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Best Capital Funding – Unprofessional Service and Delays

Best Capital Funding is a notorious mortgage lender that delays crucial processes through its incompetence. Their clients complain that the company constantly delays tasks, lies to them, and increases their financial risks. 

They are also gaining notoriety for mistreating their staff members. Eager to learn more? Read on below about Best Capital Funding California:

About Best Capital Funding:

Best Capital Funding is a mortgage broker located in Los Angeles, California. Their contact number is 800-429-7283 and the address is 21540 Plummer St suite A, Chatsworth, CA 91311, US. 

If you want to visit their office, visit between 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 1 PM on sundays. 

Michael Yates is the president of Best Capital Funding and the co-founder of the firm. Ulrik Singontiko is the other co-founder and the vice president of this company. They founded this company in 2008 and have been running it since. 

However, there’s a huge red flag in this lending firm. Best Capital Funding has multiple websites:,, and 

The first website is the official site of the company while the second one is for Best Capital Funding Rancho Cucamonga. Similarly, the third site is for Best Capital Funding Wholesale. 

Best Capital Funding review

However, a company like this one doesn’t require multiple websites. The other two websites don’t share much information about the company and are there for merely existing. 

Having multiple websites allows BCF to take up more space on Google search results. So when you look them up online, your chances of finding the negative reviews on them would be lower. Because you’ll be seeing their various profiles and websites instead. 

Kennedy Funding Financial is a NJ-based hard lender that uses a similar tactic. Instead of using multiple websites, they pay websites to add articles for praising their work. Both of these tactics are different but serve the same purpose – misleading the customers. 

Always Ask for Information, Never Do Anything, Lie to Clients

Best Capital Funding review

Carlos shares that the people at BCF took 2 months on a simple loan and never closed the deal. They asked him for a lot of information on multiple occasions and the employees didn’t know what they were doing. 

Also, he shares that the company lies to you right from the start. They ran his credit multiple times without giving a reason for it. He adds that he wishes he had never contacted this company because all he received from them was lies. 

Lack Integrity and Credibility, Delay Processes Through Incompetence

Best Capital Funding review

Criselda had made an offer to buy a new house on April 3, 2019 and made a deposit of $12,000. BFC gave her a pre-approval letter and agreed to be her lender for the purchase. She gave them her bank statements, her tax returns, and everything else they requested. 

BCF ran her credit score and then requested for her most recent bank statements (again), her profit and loss statement, and cash flow analysis. She shares that she had already shown them that she had the funds to put down the 10% down payment. 

Criselda complains that even though she has provided them with all the necessary documents, the company hasn’t produced the loan documents at the time of writing her complaint  which is May 24, 2019. 

Criselda shares that she had already filed for her lease termination in her current apartment by the end of May so the delays from Best Capital Funding were putting her in a lot of pressure.

Asked for the Paperwork 5 Times Because They Were “Too Busy”

Best Capital Funding review

The reviewer wanted a refinance of their home. BCF asked them for the same paperwork at least 4 times before providing them with the final documents after 3 months. 

When the reviewer sent the money to close, BCF asked them for the same paperwork. The reviewer says that they can’t believe how BCF has stretched this process for so long. Moreover, the company gives the excuse that it’s very busy for delaying everything for months. 

The reviewer shares that they contacted another company which closed two refinances within a few weeks. This lender compelled them to find someone else through their sheer incompetence

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Best Capital Funding review
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Best Capital Funding review
Best Capital Funding review
Best Capital Funding review

Important Best Capital Funding Glassdoor Complaints: 

Best Capital Funding review
Best Capital Funding review

Best Capital Funding Review: Conclusion

Instead of building a reputation for helping clients and providing loans, Best Capital Funding is making a name for itself in the arena of client mistreatment and dissatisfaction

According to their clients, they sit on the files for ages, force clients to miss important deadlines, and take no responsibility for their errors. I’m quite certain that California has much better mortgage lenders and you don’t need to rely on a company like BCF for your lending needs. 

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Best Capital Funding is notorious for sitting on the files for ages and forcing their clients to miss crucial deadlines. The company doesn’t take any responsibility for its mistakes.

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