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Bennett Maxwell – A Knockoff – the Dirty Dough Lawsuit (Update 2024)

Phoenix is witnessing a cookie war as Bennett Maxwell is facing a major lawsuit. This time, he is facing allegations of copyright infringement and plagiarism. 

Crumbl Cookies is suing Dirty Dough, Bennett’s company, for copying the decor, packaging, presentation and even cookies from Crumbl. 

While Bennett Maxwell thinks the allegations are ridiculous, Crumbl thinks otherwise. Bennett claims his brand’s colors are different and the logos are different as well. 

However, it’s quite common among smaller companies to copy well-known brands to gain new customers. It helps them seem more credible as they deceive consumers into thinking they are affiliated with the larger brand. 

Journalists visited the websites of Crumbl and Dirty Dough. There, they noticed that both of them serve cookies in rectangular boxes with a similar variety of flavors. 

Bennett Maxwell

Bennett Maxwell questioned that fast food companies serve their food in brown paper bags. Yet, they don’t sue each other for using such bags. 

11/20/2023 Update
As of now, Bennett Maxwell has not responded nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The Dirty Dough lawsuit isn’t the only case Crumbl has filed. In Utah, they are suing another cookie company called Crave for similar infringement. 

Crumbl has said that they take their role in building and defending the company and its trademarks seriously. Furthermore, the company says it has over 1,000 franchise partners and 30,000 Crumble crew members, all of whom have worked hard to create this brand. 

Although Dirty Dough is smaller than Crumbl, it’s still a relatively prominent organization. 

Bennett Maxwell’s firm is planning to launch 96 new franchise locations in Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona before 2024. 

More About Bennett Maxwell

Apart from Dirty Dough, Bennett Maxwell has been involved in several other ventures. He runs Maxwell Real Estate where he owns 5 residential properties with over 15 tenants. 

Bennett has been running Maxwell Real Estate since 2016. 

Also, he was the co-founder of Switch to Solar and ran the firm until June 2021. Bennett founded Dirty Dough in April 2019 and has been running it ever since. 

The office of Dirty Dough is located at 1537 W Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282. 

Bennett has an Associate’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature.


Currently, Bennett says he will see Crumbl in court. However, copyright infringement is no laughing matter. 

If the court finds Dirty Dough guilty, the brand will change itself completely. 

Bennett might even have to pay substantial penalties for the same. 

Furthermore, it has become increasingly common among shady businesses to use such unethical promotional tactics. For example, Aaron Sansoni is a notorious scammer who uses fake reviews to promote himself. 

There’s a good chance Bennett Maxwell is using a similar tactic by copying a major brand. 

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It’s quite common among small businesses to imitate larger brands so they can use their borrowed credibility for their benefit. However, it seems this strategy has now back-fired as Bennett Maxwell is facing a major lawsuit.

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  1. I am requesting that scammers keep their distance from these sectors, it is very much common that people to love cookies and if some company is trying to marginalize their fame for their profit this isn’t fair, avoid them.

  2. Now the cookie sector is facing scams, I have been hearing about digital scams, but this particular scam has made us realize that anything is possible, so make sure you won’t get involved in these scams. By the way, if are interested in cookies then you should try these, I loved them, however, they are involved in some scams but their cookies are tasty.

  3. We have seen several examples related to this issue, if any product capturing the market then some other small-scale business dealer will try to provide the same at a lower price after decreasing the prices and build quality, the same happened with Bennett Maxwell, so the companies need to keep a check on these fraudsters otherwise you will keep facing problems with the build quality and also chances of facing a loss is possible. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to return the product, in this case, you might face some medical issues, and also chances of getting frauded in the name of better quality they will scam you. I have faced several problems related to issues like these and found that none of the investors has yet claimed their mistakes and are always ready to hide their mistakes, after promoting fake schemes for promoting their business. It is necessary for avoiding these people to make them realize their mistakes.

  4. 0.75

    Bennett Maxwell doesn’t talk to his staff members properly.

    The man has some serious issues. I have never felt safe when he talks to me and I have been working at Dirty Dough for months.

    He is not a good CEO.

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