviews. Sam Ovens, a notorious online guru, has abused his trademark to take down tons of negative reviews. 

They do so by claiming copyright infringement on these reviews. It’s an unethical marketing tactic but has become quite popular among shady enterprises. Why does a medspa like Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc.Ⓡ need to use this tactic? 

Because, it has received numerous complaints from its clients. In the next section of this review, I have highlighted some of the many complaints this medspa has received to help you understand what it’s like to get a procedure here:

Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc Threatens the Client Because She Shared How They Mistreated Her on Yelp

Hannah says that she was truly heartbroken after her experience with this place. She had been coming to Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc Ⓡ for over a year and had always received great customer services.

In her last procedure, she saw a new injector. Hannah points out that she noticed movement in her forehead so she came back for a touch up. 

She was in the room waiting when an assistant nurse came in and said, “Do you want to take any photos today?” Certainly, it sounded like a question and Hannah declined. She had said no to photos many times before and didn’t know it was an issue. 

Hannah had declined photos so frequently because the medspa had posted her photos without her consent in the past. 

A minute later, the nurse came in and asked Hannah if everything was okay. Hannah told her about the movement she noticed in her eyebrow. The nurse said that she will add a little bit of Botox above that brow to fix the issue. 

Then, the nurse told Hannah not to be rude to the staff and that their policy requires photos. Hannah says that she was shocked. They were accusing her of something that didn’t happen. 

Later, another nurse came in and accused Hannah of the same thing. She started crying because of their terrible treatment of her. 

At the end of her review, Hannah pointed out that the owner will definitely reply to her complaint and claim that she was in the wrong. She says that the medspa shouldn’t ‘ask’ for photos when declining them is not an option. 

Apart from Google, Hannah posted her review on Yelp as well.

Threats and Harassment (Update):

The medspa replied to her Yelp review with a legal threat. They told Hannah to take down her “false statements” otherwise they will file a civil lawsuit against her for defamation. The medspa claimed that she didn’t contact them for the issues and started posting defamatory statements out of her own volition. 

Hannah updated her review by highlighting that the business never apologized for its unprofessional behavior. Instead, it sent her an email threatening her to take down her complaint. She has shared screenshots of those emails to show how Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc truly operates.

Misrepresent Their Offers and Botch Your Procedure

Here, the reviewer had a consultation with Anissa who put her on a ZO regimen to help with hyperpigmentation, retinol and melasma. She spent hundreds of dollars for her face to constantly peel and turn red. 

However, in her 4 week follow up, Anissa dismissed the concerns of the reviewer and told her to keep doing what she was doing. Then, she sold her another $400 product claiming that she needed it. 

2 weeks later, the reviewer went to ZO at Fashion Island. There, she found out that Anissa had botched the procedure completely by using the wrong regimens. 

After this, she stopped coming here to get ZO regimen. Also, she points out that Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc falsely advertises its offers to lure clients. 

She had received an email saying, “Mention your birthday and you’ll get 10% off your products or a certain amount for Botox”. The reviewer went in 4 days after her birthday and purchased the product. However, they didn’t issue her any discount. Then, they told her that they wouldn’t refund and would give her 10% next time on the cheapest item she buys. 

The reviewer highlights that they hadn’t mentioned anywhere in their email that the discount would only be on the cheapest product you purchase. 

Moreover, they have a sign saying “Refer a friend and get #units of Botox free”. But the offer doesn’t apply per friend but after 5 referrals. She says that they are misrepresenting their offers. In other words, this medspa is scamming consumers. 

Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc. Botched the Procedure, Delivered Poor Results, Took No Responsibility

Sarina shares that she doesn’t like posting negative reviews but in her experience, Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc. is an awful establishment. She shares that the nurse who injected her was trying to upsell her a lot and it became tacky after a while. Sarina highlights that the constant upselling made her very uncomfortable. 

She got botox and filler in her cheeks. However, her cheeks ended up asymmetrical. They had given her Radiesse and Sarina says that she looked like a chipmunk even after she healed. 

The apples on her cheek were lopsided. She was hoping to have a nice wedding anniversary but the botched procedure made her look tired and older. Moreover, her husband commented on how weird she looked. 

Later, she found that Radiesse is irreversible and can last up to 18 months. 

When Sarina shared her concerns with the staff at Beauty Boost, they weren’t sympathetic. Instead, they wanted her to spend more money at the place. 

The 30 units of botox Sarina had bought was diluted and never took any effect. She highlighted that she had received botox before and 25 units made her wrinkles disappear. 

Also, she doesn’t know how this place can receive so many positive reviews. She says that there are plenty of better medspas in the area. Because of her terrible experience, she will never come back here and she doesn’t recommend this place to anyone as well. 

Botched Botox and Lip Flip, Started Gaslighting the Client for Highlighting the Mistake

The above reviewer went in for a lip flip and chin botox but the provider was completely unprofessional. She shares that she had never felt so uncomfortable in a clinical environment before. 

The reviewer highlights that the point of these procedures is to obtain aesthetic improvement. In her follow up, Anisa asked her what she thought of the results and she highlighted a few areas which she thought needed more work. 

According to the reviewer, her lip flip was asymmetrical while the chin botox cause a weird bump which wasn’t there before. She understood that it might take them several sessions to deliver the best results so she didn’t complain.

However, Anisa didn’t take her criticism well. She gaslighted the situation and tried to bully the reviewer. Moreover, Anissa didn’t acknowledge any of the problems the reviewer had highlighted before. 

She started showing the “before” pictures to convince her that her concerns were not any issues. 

The reviewer said that she has been looking at herself for 20+ years. She knows how she looks. According to the reviewer, such behavior was quite manipulative and inappropriate for a medical professional. 

She was looking forward to continuing with Beauty Boost but after the follow up, she was no longer interested. 

Additional Reviews of Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc.® 


After going through the various complaints above, it’s obvious that Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc. is not a reliable medical spa. The place doesn’t care about delivering satisfactory results. Instead, it focuses on leaching as much money off of its clients as possible.

Due to these reasons, it would be best to find a different medspa in Newport Beach. Luckily, the area has plenty of options to choose from. Avoid this one. 

4.1 Total Score

Beauty Boost Med Spa, Inc. is a shady medical spa which resorts to harassment and legal threats if its clients complain about its poor customer service. Such unprofessional behavior suggests that it wouldn’t be a good place to get any cosmetic services from.

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  • Harass clients for complaining
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    They lie about their offers. The whole spa is made up of liars and cheats!

    - CONS: Liars Cheats Deceivers
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  2. 5

    I’ve been going to Beauty Boost for over a year now and I have NEVER experienced any of the above things. I have also referred a couple of friends and they have had nothing but positive things to say. The injectors are extremely talented and have even told me no to certain procedures that I didn’t actually need. Also, if you look at their yelp, they only have 6 bad reviews out of a total of 299. I think that speaks volumes as to their actual quality of service and overall happiness. I think you’re way off here!

    + PROS: Friendly staff, talented injectors, natural enhancements, complimentary follow-ups with touch-ups.
    - CONS: None
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