Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach – Avoid

The new branch of BHRC has been in the buzz lately but not for the right reasons. The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach is a terrible medspa which has received complaints for botching procedures and providing poor service. 

In the following review, you’ll learn about the various shady business practices that go on at BHRC. This way, you can formulate a well-informed opinion on whether you should spend your money here or not: 

What is Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach?

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach is located at 21022 CA-1 #B-214, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, US. Their contact number is 714-233-2472. They offer injectables, peels, hydrafacials, skin rejuvenation, ULtherapy, PDO threads, CO2 laser treatment and several more services here. 

The place claims to offer the world’s best treatment and highest quality service. They claim to offer a supportive, comfortable and discreet environment. 

BHRC has many locations in the country including Dallas, Los Angeles and Scottsdale. However, it seems like their Huntington Beach location doesn’t operate as effectively as the others. Maybe their quality is dwindling with each new location.

It has received countless complaints from both the customers and the employees. In the next section of this review, you’ll learn more about these complaints:

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach Reviews from Clients: 

Injected the Client with a Knock-off “Botox”

Sarah says that if you are looking for trustworthy medical professionals, you shouldn’t come to Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach. She had a groupon for 20 botox units. 

At the medspa, the injector kept mentioning how she gets headaches from botox. However, Sarah points out that she has only had positive experiences with botox in the past and she told her the same. 

She highlights that the nurse knew about the side effects of ‘whatever “botox” she injected’. The nurse was pushing for another product which didn’t cause headaches. This was a huge red flag which Sarah says that she failed to notice at the time. 

Since she visited this medspa, Sarah has had headaches every single day. She had to leave school early and lay in bed all day. The headache has made going through a day quite difficult for Sarah. 

She ends her review by saying that she wants her life back. 

Below is the picture of the Groupon Sarah had for botox: 

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach Overfilled the Lips & Never Accepted Its Fault

Initially, Paisley had given Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach 5 out of 5 stars. She liked the staff and the location. However, she later updated it to 2 out of 5 stars because of a horrible experience she had with this place. 

She says that she is new to lip fillers and wanted full lips so she asked for 2 syringes. The nurse injected her with 2 syringes without giving any consideration to their suitability to Paisley’s lips as she later found out that 2 syringes was too much for her. 

Initially, she liked the results but she later noticed a long bump above her lip. Basically, the filler had moved outside her lips. 

She came in to get more dissolver but it didn’t help. A month later, Paisley came back again to get the bump dissolved. Now, the result is a lot better but not 100%. Also, the dissolver is very painful & expensive. 

Overall, her experience wasn’t great. She says that it’s a bummer to pay each time to get the filler dissolved when the nurse could’ve avoided the mistake altogether by using her own discretion. 

It was a terrible experience for her as they overfilled her lips and charged every time without admitting their mistake. 

They Don’t Care About Their Clients, Never Follow Up and Make the Client Feel Insecure

Maya doesn’t recommend going to Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach. She says that they only want to take your money. Also, they are more akin to sales professionals rather than medical ones. 

Maya had visited this medspa to get lip filler. However, the front desk pointed out her acne scars and told her that she needed micro needling. 

Maya says that she waited an hour before they even brought her back to the room. Then, a different lady came in and began highlighting the different issues present in Maya’s face. Also, the lady said that Maya’s face had lost a lot of volume even though she is only 21. 

The lady told her that she needed cheek filler and under eye filler. Maya told her that she is a college student so she can’t afford all of these treatments. However, the lady pressured Maya into it by constantly making her feel insecure about her face. 

Hence, Maya ended up paying triple of what she had intended. They told her to come back in a month to get more cheek filler but didn’t even bother to give her an ice pack. Maya says that her face had bruises for 2 weeks. Also, the medspa never followed up or checked up on her. They didn’t give her any aftercare instructions. Maya doesn’t recommend this place because they don’t care about its clients. 

Rushed Facial at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach Delivered No Results

Here, the reviewer had a terrible experience with Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach. She had bought a groupon for IPL facial because of the various positive reviews it had. Also, she has had IPL facial in the past so she knows how it works. 

Her visit was painful right from the start. She waited there for the greater part of an hour and no one communicated until she went to the front desk. They told her that the provider would be there in a ‘few minutes’. 

When the provider arrived, she told the reviewer that she needed at least 3 treatments to get the desired results. However, the reviewer says that she didn’t have any skin issues so this suggestion surprised her. 

They didn’t offer her any numbing cream and because of this, she had to turn down the laser current. The provider said that she will make a note for the reviewer to have a numbing cream the next time. 

She did the procedure within 10 minutes. In other words, they rushed everything. 

Furthermore, the procedure didn’t yield any results for the reviewer. The reviewer says that even a free treatment wouldn’t suffice for the horrible experience she had with this place. Hence, the reviewer doesn’t recommend this medspa. 

Products Don’t Last and the Service is Terrible

Elisa had given the Beverly Hill Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach 5 out of 5 stars in her first review. However, she changed the rating to 2 out of 5 stars because of the poor results they delivered. 

She says that the products don’t last and the new management is not cordial. Hence, she doesn’t recommend this medspa. 

According to Elisa, the product they used only lasted for 3 weeks. When she shared the complaint with them they told her that there’s nothing they can do about it. 

She also got dysport here. But its results vanished within 2 weeks. The medspa didn’t care about delivering such horrible results. Due to these reasons, Elisa doesn’t recommend going to BHRC. 

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Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Reviews from Employees: Corporate Greed at its Best

Apart from the customers, BHRC has received complaints from its employees as well. You must have noticed that this medspa receives many complaints for its poor service quality and pushy sales tactics. 

You should blame the leadership for these issues because a lot of staff members have complained about these problems as well. 

Below are some of the many complaints BHRC has received from its employees: 

Greedy Leadership Offers No Employee Benefits or Raises

According to the above reviewer, the leadership of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is suffering from greed. They pass the cuts to the employees and the clients while offering no benefits including continued training. 

The leadership only offers training if it’s free to the company. Furthermore, it doesn’t value its employees which results in high turnovers. 

The reviewer highlights that the company doesn’t offer any raises but keeps talking about growth opportunities. Here, the reviewer is an ex-employee who worked for the medspa company for 3 years. 

Also, BHRC offered no COVID protection even though they had received funds for the same. 

The above reviewer recommends the upper management to invest in its employees instead of being this greedy. 

“Unethical and Micro-Managed”

Here, the reviewer highlights that the company is unethical and extremely micro-managed. The reviewer was a patient consultant at BHRC. They point out that if one of the owners dislikes you, they will lie about it and may even make sexual harassment allegations against you.

Also, the company lacks an effective HR department and pits its employees against each other. 

The reviewer says that if possible, they would have given this place a negative rating. 

They recommend the company to keep the owners out of daily production and incorporate an actual HR department. 

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From the clients to the employees, everyone is complaining about the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach. The place suffers from multiple serious issues, the biggest one being its crooked leadership. 

Whether you’re looking for micro-needling services or a simple facial, you should avoiding visiting this medspa. It would be best for you to go someplace else. 

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Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – Huntington Beach is a horrible medspa which needs to improve a lot of things. Its clients complain about its pathetic customer service and botched procedures while the employees complain about the lack of benefits and the flawed leadership.

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